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  1. Down to $75 for any 280zx owners out there looking to drop a little weight
  2. I'm not sure who originally manufactured this bonnet as I bought it off eBay a few years ago. It was a hit rough when I got it, but I've since removed the hood pins and patched the holes (can see the hole on the underside as shown in the pics) and a few dings. It's been sanded mostly flat to prep for paint, but as you can see from the pics isn't all the way there. Its not perfect and wouldn't go on a show car, but with a bit more work could be made to look nice, or use it as is with a coat of paint on a more tack/race oriented car. I've also reinforced the hood catch and the two threaded inserts for the bonnet catch, and these should probably be sanded smooth before using. I weighed the stock bonnet at about 19kg and this one is about 13kg, so offers a decent weight saving. Pickup from Kensington, NSW, Sydney. I think $150 would be a fair price for it?
  3. I've been keeping these front hubs and rotors as spares, but it's unlikely I'll ever use them again as I now have s13 coilovers and hubs installed. The bearings are still in there but I would recommend replacing them due to the hubs sitting around. Asking $100 and pickup from Kensington, Sydney. Could also post them if anyone interstate is after then.
  4. Hey, does anyone know where you can get replacement rear subframe (subframe to the body) bushes for a 280zx? I know you can get stock rubber replacements, but I'm looking for something polyurethane or similar. Have searched and only found people talking about cutting down z31 bushes. Mine are most likely the original ones, and after a track day the other day you can feel the rear squirming around. I now have the front end well sorted with adjustable arms and s13 coilovers so it's time for the rear to get some attention!
  5. Just relised I put the same link twice. Here is the other one. https://ehautolink.com/products/Brake-Booster-For-Toyota-Hilux-LN166-LN190-Single-(-44610-3D770-)/90
  6. I've been doing a little more looking around on what model Hilux this may have been from and found the following pages. https://ehautolink.com/products/Brake-Booster-For-Toyota-Hilux-LN106-YN85-(44610-3D130---44610-3D091)/1435 https://ehautolink.com/products/Brake-Booster-For-Toyota-Hilux-LN106-YN85-(44610-3D130---44610-3D091)/1435 These actually have detailed info on the dimensions of the bolts and spacings. I'm an S130 guy and have checked the bolt spacing of these two boosters lines up with a standard 280zx booster (not sure if this means it will work for s30s). The only thing for anyone wanting to use one of these on an s130 is the stock booster has a 35mm spacer. So looking at the two linked boosters, you'd need to use the one with the longer bolts. Hope that helps someone. I'm planning to try to make an adaptor plate to use a twin diaphragm 'GM' booster and a Wilwood 1" master so that way there is flexibility in sizing and hopefully will make rebuilds or future replacements easy... If that works I'll start up another thread with the detail.
  7. Does anyone know what Hilux the booster they used came from?
  8. I'm looking for a pair of 280zx front fenders. Colour doesn't matter and something in reasonable condition (a couple of dings or small amount of rust ok). Located in Sydney.
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