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  1. Hi... I am looking for expressions of interest in people looking for original hubcaps (at this point)... The short version of the story is that I used to live in the U.S. briefly and I spoke to my extended family in the U.S. about how I was having a hard time finding Series 1 "D" hubbies... they have taken it upon themselves to help with sourcing Z car parts... I received a call today that they have been able to source through a local junk yard (whom it appears my family has some ties with through their social club) "some" hubcaps with a view to sourcing more if others are interested... I am putting out there in leiu of seeing if there is enough interest in getting a bulk deal sent over from the U.S... please let me know if you are interested in getting any hubcaps and how much you are prepared to pay... ** Please understand that this is very informal at this point, I will contact interested parties directly if this looks like happening... at this stage I have no idea about the number, quality or style of the hubbies that I have been contacted about... Cheers, Jarrod.
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