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Brake Booster Upgrade: Matdat


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Hi All,


I'm looking into replacing my brake booster as my current one seems to have a leak.


I've trolled through various threads regarding R33 GTS-T brake booster upgrade, but according to the thread below, you will have to drill the firewall to fit it in correctly.




Which got me looking after off-the-shelf products.


Has anyone used the below brake booster from MatDat?




Is it the direct bolt on?






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The Maddat one looks like it's off a B310 Sunny, so it's unlikely it will fit.


If you take your old booster into your local Bursons Auto Parts - they can send it off to be rebuilt.

Will cost less than the Maddat item too...


I'm not sure if the picture is a generic pic or not.

But thanks for the info regarding Bursons... didn't know that they offer this service.

So might take your advice and take it in to be rebuilt :)


Just been to the local brake place myself, they were able to source a slightly bigger ID master cylinder for the Z31, perhaps there is a later more compact booster that will fit yours. No harm asking, 


Yes, definitely will follow through with this option as well if the above won't work.

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Does anyone know what Hilux the booster they used came from?

They were rather vague about that in the video. Which is quite a change from how the show started. In the early days they would have had great detail about things like that.
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The guys from MCM are fitting a brake booster from a Hilux (@2:18) :



I questioned this as well on their YouTube video, lets see if they reply back.

On another video, they mentioned its a Hiace brake booster...  :o

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Good luck Cruzer. Hope you get an answer. I've tried on YouTube and Instagram.


Everybody spam their social media sites with the same question...force a response... Lol


lol like your thinking.... n it worth a shot  :)

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I've been doing a little more looking around on what model Hilux this may have been from and found the following pages.



These actually have detailed info on the dimensions of the bolts and spacings.  I'm an S130 guy and have checked the bolt spacing of these two boosters lines up with a standard 280zx booster (not sure if this means it will work for s30s).  The only thing for anyone wanting to use one of these on an s130 is the stock booster has a 35mm spacer.  So looking at the two linked boosters, you'd need to use the one with the longer bolts.

Hope that helps someone.

I'm planning to try to make an adaptor plate to use a twin diaphragm 'GM' booster and a Wilwood 1" master so that way there is flexibility in sizing and hopefully will make rebuilds or future replacements easy... If that works I'll start up another thread with the detail.

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Sa power brakes on north east road are ace for rebuilds, mick marrot did a vid on the booster/master upgrade to his blur 260z was super easy

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