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What you would like your Z to look like?


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For those that like rare pieces of engineering - some of my fav engine pic's




For those that want to see more (including the build) visit this site :) http://www.tomitaku.com/works/tc24/index.html


I could post lots different Zed's but I will keep it down to just this one car - I think it looks the business.


Click on these thumbnails for large pics :)








And for those that like the S20 powered cars here is some images from the Nismo Festival 2005


Some race action :) Including the 380 race car powered with the GR8 Prince engine (what the S20 engine was built on) But I still love the OS Giken TC24-B1 above too :)



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I had seen the OS giken twin cams as L16' date=' like at Tokyo auto salon last year (in a 510). but did not know there was a 6 made too....mmm, i have research to do.[/quote']


I will save you sometime - there were two batches of these head TC24-B1 done - the first 10 were better, with the later batch using cheaper grade alloy so most of these have been damaged ie bent, cracked etc. Of the first 10 I believe there is only 3 good ones left - so I assume this is one of them. So you won't find one and if you do - sell your house if the owner will part with it.

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I really don't like 240hoke's Z myself. ZG flares look haphazard and are overdone. Not to mention the grill, the black bonnet, the red centres in the wheels, the rubbish brakes, the unducted brake ducts in the front bar, the front splitter that looks like it couldn't support a peanut.


Not meant to flame anyone, just my personal preference.



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just wondering if any 1 has the same prob as me i cant see the site in english can some 1 help


You can also use the translation feature of Google.com, go to Language Tools and you can past in the web address and the page is translated.




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there is someone trying with 2 ka24 (?) heads or something, welding them together.....but think that a dead end.


I'm in the process of writing an enquiry to OS-Giken about them.

hoping to at least get some info, but uni has slowed down the letter writing.



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Hi guys, I don't want to ruin your day but I think you may be hoping for the impossible. After reading many discussions on classiczcars.com and comments especially by member Alan Thomas (a 240zg owner) going by the alias HS30-H. Apparently he has spoken to OS Giken about the possibility of remaking the TC-24 head.


From what he says the old wooden templates they used to mould the head became warped and useless and any attempt to build the heads again would require alot of investment $$$ from OS Giken. It is apparently not profitable for them to attempt this again since the original kit comprised of many parts including new pistons, harmonic balancer, timing assembly and the like.


It really was just the L-series block in use and crank + rods. If you are really keen on the idea of a twin cam 6 well I'm sure you know the RB series is probably the best option.


I'm sorry if this bursts your bubble, however many have thought along the lines you are and have reached the same dead end. By all means write them a letter, the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone. I'd love to see a twin cam L-series in a Z.


For more details search classiczcars.com







Good luck!

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I saw your red Zed the other day and was blown away.


I wouldn't go red though, I'd go a silvery gunmetal grey. I saw it photoshopped on another site tonight but cant remember where.


As for the engine, I've always wanted a mild 260hybridz v8.






81 280zx (currently off the road)

wannabe 240/260z owner (SWMBO says no :cry: due to financial crisis)

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Yeah, that blue 240z above is the same one that belonged to that dude who totalled his Z in a tunnel with some other Zs (including a Z33). The video was getting around the net a while ago, though I can't seem to find it now.


But yeah, considering how young he is, he's either got a ridiculously good allowance (damn these rich kids), or he's working about 18 part time jobs outside of school hours. Even including the fact that he did most of the work himself!


Really is a very amazing job, though. Without being able to see the paint up close (he reports it himself as being good but very far from perfect), I'd have to say this is the best s30z I've ever seen. The wheels, the colour choice, the quality of the chrome and the badging. So very nice. The only thing I wouldn't have done is the CF hood, and that's about it.

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