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The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

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Thanks for sharing Alan, very interesting.  I was lucky enough for visit Zama a couple of years back, the guides were super helpful, gave a parting gift on the way out and you could buy GTR water

Probably will, but I have to say that this BaT phenomenon of high-selling S30s (and it is almost exclusively HLS30Us) seems to be fuelled by a small coterie of self-styled 'Collectors' who are trying

Nissan has three cars in its Heritage Collection at Zama: The '71 East African Safari Rally-winning car, the '72 Monte Carlo Rallye 3rd place finisher and the '73 Safari-winner. They regularly show th

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Looks nice, but it does snow in this part of the country.




1971 Datsun 240Z- safari gold (920 paint code) factory AC car, matching numbers, west coast car 1 prior owner since new, records, underside is spotless zero rust original floors, 60% original paint. Survivor car. 4 speed manual. 

This is a true survivor car, not a restored to the 9’s. Has normal 48 yr old patina for a early 240Z, but is in very good shape. 



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On 5/2/2019 at 11:26 PM, gav240z said:

Nice Blue early 240z.


CURRENT BID: $8,000  ENDS IN: 8 days

Ends today, for those who have pop corn, worth a watch?

CURRENT BID: $49,000  ENDS IN: 3:59:08

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Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R 1972
Incredibly Rare KPGC10 Nissan Skyline GT-R!

$399,990 NZD














Dutton Garage, for the 1st time, is very proud to present this stunning Genuine 1972 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 Hakosuka GT-R, finished in Nissan White, Contrasted by Black 14 Inch Steel Wheels, with a Soft Black Cabin, and Matching Black Vinyl Mats, a very desirable colour combination for such a car!

This GT-R was one of the first Nissan manufactured vehicles to ever bear the highly respected three-letter badge, and set a precedent for speed, handling, and power!

Many know the legend of the Hakosuka GT-R and it is very rare for an opportunity to own one come up!

This example was recently sourced from a private collection in Japan and has since been transported, complied, and registered for use on New Zealand roads. 

The Body work, engine bay, interior, and underside present in absolute impeccable condition, and would please even the most astute of buyers.

The car itself runs and drives very well, with a great engine note, and tremendous throttle response, with even the lightest application, this GT-R would please all.

Despite being fitted with Trumpets this GT-R also comes with the Original Factory Airbox and also has these following highlighted features/options:

- Sourced from a Private Collection in Japan 
- Complied, and Registered, for us on New Zealand Roads 
- Finished in Nissan White 
- Contrasting Black 14 Inch Steel Wheels 
- Soft Black Cabin, with Matching Black Vinyl Mats
- Comes with Factory Airbox
- Factory Nissan Service Book

For more information on this vehicle, our warranty, and finance options, or to view, please contact us directly, to insure the vehicle is on site. Thank you for taking the time to review our stunning hand picked vehicle.

-Our Christchurch showroom is open 8:30am-5:30 Monday to Saturday.
-Our Auckland showroom is open 9:30am-5:30 Monday to Friday and 9:00am-4:30 Saturday. 
-Or by appointment to meet your needs. 
Please contact within before viewing to confirm which branch the vehicle is on display at.

-Nationwide Delivery-
Dutton Garage is committed to a smooth change over, with airport collections, and delivery nationwide.

-About us-
Dutton Garage is a family owned business that offers the largest collection of super cars and classic cars in the world and has been since 1911. A newfound partnership with International Motorsport, has allowed us to offer the same to the Auckland market. International Motorsport Classics cars is a family owned business, established 1960, with a rich history in motorsport and car restoration, both in New Zealand, and around the world.


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23 minutes ago, specialp3 said:

Am I being picky, but for NZ$400K should the window rubbers not have been replaced and maybe cad plate the door strikers ?

No I thought the same, also the steel wheels don't look like the original style Topy's that would have been fitted. They are slightly different and to me kind of spoils the look a little.

I personally would have fitted the OEM airbox too, because it would just look that bit more pure..

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On 5/31/2019 at 11:02 PM, gav240z said:


Franklin Mint 240z, currently at $60,000 USD with 7 days remaining.

Bidding is now over  $100K USD

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Best not to quote images. It repeats them so you have to scroll past them twice.
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Based on this I might get my money back if I ever sell :), what great example and well worth the money.

I am glad zeds are now being valued for how good they are.

Always a good idea to keep all the original parts when restoring cars to ensure they can be converted to 100% original if needed, I know I threw away a few parts over the years that I now regret. Things like original steel wheels and splash trays. The cost to replace these items are more than I paid for the car 20+ years ago.

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12 minutes ago, specialp3 said:

Always a good idea to keep all the original parts when restoring cars to ensure they can be converted to 100% original if needed, I know I threw away a few parts over the years that I now regret. Things like original steel wheels and splash trays. The cost to replace these items are more than I paid for the car 20+ years ago.

Ouch, I recently picked up 4x Topy Wheels (72 date stamped) for my 72 240z. Took them months to arrive, but finally got them on Friday, as I left work early to go collect them I was wondering if it was all worth the effort chasing down these parts and taking time out to go get them. But like you a result like this indicates it is worth it.

