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Why you shouldn't buy anything from Edward "Scissorhands" Lee

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Would love to be a fly on the wall if this ever happened. Might be a reality TV show in it.    Think I would even pay to watch.  Jeff

As a Director, he owns no stock, has no assets, possibly a heck of a lot of liabilities, but has made sure he has paid any taxes. The ATO are ruthless, and will jail offenders. Everyone else can get

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Oh Phil....


I was going to bite my tongue... as i have in the past..... but HEEERRRREEE WE GOOOOO!!


SO, many moons ago, my friend bought a car from your dealership, a S15 Silvia, maybe 8 years ago, with 57 000km's on the clock for $25 000. Even back then it was a relatively low price for a S15 at your shop so she jumped on it.


Now there used to be another website id troll religiously, called prestige motorsport. They were a online import dealership, showing cars for sale In japan.


Now here is the best part, they had a sold section, showing what they had recently sold, where it went and how much it sold for including vehicle details. Funny when i saw HER car in the sold section, but wait, it had 50 thousand more KM's on it?


Now on YOUR WEBSITE Phil, you had the car listed with photo's with 50K less on the clock.


Then when i did a service on it, the old oil filter had 95k km's written on it, less than what is stated when the car was sold in japan, ALOT more than what was on the clock in australia.


Lucky i was smart enough to screen shot the website before you took the ad down, note the stickers on airbox snorkle, the HKS circle of life earth wire kit and pod filter.... wow... ITS THE SAME CAR


Your utter scum, go away, surly we can ban his IP address....











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Don't worry Phil you don't have to respond to my rhetorical questions below... :) This fish jumps onto the hook for you. I've split this thread into a whole new topic just for you. I quite liked Grubby Lee's but I think Edward Scissorhands Lee has a better ring to it.  8)


If it's not wound back the other thing to watch for is previous accident damage. Here is an example showing how a car can still make it's way into the country even after serious damage.



For some reason I think this video belongs here. Coincidence ? *hint hint*

(Listen for 1:03) "What they call a Type A Spirit R".


Ahhh no Phil it's what they call a Type B, the Type A had the OEM Recaro seats on tilt rails. This has the stock S8 seats in leather trim.


Seems a good time to repeat the wisdom of Alan (HS30-H) on this 1.


....you don't even seem to be able to spot the most elementary difference between a KGC10 with "GT-R shiyo" external mods and a genuine KPGC10 'GT-R'. I find that positively scary


Anyone who asks you to source a car for them could well find themselves knee deep in doudous when it turns up.


Seems Phil's specialty is knowing jack... about the cars he imports....



Yes, he is asking for advice / identification help, but - bearing in mind his business activities - don't you think he should have been asking these questions ( and more ) a long time before he started offering his services in sourcing them from Japan? If I was thinking of bringing such a car in from Japan, I'd want the sourcing agent to know at least as much as me and preferably more about model variation, factory specs and relative values.


It's even funnier when you consider he wrote this...


To source one for you, inspect it for you, check it for damage and rust and research it for you- it's not rocket science. If there is something I do not know about a car I will tell you "I do not know"...


Funny that, he can tell you so much about a car and "research it for you". Yet a simple history check for correct mileage is all too hard? Why would that be?


Most cars I buy on a daily basis I do know a great deal about - please feel free to test me on these cars... if it's important to you.


Phil why did you say the above RX-7 was a Type A when it was clearly a Type B? I thought you knew a great deal about these cars. You've imported many RX-7's now, surely you know a bit about them? Or were you talking the car up into something it wasn't?


In the interest of gaining more knowledge about a product I would like to import and sell I have made a post, cap in hand asking more informed people than myself to share their knowledge.


Thus far this forum has been a terrific source of information from friendly, helpful people with a common interest until you stuck your 2 cents in - which has contributed nothing to the other members of the forum and been rather unpleasant.


If you haven't got something to add to the topic of this thread - bugger off!


Please be factual if you must be so unpleasent. I have never offered my services to anyone on this forum. I have mentioned this to you more than once now.


I think if we were in the pub having the same conversation over a beer with the same lovely crowd gathered discussing early Skylines, your tone would be somewhat different...


Easy to be a bully when you are safely at home in your bedroom. What does a bully gain from being a bully?


Funny you like to give out advice, but you don't seem to be able to follow it yourself. I believe you've dangled the carrot of a car on offer a few times in front of the audience here, would you agree?



I'm surprised you didn't try to claim it was a "432-R" version optioned up with luxuries like a clock, heater and interior accessories etc..?


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I shudder to think just what was in, or done, to that recently sold car up in Brisbane, that had all the fruit done to it.

Unless you tear an engine down. and inspect, and have all documentation to prove, then its caveat emptor, its probably a stocko motor with some shiny bits bolted on.

I think he paid Lee's $45k, its sale price, was undisclosed, ( about a month or so ago?)

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Im pretty sure this is the same 260z for sale a few weeks ago asking $45k ono. Now its a 1/3 more expensive!!! Nice mark up indeed.................


Looks like the same car as this one that someone traded in an R34 GT-R for.

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-1 or 2 years or so ago, I Offered asking price for the orange Z on Ebay (from memory ($35K) and could never get a response


No surprise I've seen him driving it around Drummoyne area, looks like his personal mode of transport.

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Lee's have giot a R32 GTR on their lot, showing 82,000 kms,

When it left Japan, it had 153,000 kms.

Going by the Jap Odo report page.


See previous page mate, there is a few attachments showing that R32 ;).


Glad you moved this thread Gav, Now I'm definitely no

fan of car salesman so I am all for the name and shame.


Yeah it's not this sites responsibility (or mine) to expose them all, but Edward Lee's is advertising S30z's and other home market classic Nissan's etc.. if people genuinely want to find a nice S30z I think it would be a shame if I didn't warn people in the community about what I know. Otherwise some poor 'wood duck' is gonna show up here and introduce themselves with 1 of his cars :). At least this way people who should be doing research before buying such cars can come here and judge for themselves.


I'm more than happy to suggest other companies people can use to source such vehicles.


If anyone is motivated there is also this link. Perhaps this "Jealous W$kAr" could be persuaded to spend 15 mins doing it? haha.


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LOL watch this...comedy gold..


Phil Lee: How to import a car


At ~1:20

It's checked it's test driven, checked for rust, we can verify the km's are accurate, check for accidents so it's a very very thorough process.


Sounds too good to be true. At what point in the import process does Nobu-San give them a haircut? Is it before you put it on the boat or when it arrives in Sydney?


Ok I'm done, I'll go do something useful like work on my car.

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LOL watch this...comedy gold..


Phil Lee: How to import a car


At ~1:20

Sounds too good to be true. At what point in the import process does Nobu-San give them a haircut? Is it before you put it on the boat or when it arrives in Sydney?


Ok I'm done, I'll go do something useful like work on my car.


That's hilarious..Thanks for making my evening -  3:10 to 3:30 is my favourite bit and the FatFrog Imports looks like it was a hit! http://fatfrogimports.com.au/ (not).

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