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Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)


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Afternoon all,

Stumbled across this picture (I know its not the 432 rim but its by KS)



and found this listing on ebay for "Rx5" mags. Shame the stud pattern isn't 114.3



I know that they're not quiet the same but blacked out and from a distance+squinting they may look the part lol.


Is there anything pretty similar with the right stud pattern? Or anyone making repros? There was a pomy making them for 500 pounds a pop but that was back in 2010.


I'm pretty content with my hubcabs+steelies but having that extra lil wow would be wicked


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I know I know old thread, but I've been doing more research on these wheels as of late..


Yes RX5 wheels are very similar looking.





Perhaps they could be re-drilled to suit 114.3 PCD on the S30Z? Not sure about offsets?


The ones being remade were limited and all sold (around 2012)



The photo you have appears to be the later Kobe Seiko Magalloy production run believe that was in the 80s. You can tell because it has the embossed magalloy on the outer rim area. Where as earlier ones didn't have those markings on them.





See also:


and here:



Here is a set of reproduction Z432 style Kobe Seiko alloys made by XX Auto back (in Japan) around the mid 90's. They appear the same as original except for the center hub area. No holes for the center cap drilled.



NB: The raised hub area for the center cap on the Z432 and some export market cars like HLS30 and HS30s that had the D cap here.


Here is an actual original (poor shape).


and fitted to the Z432 as debuted in Japan.




NB: The wheel hub area. Designed to accept these D caps.





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This just popped up on Yahoo! Japan.







They look like some kind of reproduction using a standard outer wheel but custom center piece.


Ignore the price, that's a fantasy in my opinion.


As you can see they look a little 'off' compared to an original wheel.

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I sent some photos to a 3D modeler who came up with these renderings..







Alan (HS30-H) had some made up a few years back in Magnesium! They were also made in 15" diameter as opposed to 14" for better tyre selection etc..



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Nice, O0  O0  O0

Hmmmm : :)  : :)  : :)  group buy of re-manufactured ;), I'll be in for a couple of sets of 15x7's or 8's


Revive Jalopy in Japan I believe has or does make reproduction runs.




Possibly my favorite wheel on the S30Z.


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I reckon it would be extremely expensive to make up a small batch of wheels, unless you maybe had a big market like in the US. Gav you could always contact 949 racing and propose your idea to them, see what they think. I think it was Emilio there started his own business to supply wheels to the mx5 crowd, seems to have worked out very well for him. He could probably give you an idea on costs.



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Thanks Mark, I have no ambitions to make these wheels yet. As you say that would be an expensive project and at this stage I should focus on getting the body work done and the motor running on #150. Then I can worry about those luxuries. :D

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Yup, very expensive to get small runs made.


When TCM started up the competitors approached minilite to get the original minilites remade in 15x10", apparently was near eye watering for us mere mortals, and the needed to make some horrendous numbers to make it worth while, but for those guys the numbers made sense.


I approached rebel wheels in Unanderra a few years ago to get some rebel 15x8 wheels made, was told they do batches when they get enough orders and they were around $700 a piece and that was near 15 years ago. I have no idea if they can still be ordered.

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Dragway may be worth talking to as well. I would love a set of Kobe Seiko works wheels in original dimensions, prefer the works 4 spokes to the rally wheels. You could add extra material to them so they would not have to be lifed.

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To continue on.. here is the Z432 center caps.



NB: No D in the center.



The cap on the far left is original, the rest were reproduced later.


Also not quite the same but these are very similar to Italian wheels I saw on a Fiat 500 (Cromodora wheels)




Which were also found on the Ferrari Dino's.


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Original Works Rally Mags made by Kobe Seiko.


In this photo you can see the unique rotating nuts.


What they look like on an S30Z.




Good comparison shot of 3 versions.


Left = Original Z432 rim.

Middle = Later reproduction wheel with different center hub (accepts wheel cap).

Right = Later reproduction (mid 2000's) and scaled up to 15" diameter. Has cutouts in spokes like the works rally wheels.


