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  1. As I have said, you need a S13/S14 Silvia gearbox. And R31/R32 Skyline box will be too short (50mm too short).
  2. For sale: New clutch and brake hose set: $180 New Late model gearbox cross member bushes: $40 Can post at buyers expense. PM me if you want them.
  3. It's only got two outlets...
  4. I'm concentrating on the fuel system at the moment as some customization is required, due to the triplets. On the engine dyno, Les Collins ran the fuel in from the rear of the engine, but because the factory fuel hard lines are being used I need to run the fuel lines in from the front. Les was against this idea due to heat soak from the radiator causing vapor lock and wanted me to run the fuel across the back of the firewall or across the top of the radiator support panel. I understand Les's concern, but both options are unsightly and difficult to implement neatly. Now I could just us
  5. So the wiring harness caused Jon and I some consternation - when I got the wiring loom out to install it into the freshly painted body it struck me that this was probably unwise to put a 48yo wiring harness back into an effectively new car... I spoke with Jon and he agreed that something should be done about it, so I called Vintage Wiring Harness's to enquire about a new loom. I was rather taken aback when I was told it was a 6 month wait for a new loom! But upon reflection, this is not out of the ordinary for the restoration industry at the moment. After informing Jon of this he rang
  6. They aren't rubber - they are suppose to be hard plastic with molded in rubber ends
  7. C.A.F.

    Whats missing

    Tape. They covered the holes from factory in Australian delivered Zeds (possibly all RHD export HS30's). They are the mounting holes for a electric fuel pump bracket.
  8. WHY did you cut the wires!?!?!
  9. Oh yeah, this thing won an award at the Nissan Datsun Nationals at Easter.
  10. I used to promote rear disc conversions, but I've learnt a bit in the last few years... If you use the R31 caliper and disc setup 'as is', you actually have LESS braking performance than the drums. COD goes way down... Also the handbrake is more or less useless in the conversion. If you really want rear discs and run 15in wheels, Les Collins has custom CNC steel adaptor brackets on the shelf - to run R31 calipers on larger NA Z31 rear rotors - and this setup clocks the caliper at 5deg rearward to make the caliper easy to bleed. Also included are remade handbrake cables to make e
  11. Alan is correct - your Z would have been fitted with the '71A' box from the factory. Hence the interesting mod to the tail-shaft you have discovered, and the leaver hitting the front of the tunnel. I have to disagree slightly with Alan on the 71A units, as they are quite a bit slower in shifting and less accurate in action then a B or C box. Also the cost to rebuild the 'Monkey Motion' shift mechanism to an acceptable standard is eyewatering - nearly $1000 to make it serviceable. Not only that, the bulk-ring synchro's are expensive to buy and they are not fast to engage (compared t
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