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  1. Just some specs I found of the Engine Build. Stroked Datsun L28 engine - L3.098, CR 9.5:1 - Miltons Motorsport built bottom end (cost $4900 to build) , F54 280zx block, scalloped nitrided polished dowelled LD28 crank($2500), Kameari 89.5mm flattop pistons($1600), polished/modified L24 conrods, ARP bolts , ACL RACE bearings - ex-BRE SCCA N42 head with Nissan Motorsports red cam ( have been told that it is 80deg), freshened up with 5 angle valve grind for better flow, new seals and uprated 8000rpm Kameari valve springs - Nissan Motorsports high volume sump and Tomei gasket - Lightweight waterpump pulley and polished covers - New Eagle 9mm leads - New Mallory electronic dizzy with Mallory adjustable rev ignition and coil - New chain, sprockets, guides - Cometic metal head gasket
  2. Gav got hold of Josel, he gave me a link to this. https://www.racetep.com/zcar-tpgtuning.html
  3. Oh yes Lachlan, correction 3.096L thanks for the pick-up on my Slystexia. I am actually looking for some thoughts from you guys on ideal induction. let us call it, 3.1L. Most likely use Haltech Elite.
  4. Gav, Thanks for that information, looking at more Fuel Injection. Brent, Yes looked at the Heritage, they are limited in fuel injector choice, especially for my engine capicity. Greg, The EP Performance look interesting, had experience with them? Lampy, 3.096 Stroker, uses a LD28 crank from a diesel, 48mm to 50mm I think will be adequate, Just size the injectors right. Lurch, Just eating popcorn? surely you would have some advice?
  5. I am looking for some ITB's for my L3.096 Stroker. What looks to be available on the market at the moment is. JENVEY https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-body-kits/nissan/nissan-datsun-cknn03-1 EFI HARDWARE https://www.efihardware.com/products/2005/Nissan-L-series-6-cyl-pro-series-tapered-bore-kit-with-high-performance-Japanese-manifold-45mm OER http://www.otomoto.com.au/p/7830659/oer-itb-kit-for-l6.html Has anyone had any experience with these?
  6. http://www.classicdatsun.com/new/panels.html240Z but may fit a 2 seater.
  7. Found this site while browsing. http://woodworkerb.com/home/datsun-240z-rebuild/
  8. New one to me, thanks for sharing.
  9. Hunter

    Rear Demister

  10. Hunter

    Rear Demister

    http://www.frostfighter.com/index.htmI have looked at these defrosters, the kits come in many different sizes and could be customised to match the original defroster. They also do repair kits.
  11. I am the third owner of this 2+2 and it has chrome trims on the wheel arches. Maybe a dealer option. I also have a parcel shelf in the footwell of the passenger side in my 71 240z
  12. Mate I need a rear suspension strut top and a front LHS strut assembly. I would be interested in purchasing the package to get those parts.
  13. Did anyone here end up with the kit?
  14. I am interested int the RB26 Plenum and ITB's
  15. Stunning car Rev, personally I would not give up a zed for humanitarian causes, I would find another way. You can not put a price on life.
  16. Well passed inspection... Next job is to register and drive the 16 year old to her leavers dinner. The it will be back in the shed for an underbody and under hood spray. Along with powdercoated suspension components.
  17. By the way this is a screenshot of the move "Wangan Midnight" Notice how it is a 2+2 when he finds it in a junkyard? Then the rest of the movie it is a 2 seater... They probably could not bring themselves to destroy a 2 seater in the movie either.
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