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The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

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Nice looking 905 red early 240z on BAT.


I'm a sucker for 905 red with black steelies. My first 240z looked like this when I went to inspect it. So always brings back fond memories.






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Thanks for sharing Alan, very interesting.  I was lucky enough for visit Zama a couple of years back, the guides were super helpful, gave a parting gift on the way out and you could buy GTR water

Probably will, but I have to say that this BaT phenomenon of high-selling S30s (and it is almost exclusively HLS30Us) seems to be fuelled by a small coterie of self-styled 'Collectors' who are trying

Nissan has three cars in its Heritage Collection at Zama: The '71 East African Safari Rally-winning car, the '72 Monte Carlo Rallye 3rd place finisher and the '73 Safari-winner. They regularly show th

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Interesting article.


I’ve always loved the 280zx and 300zx despite the hate they get. I always keep my eye out and prices are definitely rising, 300zx in particular. They used to sit around the 20k mark not a year or two ago, and now decent condition ones are listing for 40k. Have I missed the boat....

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