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  1. The Leyland V8 is not the controversy. Who's the Z Godfather is: Gav or Lurch?
  2. This is not unusual, I have not seen a car project that have not snowballed.
  3. I'll be getting my deposit back
  4. Mainly done for race car especially cars with very stiff spring rate, the higher the spring rate a small change in height would cause a much bigger imbalance in weight distribution.
  5. A very cost effective way to get LSD r180. the old school 4.4 or 4.1 $600 if you can get them get a KAAZ LSD $1500 labour to install LSD into diff $300
  6. I'll be taking my deposit back
  7. I've seen this in the flesh and you have my approval for colour choice
  8. This is pre-covid time.
  9. He meant at the Z car BBQ?
  10. I've put a 1K refundable deposit. Will see what pricing they got and decide for a daily. It will be collectible in about 30 years
  11. series 1 or wait for series 1.5?
  12. You will be too old to work on the rusts of these car
  13. $1000 for series one car owner
  14. Project Mu clubracer pads for 240z, 260z. Just bedded in 4 laps at PhillipIsland. Suitable for streetable track car. New cost $330. Selling $200
  15. We are glad another one is restored to its former glory. Ignore my attempt at humour.
  16. philosophical question: If you take all the rusty bits Lurch cut out and build another z, which car is the real HS30-00211 ?
  17. The ATO is going after the big fish first, all the big players like Amazon and Ebay etc... is required to put on GST. The smaller players they are letting it through as it would cost more to try and charge the 10% GST (in man hour). If your retail shop used USPS or DHL or good shipping company they all do their own clearing for you, else you have to do custom clearing and all that when it hurts.
  18. why worry about fuel comsumption when it spend most of its time at the mechanic
  19. because Porsche owners are obsessed with 911. How many time have I told you to buy a 944 turbo (951).
  20. @gav240z Mr ed scissorhands ?
  21. Yep, I've been door to door racing in historic group S for the last 6 years with stock brake setup.
  22. Someone needs to bring a sledeg hammer to make the replica looks a bit more authentic. pic of a real car
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