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Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com


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:-[ i run the n12turbo.com forum, and have a 160kw E15ET 13 second one  ;D

Guess you'd know the Murphy's and their 11 second weapon?

Went to high school with them, remember them buiding it in their mums garage.

When asked why they stuck with the E15ET, they replied

"If we can get 11 secs with this, imagine what we can do with an SR or RB?"


Wow, just saw that that was 8 years ago though  :o

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OK here is a proper link ;)


Well I've sort of sorted out the IT problems, I hope.


If this is race 3, then this is the video I was trying to put up.....


Hopefully you get a better view of me mixing it with the MX5's and finishing 5th outright, and ending up 2nd in the Championship for 2B cars by only 2 points for the weekend.


It was taken from teh Corvette, coming through the field after not finishing the second race due to some coil pack dramas, just new car niggles for him, the car gets around in a lazy 57 second lap, not bad for a pretty standard car on slicks. As for missing apexes in race four, he still had some other cars to negotiate and Lakeside isn't a forgiving place for overtaking at the best of times.

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Its good to see a S30 mixing it with the hairdressers and owning most of them  :D  Yeh I was quite impressed by the Corvette, he was losing nothing to the MX5's in the corners and Lakeside is certainly a circuit where power without handling can get you into a lot of trouble.

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Geez this guys letting it all hang out in his s30, the armco being so close doesn't seem to worry him.



Sounds like he has a center console full of change..gets a bit annoying.

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