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Rev's new Zed


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Well as many of you know I've been looking to jump back into a Zed for awhile, however my budget has been somewhat smaller these days.  Well, today was my day!  Just closed the deal on a 1970 240z (#287) , matching numbers with original books, 2 owner rust free Canberra car.  Huge shout out to Chris240 for all of his effort in helping to secure this ride, not only did he check it over for me but went the extra mile and helped with transport and liaising on my behalf, you're a champ Chris.  Not sure what the plans are yet, but being such an original matching numbers car it won't have flares!  Stay tuned for build updates!











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Yep, I wanted to buy this, saw it within 10 mins of it being posted and  being just up the road, i called the seller within 30 seconds had a long chat, then I tried  to negoatiate and plead with my missus, but unfortunately I didnt succeed  ::), nevertheless  2nd best option was to post the link up for the guys here.. Luckily Dave got in first and the buyer was excellent to deal with....he was mauled by offers from interstate and he showed me the gazillion silly text messages he received in 1/2 a day.

The body on this thing is superb. The pics dont do it justice.

Oh yeah , the centre console is mint !

Im uber jealous.

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Got a quote today for $650 as a non runner from Canberra to Melbourne - This guy comes highly recommended so I'll keep everyone up to speed on how well this all happens.  He specialises in classics and is fully insured.  He beat the rest of the quotes by $300! - should be here in about a week! :D

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Have a guy actually picking it up for me - should be in my garage by 4pm


Fantastic, bet today will seem like the longest day, well until 4:00pm at least  :)

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It has arrived - and it is in unbelievable condition - couldn't be more pleased!  45 years old and the undercarriage looks like new!  Chris240 - Thanks again and big shout out to Victa from https://www.facebook.com/UmbrellaTowing - kept his delivery promise and beat the opposition by over $300 - I would highly recommend his services.





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