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My second 240z

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Not far away now from getting this one registered, I was originally going to leave it in the garage as a possible future project but decided to use it as our second car so i have something to get around in.


I've spent a bit of money on it but I'm fairly certain I won't lose IF I sell it one day ;)


This is the list of things I've done so far:


New endlinks, TC rod, steering rack bushes

New Koni Reds and king springs

replaced dog legs both sides

New genuine door trims

New diamond tunnel trim

New carpets

New tyres

Rebuilt front calipers

Carby tune

New Bullitt mirrors

Replaced L/H door seal and hatch seal

Fresh diff, gearbox and engine oil, plugs and filters

Flush fuel tank

and a heap of little things I can't remember


Thanks to Daniel at DJM for helping getting the car running again,

here is a pic of when I bought it I will post another when its on the

road again.





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I was booked in to get my z registered today, left a bit early to get there on time but I ran out of fuel :-[ The gauge was showing a 1/4 tank but as soon as it started hesitating I knew I was in trouble, lucky for me a mate was home otherwise I would have had a nice 8 km walk home, booked for tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Edit:BTW I have filled up the tank.

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Not sure if my PM worked, so i'll try here ...


Where did you get your diamond vinyl, carpets and rubbers? Where you happy with quality and price? I need these items amongst others for my hornet.





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Someone may be able to help you with a better option for the vinyl, but Simon deGroot had his vinyl trim custom made at a place at Toowoomba http://web.archive.org/web/20060824083452/http://www.240z.id.au/ And it looks great


From memory, most of the replacement kits have the wrong sized stitching (correct me if I'm wrong, my memory's not too great ;) ). Not a problem for most but if you are a purist a custom job may be the go. Anyways maybe someone can help you out more...

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I chased up almost all the interior vinyl from a very kind member on HybridZ. I asked for a complete interior and he removed one (except the roof lining) from a 71 model he was "parting out". All up including shipping was approx $200 to my door. Even got the rare cardboard bits from the rear strut towers!

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Adam the diamond trim i got from MSA http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/SIC106A/40-4490 it was actually for my other 240 but I needed the tunnel trim so I used that, I've seen some people say the tunnel trim doesn't work because the handbrake hole is on the wrong side but mine was fine.


The carpet kit I got from somewhere in Dandenong and I had to do a lot cutting to get it to sort of fit and then I took it back for them to sew the edges, for the v8 zed I'm going to take it to a upholsterer to get it done.


The rubbers I was unhappy with, they came as a length of rubber which i had to cut to suit so you have an untidy join, for the other zed I bought the presicion rubber kit from the states and it looks to be a good kit with pre joined ends. I think MSA sell the same kit although I got mine from ebay and only cost about $300 landed, quite a bit cheaper than some companies over here.


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I'm finally registered with a daily driver ;D a couple of things I might have to change though are the exhaust as I want a tone like the MSA twice pipes have and I have the standard seats in still but I feel like I'm sitting too high, I like to sit lower in the car probably because i was used to driving my mx5 with a low sparco sprint.

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Well the v8 zed has been put on hold for a while so it looks like this one is getting a lot of the parts I bought, I've already taken the sunroof out and paint stripped the roof in preparation for Rob at the z factory to fill the hole.


Next will be to take out the entire drivetrain and the clean the underside in prep for a full coating of KBS then all my resprayed gloss black suspension parts with coilovers to go back in, also I will be stripping the body back to bare metal to give a new coat of paint (audi papaya orange maybe?)


I've also got another new set of new Watanabes on the way, 16x8 0 offset in silver.

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Haaar I was talking to my dads best mate (ex panel beater aged 77 !)...he said that he used to specialise in removing hailstone dents from car roofs in the 60's by torching the roof gently in a circular motion..he said its not really done anymore as the sheetmetal is too thin on modern day cars....its amazing what you learn from these Ol blokes  ;D ;D

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i am a panel beater, yes it is still done  and still taught as common practice through tafe to use an oxy to shrink out small dents

But i wouldnt be welding in new sheet metal to be replacing a sun roof because it will warp the hell out of it.

It would work much better to lap join and glue  a new sectionusing panel bond. a lot of cars today are glued together. the new falcons have there roofs glued on and the commys rear quaters are glued on as wel las there boot floor and fire walls.

  The new section still has to be rolled to match the curve of the roof.

But the best thing to do is what i did and find a a second hand roof skin and replace the whole lot

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I can't remember the actual procedure he said but I think it was something to do with shrinking the metal, I've been to his workshop when another z had the same job done and it looked great, I'd love to have a whole new skin fitted but I wouldn't know where to get one.

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Haven't posted here in a while so here is a progress report, z is currently undergoing rust repairs which will be finished and car sandblasted this week and ready for panel work next week.,the inside and undercarriage will be spray coated in KBS coatings.

A lot of body spot welds were drilled out so they could be sandblasted and KBS coated underneath, the firewall and inside the skuttle was totally pulled apart, sandblasted, rust sections repaired and then KBS coated.


I've aquired virtually all of my parts over the past year or so there will hopefully be no messing around searching for parts and almost all suspension etc has already been painted and assembled. Dash has been reskinned, seats redone and a nice set of 16x8 0 offset watanbes are ready to go on but I think I may have bought the wrong colour(silver, polished lip)


I've still yet to get the L28 built  (need to save more money), the matching numbers L24 will be stored away. The motor will be a F54 block 87.5mm flat tops, N42 head with 74degree hi lift cam,kameari adj cam pulley, ATI balancer, match ported kameari manifold with triple 45mm OER carbs.


I hope to have the body finished and in paint in the next few months as our baby is due in June then I can just go to the garage and assemble as time allows. More pics to follow.


















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Well done Buddy,


Im impressed, great to see sheer grit and detirmination shine through and pay off, you must be wrapped.


And congrats on the upcoming birth, but believe me, for the first 6-8 months all you will want to do after 5pm is get as much sleep as Bubbs will let you.


Good luck



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