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  1. Chasing a passenger side door for a 75-76 2 seater.
  2. Welcome Tim , 1st stop is the newsagent to buy a lottery ticket. It looks like a scene from one of those American pickers shows , the conversation, the journey, the find ! Love it.... good score.
  3. Hey Brucey Lightmaster , did you send the Led light for Jeffs bench ? If so, your a legend...
  4. Good effort. Such a sunny day today, I managed to get down to 3 layers of clothing ! Back to minus 4 tonight.
  5. Wonder who owns this zed now. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Royal-Crown-Cola-cardboard-Shop-display-Sign-1970-s-Datsun-260-Z-MG-Alfa-Romeo/142787020668?hash=item213ec5077c:g:f9cAAOSw1LRa8P9q Regards Chris Malegan
  6. Does anyone know how I can buy one of the Capitol decals ? (Wasn't sure how often Aaron gets on here)
  7. French blue.... is your rocker painted ? Looks immaculate
  8. Sorry Peter, but I only just saw this thread, and I'm going to be in Bowral-Moss Vale that weekend.
  9. I wonder how much the 85 Lamborghini countach went for..
  10. A friend just text me who was at the Pickles-Gosford Auction with orange 240z, it sold for $53,500 + 5.5% BP. (He didn't get it.)
  11. I remember sitting in that car when Peter brought it to Bright Victoria, when around 10 zeders had a weekend get together 6-7 years ago. he drove up on the day where where leaving. From memory Dale and myself had a good look at it.Also just noticed, I'm #0002904 not this one.
  12. Ok , I'm really getting curious about the red on the back. My black just looks so pristine, I'm tempted to scratch away. Need more evidence from others. I have seen a few 901 silvers and the port red over the years, hmmm. So who bought Crackers Ex Lennock zed ? Stunning car.
  13. Meeeh, my rear factory black panels are also red on the inside face.
  14. Lol, I could imagine a BBQ at Daves place... sirloins, 4 quater chops, salad, L28 rocker, sausages.....
  15. Would the organisers ever consider a trip heading south ? Say Bowral/ Moss Vale area ? The Gong area is a bit far for us southerners.
  16. As you've probably read, the "coffee table" books tell us that around 80 1977 plated 260s made it to Aust. You can check the Waz register to see where your 5/77 sits. Enjoying your progress and love the 4wd rotisserie !
  17. Pete, I had a bunch of these made up many years ago plus some smaller ones which I donated to Lurchos. I can put you in touch with the signage guy who made them if you want.
  18. Yeah mine also came from Capitol, bought from Capitol and driven straight to Canberra. I also had some decals made up from Lennock Datsun last year, if anyone needs one. Just need to remember where I stashed them.
  19. chris240

    Factory Cams

    Fellas, I have an L28 with a factory cam. The L28 came off a 83 factory Auto, would the cams have been the same or different, between the autos and 5 Spds around this time ?
  20. I posted something on this like 9 years ago. Gav put a link to it within a discussion 6 months ago. The Aust figures where based on the famous "coffee table" books. From memory 1977 2 seat account for like less than 80 cars . Meeeeh, Nobody knows really.
  21. Did this go ahead ? It was p....g down rain from 8am till midday.
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