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Could this be the start........


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Remove a few bits and pieces I've collected and will have a good look and see if its worth doing, seen projects that looked really good

hiding terrible repairs loads of rust and too much work and expense.

Have a Fairlady grille that I can't figure out how to fit as the brackets don't seem to be in the same place as the original grille

Have a odd set of wheels 6.5 Watanabe and 6" Black Racing, plus original rims (would like to widen to 6.5 or 7 inches) new set of seat covers various badges and interior trim.









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On 12/6/2020 at 11:30 AM, theremm said:

Nice work mate. Are you planning on keeping/using those chrome headlight covers? Would be interested in buying them off you if not.


No will be keeping 


6 hours ago, rajon1972 said:

What chassis number is this one??

its 396 matching numbers

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Checked out the body with magnet and found a few areas of filler, looks to be repaired dents no obvious areas of new metal.

Rear slam panel may have been replaced, spot weld look factory but there are tack welds at either end, interior looks original.

Any ideas ?

Plan is to strip and repair, old school repaint in acrylic lacquer, clean components (no replating ) will try to source used if needed.

Example the outer door handles I have look awful chrome is badly worn so I will try to get good used rather than buy new or rechrome.

I want to achieve a restoration that looks like it hasn't been done

A problem I have is that I have always liked the idea of painting the car grey which may be at odds with the above.

Lowered a bit 7" black steel wheels and mid grey




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Stripped the paint from rear 1/4 panels rear valance and sills some damage to 1/4's and dog legs need replacing, internally drivers side solid

some replacement needed to passenger side so far all seems to be good

Rear valance has been poorly repaired so Locky made a replacement panel ordered on Friday , ready Tuesday and delivered following Thursday

Great service 




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Had a go at making repair panel for dogs leg , turned out ok will make a seperate piece go past the swage line.

Removed front wings drivers side inner wing perfect passenger some old repairs that are solid.

I guess the repairs were carried out in the late 80's early 90's would floor sections been available then?

So have decided to leave repairs that appear to be ok





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After a few days of hammering ,cutting starting over again finally made the repair sections for the passenger side.

Amazing what one can achieve with a selection of  steel profiles, hammers  and determination

Seems to fit ok but some of it is guesswork and requires a bit of fettling to make fit ,especially the compound curves of the  inner sill panel

Remember the good old days when you repaired the outer panel with fibre glass and ignored what was going on underneath how much easier life was in the 

1980's (or maybe the  late 70's would they have rusted that fast?)




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wheel arch section fitted and that little pocket that is there for an unknown reason welded in followed by the end of the sill panel.

pretty ugly but solid as I had to beat the inner sill to make the dogs leg fit, think I over thought this and could have done it easier by 

making generic sections  

In the last photo there is a step between the end of the sill and the little pocket an I'm not sure if I have left something out? (I am in awe of people who tackle these

cars that are so much worse than this one)

Glad that's over and I don't have to do it again on the other side 









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Removed tank and it was so nice to see an area that required nothing to do it.

Leaving the filler neck in place as it is very hard and I don't want to damage it.

Had the locks keyed the same  (they were all different )




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Well spotted I'll have a prod around and see.

Couldn't resist went down to shed some found some very small holes 

I'll take that fillet off and have a look behind, hit along rail with hammer no falling rust so hopefully just that area


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Car now stripped to the  A pillars some  rust top corners of roof but not to  bad. repaired passenger side.

Removed passenger side lower door hinge and ordered a couple of rebuild kits as I was missing the springs and the rivet attaching the strap to the hinge was bust.

Removing the pins was pretty easy just drifted out, the only problem was the pin attaching the strap to the hinge was too big so drilled out and all good, refitting pins bushes and spring was straight forward, 





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The other side was about the same the inner frame had a bit of scale cleaned up ok, rust converter weld though primer then after painting

will wax oil the voids

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Hello Rudi


The listing states that the kit is for an early car but the fat pin is, I think for a later model. But the kit does not have the spacer(the shiny bit}

and I believe the springs are slightly different there is a kit without the spring and and one with the pins and bushes.

Early hinge on right


Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 9.22.41 am.png


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