My first 240z cost me $3,250 in 1998, and it was original with steel wheels and caps! I didn't keep either :(... instead I put 260z alloys on it.

So glad I collected 'D' caps and AM Radio's a few years ago too!

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We really need to get together to compare parts inventory, I have been collecting parts for the past 20 years that I thought would be hard to find down the track. I remember buying 6 brand new hubcaps for US$800 10 years ago and I thought that was good value. 

Looked through a few tubs over the weekend and was surprised at how much I had forgotten about, NOS headlight switches, blinker switches, gear knobs etc.

I think I need another zed to put them all in.

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2 hours ago, George said:

Bloody hoarders. You're making it hard for people to restore their cars. :p

Sadly I feel like I should have hoarded more stuff, with 4 240z's you can never have enough spares.

I've actually been going through my stash of spares in Melbourne (at my mum's place in the country, in a big shipping container) and getting stuff re-plated for re-use. So I'm trying to put a lot of this stuff into use. I hate having it sit around doing nothing.

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1977 Fairlady Z (S31)









Nissan Fearedei Z 2-seater Nissan Farlady Z 2 Seater Contact in English for export arrangement.
Time thing Datsun competition steering wheel, Webber cab, MK63 caliper bench disk, Al fin drum,
Datsun Competition Steering, Weber Carbs, MK63 Brake Callipers, Aluminum Fin Drums,
No dash cracking, no frame rust, no accident repair history, there is all the fender ear, without the ear folded,
Locker, sills, cowl, around the door hinge, no rust, rot, is a must-see those looking for a state good Z of the body.
I think to be convinced if you look at the actual thing.
Dash Board with no cracks, No rust on front frames and floors, No accident repairs.
Rare Museum condition, Super Solid body, No reproduction parts, No restoration necessary. 
Genuine option air-conditioned vehicle! It takes effect air conditioning.
Genuine Air condition systems, cool air and working. 
Exterior: black Orupen, based on fair, genuine iron parts
Interior: genuine black system, dash cracking without,
Engine: L20: L type 2-liter, normal, head gasket, other gasket seal exchange, tappet adjusted. Valve cover crystal red-painted.
Weber 40 pie, short funnel, jet exchange, cab maintenance jet oil level adjusted, exhaust manifold gasket exchange already, O2 sensor mounting opening the processed,
Plug new, ignition system, fuel pump + regulator + line new, accelerator link lever new exchange already,
One-shot start-up, good tone,
Brake: MK63 caliper solid disc, pad new exchange already, aluminum fin drum
Other, refurbished: Authority: bushes Eneji, the lower ball joint exchange already, the exchange time of alignment adjusted,
Iron foil 14 inches 5.5J · tire
Genuine air conditioning production, takes effect, you get a cold wind ((laughs)).
Genuine power windows, is production.
Genuine tool, jack, wheel clasp.
Front frame, the battery under the tailgate, side glass around, such as to be a weak point in rust,
Hole to rot rust does not have.
Weatherstrip new door around, the rear gate around
And hood back, to the back of the lid that contains rear tool, is maintained while remaining well as genuine stickers,
Is in the year in a beautiful person, there is no need of thorough restoration, good Z of the state, I think that unusual.
Rust, paint cracks , scratches, etc., those who are worried, please check the current car always,
If you want to cancel without check the current car, you will a cancellation fee ¥ 5 million.
In production, also takes effect air conditioning.
After that, such as foil and harmonic drive, it is fortunate if you could decide on your own of your choice of style.

Until the inspection Ordinance sum May 3 years, since the distance is extended somewhat ride for tone maintenance.

Those who check the current car hope, because it does not expose, please put your contact information in question,
I'll get back to you from here.
After a successful bid, the direction which can reliably purchase and the name change, who can contact within 24 hours, the person who can the payment within five days,
Only the direction which has understanding in the current priority for the old car, please give me a bid.
In case of cancellation after a successful bid, you will a cancellation fee ¥ 5 yen in any case.
If there is no expected to name change, it kills time.


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10,850,000 yen (current price)












Fairlady Z S30 
engine 3.1L  
UD crank, full counter processing 
LSD, electric power steering, air conditioner, seat heater, 
navigation, back camera, monitor, amplifier, woofer, audio set 
stack meter, octopus, speed, clock, voltage, hydraulic pressure, voltage, residual oil meter, 
RECARO bespoke electric containing SR × 2 leg 
muffler Kakimoto, 
car harmonic Star-Lord, 
wheel star load 
caliper F. type M, R.S15 diversion
Please judge look at the pictures! 
Its own way of time and money went the 
full restoration, is a custom vehicle.
Omissions, etc. There may be, but I need your help by the present vehicle priority.
Payment crowned amount of money is the successful bid price + recycling deposit.
Monthly automobile tax please bear after deposit 30,000 yen and the delivery to the name change.
After the name change confirmation, deposit 30,000 yen will be refunded promptly.
The cancellation after a successful bid should pay 50,000 yen.


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I haven't seen this one posted yet


Very significant car in the USA. It will be interesting to see what it sells for and if it manages to reach the "dizzying heights" of the recently auctioned Franklin Mint car by Bill Reagan.

Time will tell, in fact approximately 6 days!

Im betting it will go above USA$100k. 

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