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  1. The new Z is officially going to have its public debut in NYC on the 17th of August just before the NYC motor show which opens on the 19th. So no more apparently, its going to happen. https://australia.nissannews.com/en-AU/releases/release-7e94e6bc94121889c0b58aa9b613a281-the-all-new-z
  2. Getting closer now looks like 17th of August for official release https://australia.nissannews.com/en-AU/releases/the-all-new-z?&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The all-new Z&utm_content=The all-new Z+CID_c32a53b08723475b8e2e867f68a37ea8&utm_source=Email Blast CM&utm_term=Watch Video
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1970-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-7260594/?Cr=1 #778 on the market
  4. This ones at the same auction https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=23105&lid=2890710&pgn=1&pgs=100
  5. I drove this car a couple of years ago, it is one very fast Zed, Very well sorted and sounds amazing with the LS3 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1977-datsun-260z-22-manual/SSE-AD-7181901/?Cr=3 Real head turner modified 260Z 2+2. Electric Power Steering and Factory intergrated air conditioning LS3 6.2 ltr HSV R8 engine Tremec 6 speed manual from a VF HSV R200 Tensioned Limited Slip Differential 3.9:1 CV Half shafts and adjustable rear suspension Front brakes R32 Skyline with large rotors and Willwood master cylinder Full Speedhut gauges including GPS speedometer Qld Mod pla
  6. @HS30-H and @gav240z was there any differences between the gauges used in the UK and Australian delivered Zeds? Might explain the inscriptions being so obviously marked. Also is there any South African members on this forum who might have early Zeds with there glove box inscriptions?
  7. All the Winners for FotoZed have been announced, please check out this link https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/ to see them all. A huge thank you from OZC and ZCCQ to all the entrants, judges, technical advisors, organizers and the people that followed along. Feel free to take a look at the slideshow we presented at the awards night that we hosted for all our club members. https://ontariozcar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/OZC-–-FotoZed-Awards-Spring-2021.pdf We thought every photo & story was good enough to be a winner – congratulations to all those chosen by our judg
  8. Soooo many to chose from which one will you pick, one vote per per person https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed/
  9. Voting for "People Choice" is now open for FotoZed and with 322 photos of awesome Zeds and other Nissan/Datsuns from the members of the Z Car Club of Queensland and the Ontario Z Car Owners Association to chose your favourite from is no easy task. here is the link to the voting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FotoZedSpring2021PeoplesChoice and here's is the link to the entries which are spread out over 4 fantastic pages https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/
  10. Hi Gav double checked today 100% 904 Kilimanjaro white
  11. From the FroZen North to the SiZZling South The Datsun/Nissan online car show co-hosted by the Ontario Z Car Owners Association in Canada and the Z Car Club of Queensland in Australia. FotoZed is open to all current members of OZC or ZCCQ with any make & model of Datsun/Nissan. There are 7 judged categories that members can enter, and an overall people’s choice award. The prizes are simply bragging rights. The benefit is enjoyment of so many amazing photographs! https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/ At the Z Proto Zoom unveil back in September a few of from the
  12. Thanks @ScottyD i worked it out, took a while i had to go back through old hard drives.
  13. @ScottyD was this one of your photos?
  14. And now the Proto Z in silver https://fb.watch/4oTeGIh4wI/
  15. Hi All, Back in 2016 someone on this forum came out to Challenge Bathurst and took a load of photos and sent me a few of my car and allowed me to use the one attached as my Avatar. Can that person please PM me Cheers Dave
  16. The auction will re-open at 16:00 AWST (19:00 AEDT) today, giving buyers a fair opportunity before bidding closes at 18:00 AWST (21:00 AEDT). To ensure a repeat of last night is avoided, the live auction will only be viewable to registered bidders. Anyone here a registered bidder? https://www.caradvice.com.au/925465/demand-at-aussie-muscle-car-auction-crashes-system-to-restart-today/
  17. Awesome work @gav240z looks good, but a pity there are no many which you have no data on
  18. Best lines yet. Great story Yep i reckon go back to the 918 New Sight Orange aka Kalahari Tan there are loads of photos of 240Z's in 918 on the net
  19. i agree with @van loving the story. @MikeFarkas i recommend you put the foot of a stocking into the radiator inlet hose, (just feed it into the hose at the thermostat housing outlet and re clamp) and replace your thermostat. This is what came out of a mates engine l28 block after 30 mins running. This was after we had run a hose at full bore through the blocks inlet with out the old thermostat (in the picture) and just let it ran, for a good 5-10 mins. There is so much crud build up, he cleaned out the stocking on 3 separate occasions after and just as bad. BTW the engine had only been s
  20. @CBR Jeff the "Applied Date" From and Up to is interesting and would be factory build dates not Australian Compliance dates
  21. Hi @Romeosushere is a list of the Z's colour chart from the states and the years they were available. If you can get an idea of what the original by checking out areas which might not have been painted over in the past you might be able to work it out, you can see what was available for the 1976 Z's
  22. Interesting post @gilltech the Dulux Australia catalogue have quite a few names different to what they use in the states, below is a image from USA Datsun Touchup paint code file. eg. Kilimanjaro White 904, is listed as Moonstone 904, New Sight Orange 918 is listed Kalahari Tan 918G (i have heard it called Kalahari Tan here), Racing Green 907 is Linden Green 907 Safari Gold 920 aka Gold poly is Klordike Gold 920 Universal Blue 903 is Azurite (M) 903 It would be interesting if any owners of Series 1 or 71 Z's have there original order or delivery document
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