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The LOLvo ...... aka The little red wagon that could

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Thanks to @AndBir and his mate Darren in QLD for the pre purchase inspection this turned up at 7:00 this morning......


This will be a collab with my brother Tim, he can intro himself sometime soon. We've both built quite a few cars and decided that it was time we did something together with the aim being to do drag and drive type events. LS with a big single, TH400 and 9inch

Paid $1900 for it, runs and drives beautfully for 319,000kms. Had it on the hoist alreday and cant believe how soild it is.......genuienly not a spec of rust...and I know about rust! No accident damage and paint is just oxidised but some patina that we will keep.

This will be an on the cheap slow build, buying parts as they come up at the right price...hopefully




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It’s those thankless activities that are causing the 200-series to appreciate. Among Millennials, the utilitarian wagon is the hottest thing going: Despite comprising only 20 percent of the market, this generation accounts for over half of quotes that Hagerty receives for the long-roof “245” (200-series, four-cylinder, five-door; marketed as such from the factory through 1980). The wagons, in other words, are the most quintessentially Volvo. The five-door (1975–83) earned a spot on our 2022 Bull Market List; but even as their fortunes increase, these durable people-haulers remain eminently practical. 

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Spotted Spotlight Castle Hill, no I didn't buy a sewing machine, was waiting for the Mrs with screaming kids in the car and this Volvo caught my eye. Left the kids in the car and took a picture for you lot, was lowered with rims. Kids were confused why I took a picture of the car but it shut them up.

Then I hed to my Uncles place and we started talking cars, I mentioned the Volvo and start talking about how my dad traded his XY Falcon for a Volvo, and he wips out his phone and shows me a picture of his wifes brother in Lebanon with his Volvo lol there everywhere 

The picture from Lebanon was a month or so ago, still kicking 

Have a great week guys



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Been chipping away at this.

Needs to be registered in Vic before tear down and shenanigans can begin so needs a RWC. Biggest issue was the rear main that was pissing out so went to remove the trans which requires the removal of the trans dipstick tube that has a large tube nut attaching it to the side of the pan. I went do undo this and it mangled thread as I was undoing....damn. Goggle search in the Volvo world says this is V common and not to undo them unless you have to......


Two trips and phone calls secured the right second hand tube from Berry Motor Group in Mitcham. Old rear main was well and truly munted 


Next up were the front seats, the foam and pushed through the frames and was not supported in any way so had to rebuild the foam and put new webing in the backs and fix the bases. Came up pretty well considering.




Had to make the old girl look more respectable so needed to tackle the really badly oxidised paint




Reday for RWC next week

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Car is registered now so time to get stuck in......no turning back now!

Engine and trans sold to a mate of Lurch's


HVAC is excess to requirements. What  a job to remove, probably took 4-5 hours




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Trying to tidy up the engine bay wiring so removed the full engine harness including ECU and ignition controller. Next job is to cut open the interior harness and remove everything except whats required to run the lights, wipers/washers, guages and horn.

Amazed at how solid this car is, the floors are pristine! #notdatsunlife



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Pulled the LOLvo out of the shed so I could blast 33 years of crud out of the engine bay.


Came up pretty well!


The first cut......battery tray has to go to make way for forced induction device


My nephew picked up the TH400 donor car on the weekend



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