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The Weatherstrip Kit Thread 240/260Z

road rider

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Have been searching for a weatherstrip kit for my 240Z and thought I would share what I have found so far.


Some of the kits are very expensive but contain more seals than others.

Then there are others that are more cost effective, but don't have as many seals included.

Most kits include seals for the 260Z that are not needed on the 240Z. This is the trade off when you are buying a 'kit'.


I'll start with Rare Spares here in Oz. I was quite surprised at their pricing, A$824.78 Thought it a little on the expensive side.



Z Car Depot has a similar kit for US$249 plus shipping.




A ebay seller. But reading this guys feedback seems to suggest the seals are made in Thailand but shipped from the USA.

Price US$289 plus shipping US$65.20



This kit has the window chanel bits included, from Motorsportauto.com Price US$319.95 plus shipping.



California Datsun have kits with the window channel bits included also for US$320 plus US$75 for shipping



Z Car Source has a deluxe kit with a few extra bits(window channel, weatherstrip rivets and adhesive) for US$419 plus shipping.


They also have other kits avail at different price points depending what you may need.


This kit from Vintage Rubber.com is by far the most expensive one out there, but is the most comprehensive as far as providing just about all seals for your Z.

Price US$1300 plus shipping.



There are still OEM seals available but they do not come in kits. Probably the best way to go but it soon gets a little pricey when you start to add up all the bits

and pieces.


Hope this helps anyone looking for a seal kit or if you have any suggestions please feel free to add to the list.




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Really keen to see some reviews on the above kits.. i need to get a full set for my early 240z at some point.


Mind you i got a quote from MSA for some small parts but included the inner and outer door window scraper.. it turned a USD$70 USPS shipping quote (which in itself is stupid for the small items i am after) into a USD$193 fedex job...  :o


Not a kit, but new old car company sell a couple of rubber parts for the Z.. i just got their bumper overriders.. haven't fitted yet, but they look OK on the face of it


edit - Just as an FYI.. rubber finish is average with lots of uneven edges,  The front and rear bumper rubbers and front overrider rubbers fitted well.. the rear bumper over-rider bumpers though.. those were a complete waste of money.. the bolts line up (although one of them snapped off without much pressure), they are too long at the top bend.. not sure if later cars have bigger overriders.. but they don't work for the early 240z's. 


Going to have to try and find a new source for my rear overriders now.. my original ones did not make it through removal :(

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My experiences...


Rare Spares/Z Car Depot/Scotts Old Auto Rubber kits are just profiles cut to size and are TERRIBLE. Avoid at all costs. They have no welting for the corners and will leak to buggery because the corners crease and fold.


MSA and probably the others offering full rubber kits source their products from a company called Precision. Fit and finish is ok but the seals are on the plump side and can be a pain in the butt to fit. The door seals are pretty junk compared to OEM for example.


My advice is to get the MSA kit, throw away the door seals and go to the wreckers and get a pair of door seals from an early 2000s Kia Sportage... or buy them new from your local Kia dealership.

MSA and probably the others offering full rubber kits source their products from a company called Precision. Fit and finish is ok but the seals are on the plump side and can be a pain in the butt to fit. The door seals are pretty junk compared to OEM for example.

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So true about some of the shipping charges out of the US.


Have read a lot of reviews about the aftermarket door seals and how they are not a good fit. It's the one thing that bothers me as well.
I am presuming that most of the aftermarket kits out of the USA would be made by Precision, so the door weatherstrips would be much the same from whoever you bought them from.

Scotts Old Rubber Co must have sold out to Rare Spares.
When you visit Scotts web page and click on the product link description, it takes you to the relevant part on Rare Spares site!

I also looked into the Kia Sportage weatherstrips.
To buy them new from a dealer it will cost $170ea. May as well get OEM!
As well as that, because they are not a popular item(Kia don't sell many)there's no stock in the country and it will have to be special order from Korea.
The seal is meant to work well as a replacement for the hatch as well.
Best bet would be to source them from a wrecking yard somewhere at a decent price.


