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Safari Brown... I mean Gold - The NSW Project


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So as some of you may have noticed in the eBay thread.


I bought Lurch's sister car #150 on eBay.


First plan is to transport her from S.A to NSW. So my question to the group is does anyone know a good freight company and approx what it should cost?


The next plan will be to find out why she's not running, I suspect the old L28 will still have good compression and probably just needs a tune, new plugs, new fuel and fluid changes etc.. I am anxious to see how rusty she is also. It's going to be a good chance to learn how to weld and repair rust. I'll start with more conspicuous places first if possible and work my way up to the harder stuff. I've been inspired watching other members here build their cars over the years and I'll definitely need some advice, guidance and probably a good shot of motivation to dig in.


I don't care about the paint at this stage, in fact I'm thinking it might work to my advantage. I might try and go for that rat rod / old race car look. Throw some racing numbers on it and maybe a few other quirky bits and pieces to make it look like it's had a hard life at the track in other words being properly used and abused.


The other reason I bought it is that I wanted to get more involved with the Sydney / NSW Z fraternity. So I am hoping to get her on the road at some point in the not too distant future. I was always a bit nervous about letting my partner drive the current 240z I have, so now that I've got another hopefully I can relax and let her drive 1 of them. She still needs to learn manual though.


A few months ago I saw this 240z for sale in NZ.



You'll note it went to Malaysia probably a collector. I can't recall what it was exactly listed for, but I think 27,000 NZD?


I've always wanted an early build 240z with the vents in the rear hatch, the 240z C pillar emblems the hand throttle and all those other quirky bits that make the early cars just a bit more special.


Eventually I'd love to build a proper looking Safari Gold 240z.











It's not a #'s matching car - any ideas on how to track down where the L24 might have went? I guess probably next to impossible to find now, but who knows it could be running around in a 240c or something?


I am thinking of building a replica of a 432 - but without the S20 of course (don't think I'll be able to ever get 1 of those I'm afraid). So yes the plan is to stay Safari Gold (aka Baby Sh%& Yellow as my friends mum used to call it). They had a Toyota Crown in a similar hue.












It just oozes 70s cool in this shade. I think a pair of U0175 Datsun bucket race seats in it would top it off too!


I took a bit of a punt on this car, I didn't see it in person, but from the photos it looks remarkably complete. In my opinion a complete car is the best to start any form of restoration work from. Will keep you guys updated when it arrives in NSW.


In the interim if anyone can lend a hand, recommend a company or has ideas on the best way to get it freighted over to my place in NSW let me know? The current seller is willing to drop it at a freight company free of charge, which is super nice of him/her.

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Congrats Gav.


When it gets to Sydney give me a yell, would love to come and help her get running again, have just done this with my L28, it hadn't run since about Y2K, and now purrs like a kitten.


Trying to find the old engine is likely to all but impossible, maybe start with a WTB thread L24 XXXXXX - you never know, stranger things have happened.


If you get stuck with transport, maybe a road trip ? I have a towcar, could one of the SA members be bribed to bring it half way  8)






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Congrats Gav! Well done on the purchase. Really looking forward to your thread and I'm in the same boat- just bought a silver 240z and the paint work is less than desirable but the mechanics and L28 are A1 and more and I'm looking at doing a vintage style racer like the "dare to be different" 240z video on YouTube.


Best of luck mate and enjoy!




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The sunroof will stay for now. I'll take care of the structural stuff first. Unless the roof leaks badly. Hopefully not though.


I'm sure a 2 seater roof will show up at some stage. By that time I might even be a competent welder?


Sunroof's so easy to install, so difficult to remove.


Just going through the garage here at my parents place in Melbourne. I've gotta clear out a bunch of Z parts I've collected but I've got plenty of spares here too..


As for inspiration, yeah I love that video. But this 1 here I keep watching over and over.


and this still makes me happy every time I see it.


Dimitri also took me out for a spin in his 240z and let her rip and man the sounds out of that thing were unreal.  I'm not sure what was louder the induction or the exhaust.

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Well done Gav.


That one that was for sale here in NZ was around $27,000 IIRC - no one in NZ purchased it as if you look closely there are signs of a cover up of a rusty car in places - the slam panel has a funny looking repair - bog might be hiding lots of rust etc. So as much as it was nice looking car it was very high end of the NZ price market....but not as high as the track car which I have sister car that I now own.




This car is a 240z  - my car which was built but the same fabricator for the same owner but as a targa car of the same setup - cage very sim, both RB30DE powered etc. However I am running the car as a classic track car so the modern stuff has been removed and moved on.


Anyway well done Gav


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Congrats Gav,


Going to be great to have another 240z in Sydney. From

Memory i just googled a car transport company to get my car delivered from

Adelaide at a cost of about $600 from memory.


If you need any help at all, just shout.





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Could this be your lucky day Gav?




You had me wondering...




It looks like I'm in need of L24-015253 ? I can't make out the numbers from the photo.


