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The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

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¥ 11,000,000-
¥ 13,000,000

Chassis No.    PS30-00166
Mileage    95,410km



1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432
◎ Equipped with the same S20 engine as the first generation Skyline GT-R
◎ Only 419 units produced
◎ Restore in 2013 and maintain good condition
The first Fairlady Z, which debuted in 1969, was
a meritorious person who made the name of “DUTSUN” (Datsun) used in Nissan's export model at that time global. Despite its reasonable price, it achieved a performance and styling comparable to that of a European GT. The model
life has recorded a total production of 550,000 units, which is unusual for a sports car at that time. Initially, the body was only a two-seater fastback, but later added the “2by2” with a four-seater by extending the wheelbase. An extension made by FRP that emphasizes the classic long nose, also known as the “G nose”, was well received.
The main engine is 2.4L for North America, which was the main market, and 2L in-line 6-cylinder SOHC in Japan. However, a special sports engine was also prepared for domestic Z. That is the 2l DOHC S20 type, the same as the first-generation Skyline GT-R. This unit originated from the racing machine (R380) developed by Prince Motors before the merger with Nissan, and the skyline was proud of its success in the motor sports world at that time. Unfortunately, we couldn't make any outstanding results in Z, but the car name was 432, named after the S20 type 4 valves per cylinder, 3 carburetors (3 Mikuni Solex 3), and DOHC 2 camshaft. Appeal that it is a special model. Exhaust gas
The valuation of exclusive Z has become stronger than when he was active, helping with the fact that production was limited to 419 due to regulatory restrictions. The exhibited car was exported to Japan after being restored in Japan in 2013 and then returned to Japan in 2019. The 240Z color scheme (the orange car body with matte black engine hood), which was used in the 41st Monte Carlo Rally in 1972, was equipped with a Central20 cast wheel that reproduced the original Gotti works wheel. The engine system has been doing well with a popular finish.


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¥43,000,000 -

Chassis No.    KPGC110-000104
Mileage    43,460km



1973 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC110)
◎ Production volume is only 197 units
◎ High quality original condition
◎ Odometer displays 43,460km
The 4th generation, also known as the nickname of “Kenmeri” after the “Ken and Mary Skyline” advertising campaign at that time, was the model that determined the character of the Skyline. Its sporty and luxurious exterior is like a Japanese car of the past, and it feels like an American car, but the characteristic character line at the bottom of the body called the surf line is inherited from the previous generation. ing. The round 4-light tail lamp design, which was first used in the 2-door hardtop and 4-door GT models, has also become the icon of the skyline that is handed down to the 10th generation. However, the
KPGC110 type based on the C110 type and the second-generation GT-R will leave their names as unfortunate. Speaking of the GT-R, there must be many lovers of Kuruma who imagined the splendid activity in the motor sports world represented by the first generation or the third generation revived in 1989. However, for this second generation, only a racing concept car was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show held the year before its release. It was never put into practice. Not only that, but only in the first few months of 1973 when the commercial model was released. The nominal total production is also only 197 units. The reason is that the purpose of sales was inherited from the predecessor
There seems to be various theories such as the in-line 6-cylinder engine, the S20 model being in stock disposal, and only 197 cab letters installed in the engine, but as a result, the second generation is extremely rare mass production than GT-R As a car, it was engraved in the memory of car lovers. Exhibited cars are maintained in their original state as a whole, and no major modifications are allowed except for the standard Watanabe wheels and suspensions that have been changed to external products. The mileage meter is also a low-traveling vehicle that shows 43,460 km. In terms of rarity, Kenmeri GT-R is as good as 2000GT. Its value will increase further in the future.


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Chassis No.    KPGC10-001499
Mieage    52,050km



1972 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R (KPGC10)
◎ Good condition with high originality
◎ White body color, which was about 30% of production
◎ Equipped with genuine optional parts such as radio and heater
Speaking of the first GT-R, there are many people who associate the body color of silver. In particular, the image of the 2-door KPGC10 was even stronger, with nearly 50% of the 1197 KPGC10s that produced silver body colors. The exhibited car is an individual wearing a white body color that is said to be about 30% of the KPGC10. The semi-bucket-shaped front seats keep the overall condition in good condition, and the door lining
also has a protective vinyl cover that remains from the time of the new car . The odometer shows 52,000 km, and the paint on the body can be confirmed as cracks over time, but there is no rust or corrosion. The front fender has an arch that is wider than normal so that tires with a wide range of tires can be fitted, but otherwise the original condition is maintained. The minimum equipment required for a road-going GT, such as a radio, heater, and headrest, is installed as an option when a new vehicle is installed.


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Looks like a ZG

Current Price
4,012,000 yen (AU$56,569.20)












We described later.

(2019 December 1, 17 hours 16 minutes addition)
are brothers of substitute exhibition. 240zg is of the exhibition.
In the time it is seen range, bumper is Repro goods.
Also have genuine urethane bumper.
Engine 2400 Solex 
going up the current battery, but will take engine If you change the battery.
It is no inspection. Because it is expensive, thank you is the person who can check the current car.   

(2019 December 1, 17 hours 24 minutes addition)
I want to see the current alignment is crazy. I am want to see impossible to go back riding at present.
So can not be shipped, thank you arrange by the successful person.

(2019 December 1, 17 hours 41 minutes addition)
because I do not do the auction early termination, until the end thank you acquaintance.

(2019 December 1, 17 hours 46 minutes addition)
because it can use us mail function better of Question 1, what LINE such as unreasonable?

