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24 Dat

[NSW] 28/11 to 01/12 - Challenge Bathurst Discussions

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23 hours ago, PeterAllen said:

So if I take a week off work, drive from Qld and pay for accommodation, only to discover I'm the 51st oldest Z then I'm told to "sod off".

Please explain?

Well we have a limited space to be able to do this Friday afternoon photo-shoot, i have got special permission to allow 50 non competition cars (which will have to have a special of display car sticker, gathered and lined up at a certain time ) to be allowed to drive into the inner paddock area (this is a strictly controlled area for the week of CB) at a  certain time then through one of the garages into pit lane. this will all be controlled but some of the wonderful Z volunteers  

Then line up in order,  we only have the area from pit lane exit to garage 13 to line up the cars, and with about 300mm to 400mm between each car to fit them in about 110 meters long.

So Peter if you miss out well... 

if your entered into the Festival and you done make the 50 then you will be able to view this awesome line up from the Hell Corner Corporate Suites  and even walk down around the cars in pit lane if time allows before the Friday night welcoming party 


line up.JPG

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On 11/5/2019 at 7:58 PM, PeterAllen said:

A pity you can't use the grid as per the Bolwells at Philip Island.


Unfortunately Pit Straight reverts to a public road as of 5.30 pm so no chance.  There is only 42 Bolwells in that shot above .  i'm trying to fit 100 Z's in a very small area 50 competition Z's and 50 Festival entrants Z's

Entries close tomorrow so please  don't miss out on it 

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