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  1. Just some specs I found of the Engine Build. Stroked Datsun L28 engine - L3.098, CR 9.5:1 - Miltons Motorsport built bottom end (cost $4900 to build) , F54 280zx block, scalloped nitrided polished dowelled LD28 crank($2500), Kameari 89.5mm flattop pistons($1600), polished/modified L24 conrods, ARP bolts , ACL RACE bearings - ex-BRE SCCA N42 head with Nissan Motorsports red cam ( have been told that it is 80deg), freshened up with 5 angle valve grind for better flow, new seals and uprated 8000rpm Kameari valve springs - Nissan Motorsports high volume sump and Tomei gasket
  2. Gav got hold of Josel, he gave me a link to this. https://www.racetep.com/zcar-tpgtuning.html
  3. Oh yes Lachlan, correction 3.096L thanks for the pick-up on my Slystexia. I am actually looking for some thoughts from you guys on ideal induction. let us call it, 3.1L. Most likely use Haltech Elite.
  4. Gav, Thanks for that information, looking at more Fuel Injection. Brent, Yes looked at the Heritage, they are limited in fuel injector choice, especially for my engine capicity. Greg, The EP Performance look interesting, had experience with them? Lampy, 3.096 Stroker, uses a LD28 crank from a diesel, 48mm to 50mm I think will be adequate, Just size the injectors right. Lurch, Just eating popcorn? surely you would have some advice?
  5. I am looking for some ITB's for my L3.096 Stroker. What looks to be available on the market at the moment is. JENVEY https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-body-kits/nissan/nissan-datsun-cknn03-1 EFI HARDWARE https://www.efihardware.com/products/2005/Nissan-L-series-6-cyl-pro-series-tapered-bore-kit-with-high-performance-Japanese-manifold-45mm OER http://www.otomoto.com.au/p/7830659/oer-itb-kit-for-l6.html Has anyone had any experience with these?
  6. What radiators are you blokes running in your RB25 conversions. Pictures would be appreciated, along with prices and location of where you purchased it from. Also any modifications you had to make to radiator mount or radiator to fit your particular radiator. Cheers Hunter
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  8. From the album: Yellow 240Z overhaul for trip back to Tassie

    This was used because the mechanical fuel pump would not work. The is no cam lobe to activate the mechanical fuel pump on a L28 N42 head. Something I did not know before this build.
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