:)  ;D 

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I got my kia door seals from pick a part, I think it was about $10 a side


Was that recently mossy?

Seems there is a 2000 Sportage at Pick a Part at their Cambellfield site.

Was thinking of trekking out there tomorrow.

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There was a couple of places referenced on a Facebook group recently in the US, that you could cut down their rubbers to size. They had listed part no's etc.. This is what shits me about Facebook though, impossible to find that information at a later date.


*Edit found it, here it is.



A couple of other places to try:





More resource:




McMaster Carr



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Hi according to zcar depot their 280z 2+2 is almost 100% compatible.

The only that's not direct fit are the door rubber, but according to them, they can be made do fit

Thats what I believe aswell and as my 2+2 is a 76 I am hopeful it will suit the 280z 2+2 seals.


And for the price difference between Zcar depo and rare spares kit is aprox $200. If the Zcar depo door seals dont fit I will by another set of door seals with the money I have saved.

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Precision Rubber Installation Videos

I just found these videos which were published on Youtube a few months ago.


1970-1975 Nissan 240/260z Choke Cable Grommet
1970-1978 Nissan 240/260/280z Door Edge Seal
1970-1975 Nissan 240/260z Glass Run Channel Install
1970-1978 Nissan 240/260/280z Outer Quarter Glass Weathertrip Install
1970-1978 Nissan 240/260/280z Headlight Seal Install
1970-1978 Nissan 240/260/280z Inner Quarter Glass Seal Install
1970-1978 Nissan 240/260/280z Door to Fender Seal Install
1970-1978 Datsun 240/260/280Z Rear Hatch Bumper Install
1970-1978 Datsun 240/260/280Z Inner Rear Hatch Weatherstrip Install
1970-1978 Datsun 240/260/280Z Cowl Seal Install
1970-1978 Datsun 240/260/280Z Inspection Lid Bumper Install
1970-1978 Datsun 240/260/280Z Hood Bumper
1974-1978 Datsun 260/280Z Tail Lamp Seal
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My MSA order just arrived. I ordered genuine seals where available and all other seals supplied by MSA were Precision.




Can anyone recommend a high quality weatherstrip adhesive available in Australia?

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Hey guys. I purchased the Zcardepot 280z 2+2 weatherstrip kit for my 76 260z 2+2 and so far everything has fit great. The only parts left to go on is inner hatch seal,  front and rear glass seals and the professionals will be installing them.

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My kit from zcardepot arrived about a month ago. It's the one that Precision make for a 240Z.
Must get stuck into fitting it :)


KatoKid, you must have ordered your kit individually considering you went for some genuine stuff as well. Do you mind me asking what that cost?

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KatoKid, you must have ordered your kit individually considering you went for some genuine stuff as well. Do you mind me asking what that cost?


Yep, individually as I wanted to go genuine wherever possible. Hard to say what it cost as I bought some genuine seals a while ago so that the panel shop had them to ensure proper alignment for doors and rear hatch etc. and then I just picked the eyes out of what else I needed for the big order from MSA. Just check their website.

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Little update the inner hatch seal from Zcardepot seemed to be a little big but that wasn't an issue I just cut out the extra and glued the ends with some Loctite 408. Also go with the 3M weatherstrip adhesive or sikaflex 227 in black. I was told by the person at Repco that the best stuff for weatherstrips is Selleys windscreen sealant as she reads the back and told me it bonds to everything. Stupid me took her word for it and used it, WHAT A MESS.. The stuff doesn't set and doesn't hold anything. I was then told by Sprint Auto that Permatex sell a weatherstrip adhesive but its a yellow/brown colour so decided against that. I might eventually buy another inner seal and start fresh as this seal now has windscreen sealant stuck to it and i cant find anything that cleans it up.

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