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  1. It only has taken this long because I build it in between customers cars. I have built 9 or 10 other cars in this time. the stance is because it has no springs because I wanted to clearance the wheels at Full drop because I am running 9” rims all corners
  2. Talk about post revival 8 years later I am still building this car but it is getting closer to completion.
  3. Ahh ok. I think I need to get it on th dyno and let some one who knows what they are doing have a go.
  4. I was going to ask for a beaver but I think after looking at those pics I could actually do a better job making them my self
  5. I havnt touched the idle speed. I might up the timing a couple of degree and see if I can add a bit of fuel to the mix to try stop the pinging
  6. Hmm I think the total advance of the dizzy is around 22 degree
  7. That wouldn't make it preignite though would it. I thought it might be a carbon build up and now it is burning hotter the carbon is making it preignite
  8. I have recently swapped my standard points distributor for a Mallory electronic distributor First issue was I had to reduce the timing from 10 degree down to 5 degree to stop detonation Second issue is that I am now getting preignition after longer drives. Could the stronger spark be making the fuel mixture lean? I am running British Su carbs from an Austin Healy on a standard l28.
  9. You take some pretty good photos. I hope you don't mind I have stolen the photos you took of my car. They are my new favourites. ?
  10. No mate all you need is the passion.
  11. Just my opinion but a rotor in a zed is as wrong as it gets. Sure it would go well and be a barrel of laughs. But just no. It just doesn't sound right. Sorry gav. ?
  12. Scroll down for the goodness http://www.speedhunters.com/2015/10/recording-the-sounds-of-need-for-speed/
  13. I havent had any scrubbing yet mate It is back to round top sucarbs right now but when it had triples I put the smallest choke size in them I could for the stock l28.
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