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  1. I have a sandblasted 2 seater shell in sydney available if that suits. Quite bare and needs some work done
  2. Interested in the rear control arms pending price of freight to sydney. Could you message me on 0432860997? Cheers
  3. Haha hardly fishing. More trying to keep head above water. been swamped with facebook and emails and the odd SMS. Slowly but surely getting sold. I thought I would have more spare time. Drivers door sold. Others still available. I will try get photos up but email is better.
  4. The door shells are rust free. Skin has got patches of light surface rust.
  5. Hello again. Really sorry for the late pm's, SMS and responses on the thread. Everything is happening at the same time with work, business and family at the present. Email is the best way to ensure I don't forget. importmonky@gmail.com For sale: - 240z doors I had lying around as spares. In reasonabe condition. I have no idea what they are worth so please let me know. DRIVERS SOLD> PASSENGERS AVAILABLE. $400 - 240/260 Door skin. V=Bought off ebay but not used. $175 - 260z FRP dash. Bare and no cracks and such. $400 - 240/260 Carbon cowl panel. $300 I will add stuff here as I find and document. Might be slow in replying so please bear with me. Regards, Bardan
  6. All Pm's replied to. Chris, SMS sent man. Haha would love to meet your daughter too dude. Hope they both get into car haha.
  7. Mate, swing by and have a look but I would much rather everything gone as complete shell to save myself the hassle
  8. Hi everyone. Have been here a fair bit of time but over the last year, having a daughter has meant I havent had much spare time. Now Im trying to get into the full swing of things. I met Ian this morning (Aussiezed) for a fuel tank he needed. Thank you for the great chat mate. And for pointing me to the forum once again. Anyways formalities aside, I have a 240Z USDM car I am stripping as I think the shell is too rusty. There are still usable bits but really depends on what you need. What is NOT available: - Full interior: Dash is broken but can have it if you need. Headlining is still intact though. - Front and rear suspension: Cradles are both off but I might have arms, etc lying around. - Engine/Gearbox: Both being used. - Doors: Yes everyone needs these. Including me. - Fuel tank What IS available: - Complete shell with rust in floors, rear hatch slam panel, sills, etc etc. However..... Roof looks good as do rear quarters. - All glass: Windscreen, rear hatch, rear quarters. - Front fenders (bottom on drivers rusty) - Headlight assemblies - Front grill There might be a lot of other things lying around. Ask and I may be able to help. Regards, Bardan
  9. Hi Rtiny, I have a spare one in Sydney if that suits. Cheers
  10. Hello. Currently parting an LHD 240Z chassis to feed the requirements of my project. Will have a whole bunch of stuff available soon so please enquire (most of interior, except dash being used though) Also on top of that, will have (off the top of my head) these available: - 240z Carbon cowl panel. Origin unknown but from Japan as a package with a whole bunch of body parts I bought. New never used $400 - Solex 40mm Triple carbies. Will open up to check as soon as I get a chance $offers (come and check it out if in Sydney) - FET Manifold to suit as well - Fibreglass overfenders ZG Style in grey $200 - Rear spoiler one piece bobtail $200 - Rear spoiler 3 piece $350 - Perspex ZG nose headlight covers $450 Plus more I will add as I get time. IF PRICES ARE OUT OF WHACK, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND LETS NEGOTIATE. I really dont know how to price parts for these rareties. ****NOTE: I currently do not have the internet at home so most of this will be on my phone. Putting up photos is a pain in the ass at the moment so please contact me via: email: importmonky@gmail.com phone: 0432 eight6zero 9nine7 facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bardandotrai Cheers all y'all
  11. Thanks Tai, MAybe easier to buy whole lot in one hit. Not sure if a shop would separate sets anyways. Got that pats car coming in so Ill most likely grab it off there.
  12. Wanted to buy. I need stock suspension off a 240Z. I took the existing ones off to weld coilovers on but they were 55mm?? The struts were aftermarket "made in USA". Not sure what was going on there. Anyways hoping a set of 240Z stock suspension is available for me to cut up and fit. If anyone is able to assist in any way, that would be much appreciated. Regards, Bardan
  13. Hey mate, Please pm me your contact details. Im in Kogarah so will be able to come check it out at a suitable time. Cheers
  14. Hey Gav, You gonna enrol in this class? I am seriously contemplating. I will give them a call on Monday and see if there are spots left. Cheers for the information.
  15. Thanks, Yeah might have to go the SR20DET gearbox option. Thanks once again
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