(09 minutes added at 2019 12 January 18)
was without Webber in the Solex.
Wheel Watanahe is 15 inches

(2019 December 1, 22 hours 14 minutes addition)
payment will thank you only in cash collectively.

(2019 December 2, 8:00 17 minutes added)
There is no problem emblem. Once you have cut the suspension of the spring I want to see alignment is crazy.
Bracket of the current bonnet is I want to see bad condition.
Also I will write once I noticed something. Ferris thank you.

(2019 December 2, 9 o'clock addition for 09 minutes.)
Image will correspond by more private there is hope because not only put up to 10 sheets.

(2019 December 2, 9:00 11 minutes addition)
there dashboard cracks.

(2019 December 2 days 19 hours 28 minutes addition)
Hakosuka is not for sale.

(2019, December 3 days 11 hours 23 minutes addition)
you have a large number of the person who sent the e-mail address in question, it will be saved that it is line ID, since it could not be used is our e-mail function.

(2019 December 6, 7:00 37 minutes addition)
Thank you for your viewing. Bid If you are concerned about the evaluation on our side Upon I will delete a bid. Please note.


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Very clean looking Fairlady Z

August 74

Current Price
3,501,000 yen (AU $ 48,733.92) 6 days to go.













It has been cherished storage (did not ride), but I would like to dispose of the convenience of storage location. I think that in the near vehicle to the No. 1 original in that we have seen until now. In the take-off, such as the successful bidder I want to help by those who can arrange.


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Nice 510 Bluebird Coupe on eBay (US), but located in Canada Bay Sydney.


Starting bid:US $70,000.00

Item location:
Concord West, NSW, Australia
Ships to:
United States












Up for auction is a 510 Coupe that has done more nautical miles than land driven miles. Some people may remember Ritchies Coupe, if not please visit the website 510realm and look under feature cars, 510 coupe back to the future. There u will find a 60 page build on this car. I purched the car a number of years ago and imported it to Australia. Only a few extra mods were made to meet our laws, they included an e- brake, an air intake box and plumb back the blow of valve, also i added some retrimmed recaro seats. The only reason i have decided to sell is to fund another potential purchase, otherwise it would remain in my collection. 
I will assist with shipping by delivering the car to any port or location within Sydney. All other shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Bank transfer will be required in full before the car leaves my hands.
Pleas feel free to contact me if u requie any further info.


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Just saw a post on bookface regarding the results of the BH Auction cars that Gavin posted back on 24 November. 


The 1973 KPGC110 GT-R went for 47,300,00 Yen ( AUS $623,000)

The 1971 KPGC10 GT-R went for 33,880,000 Yen (AUS $ 446,000)

The Z432 went for 16,280,000 Yen (Aus $215,000)

But the big one, the Z432R went for 88,550,000 Yen (AUS $ 1,166,000) !



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Nice 71 240z for sale in Safari Gold.




Purchased from original owners daughter. It was kept in the same garage since new and sat since 1999. I bought it and spent a year and a half bringing it back to life. Most anything that’s rubber has been replaced. Several minor parts also. Great paint job and body is flawless. Original color. Numbers match. 77,xxx miles. Runs perfect. Most under the hood is original. Interior is original minus the seats being recovered and carpet replaced,. No undercoating underneath so you can see what’s not hiding from you, also carpet is not attached so you can pull it up to inspect the pan. Beautiful example of an early Z. Two cracks in dash. 








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73 240z sold at Barrett Jackson for $44,000 USD (~$63,000 AUD at today's rate)

HLS30 164430







Lot #563 - This 240Z features a rebuilt 2.4-liter 6-cylinder engine that is topped by the rebuilt original Hitachi round-top carburetors. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The air cleaner assembly has been restored, air conditioning has been serviced and the valves have been adjusted. The silver exterior paint was wet-buffed and sanded. The hood and other exterior areas had a recent paint touch-up. The front and rear bumpers were rechromed. The black interior has a new armrest. New center caps were installed on the wheels.


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Just when you thought Datsun 240Zs were getting expensive, a buyer in Japan has raised the bar to a whole new level.

A buyer in Japan has paid a record AUD$1.17 million for a rare 1970s Datsun.

The hammer went down on the 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432R in Tokyo last weekend and the selling price made it one of the most expensive Japanese cars ever sold.

Known as the Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan, and Datsun 240Z in other markets including Australia, the Z432R is the one that gets Japanese classic car enthusiasts hearts racing.

With only 30 to 50 estimated to have been produced, it makes it even rarer than the 420-run production of the Fairlady Z432.

Both variants were powered by the same 118kW/177Nm Nissan GT-R S20 inline six-cylinder engine; the first GT-R engine made.


But, what sets the Z432R apart? It was built for racing, hence the ‘R’ in its name. It featured thinner body panels, a fibreglass bonnet, and acrylic side and rear windows, helping to reduce its weight by 100-kilograms, making its total weight around 970kg. It also had a 100-litre fuel tank installed for endurance racing, which was 40L more than the standard car.

BH Auction doesn’t stipulate if the car, with chassis number PS30-00289, is in original condition or has been restored, but with its odometer reading 98,040 kilometres, you could assume it’s been kept in its original pristine condition.


At that same auction, the Z432R outsold a 2006 Porsche Carrera GT at over AUD$723,547, and a 1963 Ferrari 250GTE 2 + 2 Series 3 for AUD$593,300.

One of the most desirable Japanese cars, the gorgeous Toyota 2000GT, now has some competition; the last 2000GT that was auctioned was a prototype in September last year and sold for AUD$1.19 million.

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