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  1. I found this one for sale in my home town, Yeh its a little different so ill leave it up to you to work out if you like it or not.. The guy who built it styled it off a bowell.. hmmm. hence the frog mouth front end.. he replaced and lengthened the chassis rails. from what i can see there is a small bubbles of rust on the passenger rear wheel arch. other than that the boddy seamd good. the interia as been totally re trimmed in black.. The drive train made me alittle sad :'( Its powered buy a mild holden 202 red motor coupled to a 240k 5 speed. the good part it it has commodore 5 stud
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  3. Did you get that from ebay? I was thinking about getting one my self. A tip if your doing heaps of spots keep a bucket of water handy to dip the tongs in to cool them down because the non water coold spot welders can overheat pretty fast Very handy tool, let me know how it goes
  4. hey peoples I just bought myself a motorbike to play with so i have to sell some stuff to re coupe my bank account. i have a l28et turbo manifold $250 and a turbo rocker cover $200 i also have a heap of 280zx bits seats, door trims consul chrome trims most of the interior trim doors injection manifold with loom and computer. Sorry i am not just yet ready to give up the electronic dizzy there may be other parts just ask
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