Original Kobe Seiko wheels on Portuguese delivered HLS30.


Pristine set of Z432 style wheels.



Good reference post here from Alan (HS30-H) also.



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Another Kobe Seiko wheel design is the "Gotti" wheels.



And here are the 8-spokes which to quote Alan everyone and their dog confuses with Watanabe's.

See here:





Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.04.33 AM.jpg

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"Unique rotating nuts" - are these available as reproductions anywhere ? Or any alternatives ?


Stew Wilkins sells "Nissan Works Type" wheel nuts (at $20 each...) which I have been led to believe are rotating ones to suit the Enkei "Works" rally wheels used in the late 70's / early 80's on stuff like Stanzas, curious if these are the same as the Kobe Seiko nuts and whether I can get a set for les than $360.


Reason I ask is that I have half a dozen of the Enkei wheels but need a set of nuts. (Perhaps I should rephrase that last bit.......). May be useful info for anyone with the Kobe Seiko wheels as well.

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Don't know, he doesn't put pictures against the items he has for sale on his website.


He does have a generic pic on the top of each page of items, the one on the "Nuts" page shows (amongst others) a nut that looks suspiciously like that. I might have to bite the bullet and buy some.



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In post 13, the description of the 3 wheels is slightly wrong (and adding more info)


Left, original Kobe Sieko "z432" wheel (which came from Portugal).

Middle, is a Magalloy wheel, the same as the top of this thread. Made by Kobe Seiko and to their design, as it does differ from the "z432" or rally wheel. 14" and came with centre cap.

Right, this one of the 15" magnesium Kobe Seiko rally wheel replicas that was made up here in the UK. My understanding is Alan had a hand in getting these made, but wasn't the driving or money force. They were made in aluminium too.


How do I know, the photo was taken by me as they are my wheels!


Talk of making reproduction will need deep pockets and time, and I don't know how it stands in Aus. but here the 15" replica rally wheels had to be tested as it was a different wheel to the 14" (correct me if I am wrong Alan) from a safety aspect (crash tested). There is a lot of work needed to get these done.




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I had a LJ Torana XU-1which I sold to a bloke back in the early 90's.He found me on facebook recently and has still got the car. The car had the original 13x6 Sprintmaster wheels. Back in 1973 the XU-1 race cars ran 13x8 & 13x9 magnesium sprintmasters. I always wanted a set but they were extremely rare as they were made in small numbers for racing only. This bloke also wanted them and so he went about getting some 13x9 made in Thailand. He hasn't said how much they cost or how many he is getting made, but he has a pair. He didn't get the 13x8 made. They are made by a proper wheel manufacturer in Thailand and are alloy, not magnesium. He managed to get an original wheel which was 3D scanned and modelled. So it is possible. I'm just surprised that with the popularity and value of Zeds that a wheel manufacturer such as Enkei hasn't managed to put the Kobe seiko style wheel in their classic lineup.

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I'm just surprised that with the popularity and value of Zeds that a wheel manufacturer such as Enkei hasn't managed to put the Kobe seiko style wheel in their classic lineup.


I think it's probably fair to say that 99.999% of S30-series Z owners are oblivious to their existence and their history.


Anybody who simply must have a set - either of the 5.5j x 14" OEM wheels for the 432, or the 7j x 14" 'Rally Mag' - will probably end up with them somehow. There are long gaps between reproduction batches, but they do get made from time to time.


I'd rather not see them get the pile-em-high, sell-em-cheap Rota treatment myself. It'd be nice if at least some things were kept sacred...

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I'd rather not see them get the pile-em-high, sell-em-cheap Rota treatment myself. It'd be nice if at least some things were kept sacred...

That is my sentiment also really, if reproductions are made I would rather see them made as a quality or faithful reproduction and in appropriate sizes etc.. than suddenly flood the market with cheap imitations which would only make it more difficult to verify originals.


What makes them special is also their rarity.

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I have searched hi and low for these wheels for years and are very rare in Australia.

Only in recent years have I managed to stumble on some which I was lucky enough to


Rally version or z432 version?

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