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  1. Thanks Gents, a quick lesson... there is a 914/4 - 4 cyl boxer... then a 914/6 - with 2.0 911 motor, and then the factory decided to race them. They built 47 and these are called a 914/6 GT. The car I have is a 914/6 GT replica ... with 3.2 Carrera motor and correct steel OEM guards. There are many fine details on the car I have not added, but just this week I bought the 10k Tacho, and 250KPH speedo. Needs 15" RSR spec Fuchs wheels - which I have ordered, and then the OEM alloy brakes etc etc .. I'll gradually chip away.
  2. my car is the silver one .. got the wrong size wheels, and lots of missing details. Agree that the yellow one is off the charts cool (in my view). I will start with the silver and move twd the yellow in time.
  3. ok .. here it is .. in Silver 3.2C 914/6 GT. i know it's not a 240Z... been there done that. and this is what i'll make it look like soon.. in yellow
  4. George and a few others have been asking me what my new project is .... For the life of me I can't see how to attach a photo... Perhaps I should leave some clues; Two doors, Targa roof, made in extremely limited numbers, won it's division at LeMans, finished 1/2/3 at Nordschliefe, mid-mounted engine... Fiendishly fast, and dare I say, much quicker than the Brown Hornet... I think....
  5. Hey George, that is ONE NICE piece of Glass.. Glad puss-puss is loving it too!! Cheers Adam
  6. I know a bloke that spend $150K restoring a 240Z!
  7. STILL FOR SALE: 1X Datsun 'Compe' Steering Wheel in Excellent condition with VGC Datsun Horn Button - NOW SOLD FOR CERTAIN 1X 240Z Rear Hatch screen with rare vertical demister. - NOW SOLD FOR CERTAIN. PM me for interest. All other parts advertised are sold. Regards, Adam
  8. Folks - I have sold all the items here, EXCEPT the OEM Compe Steering wheel. I have several very interested parties, however at this stage it is not as yet sold. pls PM me if you have interest.
  9. Hi Folks, just cleaning out my shed and these parts need to go. 1) Genuine Datsun 'Compe' steering wheel VGC. The perfect addition to any 240Z - $550 - TENTATIVELY SOLD (pending collection and payment) 2) 3X sets (each in separate box) of FERODO DS-11 Race compound brake pads for MK63 Brakes. These are genuine FERODO items made of the 'proper' material, new in box. Three sets - $85 per set. - TENTATIVELY SOLD - pending payment 3) 240Z genuine fuel rail - $25 - TENTATIVELY SOLD - pending payment 4) Genuine rear tail light valance (metal panels that surround tail lights). These are AS NEW OEM and painted in fresh factory satin grey, included stainless steel trim - $200 - TENTATIVELY SOLD - pending payment 5) backing plates for front brakes - $25 6) Genuine 240Z Radiator top tank fan shroud - this is the small steel cover that stops you putting your had in the way of the fan - Steel in perfect condition - $50 - TENTATIVELY SOLD - pending payment 7) Tailgate Glass - ULTRA RARE VERTICAL DEMIST - I imported this from the US a few years ago and it is MINT ... not one mark, and in perfect condition with perfect vertical demist bars. - $400 - TENTATIVELY SOLD - pending payment I am located in Sydney. Freight will be additional to these charges. PM me for interest. Regards, Adam
  10. Alan's only other car is an automatic 370Z! Before that, he owned a 260Z 2+2, for 26 years that he drove daily and put more than 500,000klms on. He's a Z guy, but literally (by his own admission) 'knows nothing at all about cars'.
  11. Hey Andrew, Thanks for making that point. p.s 964 = NICE! / 965 = WILD!
  12. WOW.... first time i've been on here since the Hornet went .. Perhaps I should make some comments. The extractors were damaged by Nat when he installed them, and I was properly pee'd when it happened, however it was only months after they were installed that i noticed it as the car was at his workshop for 5 + years. The bills from Nat were mounting and with a new baby in the family, forensic accountant as a wife, and a repair bill ALREADY that could have bought me a something to the tune of a very nearly new M3 (yes .. you know what that is), I was over it. In the end, what I paid Nat, and what I owed him, were rather different numbers too. This build had a $20,000 budget from the start ... I should suggest here that Nat installed the carbs and the manifold and extractors, and that James Flett at MIA had nothing whatsoever to do with this part of the car. James' work was and remains first class, but as I said, at the end (after more than five years ... and an M3) the gloss was gone. Remember, I only travelled about 900 miles in this car, and aside from building the engine, James only tuned it once for me and did nothing in terms of the engine once it was installed. James installed the Mk63's for me however. To be fair, when Alan bought the car, he said to me; "Adam I don't know anything at all about cars, i'm buying this car because we like Z's and my wife LOVES the colour YELLOW". Absolute truth there!! He made a time to come to our house and I spent nigh on a day explaining to him where the oil went in, what 'triple carburettor' means, what is an 'extractor', and what does 'four piston caliper' mean. I told Alan, "Alan you are buying a fairly specialised car here, that no doubt you will want to modify to your own liking, you will need a very good pair of hands in Melbourne, and you must NEVER take this car to the local BP Servo for any form of repair or tune". I then gave Alan Locky's number and suggested that if you have ANY problem at all, Locky will either fix it, get you the parts, or advise you where to have it fixed - which as we can see has occurred (and for which I am grateful). Last week Alan called me and said that he's spent a decent amount on the car, but that it was absolutely perfect. He said he intends to keep it for as long as he may, and that despite the few change's he's made, he is happy. With regard to the Kameari Idler gear, that was my idea from the start and I explained what it was to Alan. We spent quite some time on the subject of 'that blue thing', albeit to his credit he then told me that he 'had no idea what it does, or how it works'. The door rubbers were a mystery to me when I heard of the problem - I used Precision Rubber that I bought from the US, and as for the crappy G/Box liner, that was rightfully in the 5% of things I would have done in time, as well as a stereo and a few other bibs and bobs. I explained to Alan right at the outset that the car was not 100% right, as I did to two other chaps that came and looked at it. Like all these things, they're personal and there is a lot of different choices to make. From my standpoint, I'm very happy and I know Alan is too. I'm glad you've all enjoyed reading the thread too. Suffice to say folks, I miss the M3 (woops I meant to say 1971 Datsun), however you should see all the work going on at my house !!!!! The DA was just approved last week, with one one part I know will make you all GREEN ... a new Garage, 6m wide at front, 12m long, and 9M wide at the rear ... yep, that's a five car garage... coming soon Now all I need is a toy to put inside it. To be continued .........
  13. MMmmm 2000GT ... I now have a 5% deposit for one!!!
  14. Sorry buddy, just sold the car so don't need parts. With your $US though, you can have a 20% discount!!
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