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  1. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    Soory got side tracked .I got the wide version for the ventilated Rotors. Now to see if they fit under 13" rims. alipers
  2. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    I have purchased a pair of MK 63 calipers through a site in Japan. They will need a rebuild but I got a set. For info there is a pair of brand new in the wrapper and original box set of MK 63 calipers for sale in Japan. Opening bid is Y200,000 a bit over $2300 so they are around and available. I have been bidding on about 4 different sets They all seem to go for about 700-900 a set. So if these don't fit under the 13" rims I am required to use they will come up for sale. so watch this space
  3. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    Historic Touring Cars. Group Nc
  4. Scam on purchasing MK 63 brake calipers confirmed. Go to my wanted post to see the full details. They are lurking around out there, sorry to say.
  5. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    On the advice of Gav240Z I post this as a warning on scams coming through this forum. As you can see from my first post I was looking to purchase a set of MK63 Sumitomo brake calipers. a couple of days after my post I received an unsolicited email from a person named "Seitzxvx" purporting to be a member of this forum suggesting that I contact a person on the email dtatumz@outlook.com as he had some calipers for sale. Talking to Gavin earlier today it would appear that the people involved have either no posts to the forum, or have only one post to the forum. Their IP addresses are based in the United States,. Los Angeles in particular not Queensland as I was led to believe. So there is every chance that Seitzxvx was just lurking in the background waiting for some unsuspecting person like me to come along and be the victim of a scam. I duly contacted the third person and it was confirmed that he had some calipers for sale. I transferred payment and it would seem that the whole thing was an elaborate set up from the start. We paid him by Paypal, which wanted to convert $Aud to $US, it went through and then the payment was refunded for some reason. I asked my daughter to resend the payment only to find the the payment wouldn't go through the second time, so I elected to do the payment by International bank transfer. My stupidity. I probably should have twigged when Paypal wanted to convert the payment to $US. So please be warned that there are some scumbags out there using legitimate forums and the like to fleece the unwary. So this is the guy that was the recipient of the payment https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075052544384 I will report this to both my bank and to Scamwatch but I doubt that I will ever see either the brake calipers or my $$$ back Be warned
  6. I believe I may have fallen foul of one of these scammers through this web page. I was after some MK 63 brake calipers. contacted by a person from the forum saying that a person in Qld had a set to sell. Contacted that person. He stated he had a se. Agreed on a price paid the money and seems to have frequent excuses as to why they are not here yet. Pretty pissed off. If the admin would like to contact me,via email psneddon@bigpond.net.au, I will provide email adresses and names.
  7. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    Id like to purchase a set of MK63 4 piston brake calipers. These were in the race parts for 240Z
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