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  1. That damage can easily be fixed. Why did you part it out?!
  2. C.A.F.

    Drilled camshafts.

    Barley... With little to no oil pressure to the cam lobes, I wouldn't be running the engine for long. BTW, the spray bar should not be used - the block-up easily and have a tendency to crack.
  3. C.A.F.

    Drilled camshafts.

    To clarify the test in bold above: there is NO gallery plug in the back of the internally oiled camshaft? If it is indeed not there, that is NOT CORRECT - your camshaft and rockers (actually finger followers) will run dry due to lack of oil pressure coming from the camshaft oil gallery holes. The plug is available from Nissan. And I suggest you sack your engine builder...
  4. There is already a thread for this event: https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/17578-challenge-bathurst-2019-celebrating-the-50th-anniversary-of-the-240z/
  5. Did any Z people go to this? My new clutch arrived last week, but there wasn't enough time to get it all installed
  6. C.A.F.

    Manual Transmission+

    Call Stewart at SWMotorsport out at Mulgrave: http://www.swmotorsport.com.au/contact_us.php - he'll sort you out.
  7. Just noticed it then - very slow to add the post.
  8. HS30's came with the little metal guard on the top the Radiator. Later RS30's (with and without air-con) came with the full plastic shroud. Ol mate on Gumtree is confused.
  9. I have seen another couple of S30 chassis cars missing the chassis number on the firewall - no idea why this is, though. The V number stamped into the strut tower is a Police issue chassis number why would have been stamped to identify the vehicle - and that would go towards explaining the missing factory chassis number.
  10. Sort pair go in the front. Longer pair go in the rear.
  11. It's great to have you on board, Derro -Locky
  12. That's a late model reverse gear lock-out.
  13. 280ZX or Bluebird - aka a wide ratio gearbox. Vertical gearbox crossmember, so if it's come out of an early Z, the gearstick will hit the front of the tunnel. Although it looks like it's been apart and has an early bellhousing, so I'd be splitting it to see exactly what it is...
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