The 1 on eBay is L24-039269


I would have lost my mind if it was the engine for this car haha.

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The sunroof will stay for now. I'll take care of the structural stuff first. Unless the roof leaks badly. Hopefully not though.



It doesn't quite work like that.


You pull something off, just to look at what needs to be done. Then you see something else which you could easily fix so you take that off and lo and behold you see something that looks interesting... need I go on.


Give me a call when you want the rotisserie!


By the way you can knock up a roof patch at TAFE inside an hour! Don't be concerned about using a patch and bog as you can never shape a roof that won't need bog (unless you are Ledge).


PS. How about downsizing the photos for us IT illiterates still using an 8086, etc.

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I just checked all my L24 blocks Gav - no luck :(


I'd be calling Lindsey @ Zshop & ask what he knows about the car.


Just how many L24 blocks do you have? I might give them a call and see what history they know of it.


Only thing you could do with finding the motor gav would be to backtrack through PO's to see if anyone knows anything.... or....... break out the dremel ;)


Yeah if I can find out a bit of history I'll do that. Dremel lol.. it's tempting but couldn't do that. Next best thing is to find another L24 and slot it in. But stranger things have happened maybe someday I'll find the original motor?

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Very pumped for you Gav! well done.


As you say the "patina" may work for you.


The more I see 920 cars the more I'm glad I stayed with this for my car.


Due to my M fetish I'm familiar with the car on Bimmerforums, his E39/LS Wagon is a killer as well http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1904279-E39-touring-LS-swap-project.


Good luck with it.

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Good luck with the car Gav, would love to come and check it out as well. So long as there as no rust around the sunroof, easier to leave it. If it leaks or any rust, bye bye sunroof!


If St.George don't run panelbeating it is being run at St.Leonards too - however both courses rely on numbers so we will see what happens next year. Good that there are a few zed people in Sydney building up the skills.


You could ask the ebay guy the engine number - never know your luck. Try the PO as well as he may know what happened to it. Def worth getting if it turns up!



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@KatoKid - That guy and his father are absolute Z-car maniacs and true automotive enthusiasts. Safari Gold has definitely grown on me over the years. You really have to see it in new condition to appreciate it. The faded look isn't all that flattering for sure.


@Mick - I'm sorry you missed out, but you already have 2. I'm sure I'll be asking for advice from experts like you when it comes to body work though. I really like your lime 240z. I have to say part of me would like to paint this car that colour but I'm not sure I could do it. Even if she's not numbers matching original. We will see though.


@Evan - those mirrors are a pet hate (but it only has 1) in what appears to be the stock location. Although I'm pretty sure this car was originally delivered with fender mirrors. The fenders look like non originals because they have the indicators in them and I don't think AU delivered S30's had them until the 260z.


You have clearly picked a wife with good taste, my partner said she didn't like the colour when I first sent her the eBay listing. I then sent her the pics I used in this thread and the bimmer forum restoration thread and she has taken a liking to it. It's been a few years since I last saw Dale's car, would love to see it again.


@Brabham - Yeah I hope it's not a leaking sunroof that way I can tackle it when I'm ready. As opposed to right away. Here's hoping we get numbers for the TAFE course. I will need to chat with the seller and Zshop to Lindsay Drife to see where the old L24 might have gone. Slim chances but you never know right? Also 1 of the rego stickers is for Oakleigh which is near where I lived in Victoria (parents are in Caulfield) so it was a car that looks like it spent time in my neck of the woods last time it was in use. Who knows maybe Rob at Zfactory knows the car etc..? It wold be funny to try tracking down the original owners.


Well I paid the seller today, so now about $5k lighter but looking forward to seeing it when it shows up in Sydney. The neighbors are going to think I'm crazy. They've already been checking out the RX-7. 1 of them came around when his son's ball went over the fence and we were talking about the RX-7 and he mentioned it's very quiet for a rotary. I told him it's all standard exhaust wise because I didn't want it to annoy the neighbors etc..  He said he loves cars and didn't mind. So hopefully he'll be cool with all the noises that are going to come out of the garage ;). It's a welcome change from my old place (parents) where the neighbors always complained.






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Lindsay from Zshop was nice enough to forward these photos of HS30 00150


Check out that original Hitachi radio.



Drivers Door Card Looks Flogged.



Battery Tray Is Not Rusted Out.



Floors are rotten.



Typical spots really.



Passenger Door Card looks clean.



and finally the eBay listing photos - because at some point the listing will be removed for good and we won't be able to see these photos anymore.











I'm told it appears that it's never had any major accident damage also. So pretty straight, just those areas of rust to really take care of.

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Yeah that's right mate, note also the front fenders have indicators in them. I don't think 240z's released in AU had those. Perhaps 73 only but not before. It wasn't until we got the 260z that they put the indicators in there.


I'd guess that someone didn't like the fender mirrors and decided to move it to the door. Note it's only on drivers side.


It's also possible the original front wings rotted out at some point hence they were replaced.

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