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  1. soz guys. called him today. yet to pick up l28 as its in a car and p90
  2. haha. the 2 pictured are super comfortable. fallen asleep in the garage many times. but the other 2 i got are not as nice but has slightly better trimming and bolsters. if you want to part with them let me know
  3. Thats one pair. Dont have photos of the other
  4. Does anyone have any experience in dismantling/restoring the Recaro LX seats? I cannot find any information anywhere. I have 4 seats and want to make 2 good pairs out of them. THanks Austin.
  5. why is all the good stuff in vic.
  6. Thanks @gongz I will make the change when i do my brake fluid change and hopefully braided lines next time.
  7. Hi. I need your help. Overview of setup: - Triple 44 mikunis - - Dual exhaust system, so 1 pipe for cyl 1,2,3 and 1 pipe for cyl 4,5,6. - Dual AFR - MSD and Coil - Pertronix sender unit in dizzy, +18 degrees - carter pump at 3psi Concern / Issue At idle AFR front is at 13.8 and goes to 16/17ish rear is at 10.8 and stays consistent. On Decel AFR front is fine. rear goes to 11.5 and then back to 10s Every other time its in use the 2 sensors read pretty much in sync. with load and WOT it will become the same. struggles and splutters a little to begin with, i think due
  8. So.. I remembered that i had this page. and its been a year since an update haha. heres what gone into the Z in 1 year. -New fuel rubber lines and vent lines for the fuel tank and paint the tank. - Full exhaust twin system custom made my Men@work in Capalaba, QLD. very similar to Fujitsubo exhaust. - 44 Mikuni Solex which are finally tuned. - Ram Air filters - Carter Fuel pump with holley regulator and aeroflow gauge at 3psi. - MSD and coil - Innovate Dual Lambda Gauge - MCA purples which are awesome! - Sold the Watas and now on 14x8 -12 SSR mkII on 185/65/14 and 185/60/14 - F
  9. How do we get on this awesome cruise. would like to join next time.
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