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  1. If I ever see this in the flesh, I shall rub my crotch on it. It's THAT GOOD.
  2. Just check it before you drive it - it's not difficult. Is it using water?
  3. I wouldn't bother Robbie. Just use a non-return rad cap, and check the coolant level before you drive it.
  4. Email Les Collins or Stew Wilkins - they'll probably have one kicking around to give you Dave.
  5. Congrats NSW enthusiasts! It's been a great scheme down here in Vic
  6. So after a conversation with Les Collins in which I expressed my displeasure of parts not up to the task and wanting a proper fix once & for all, a new clutch assembly was ordered from Jim Berry of "Race Clutch" in QLD. Jim can be a right PITA to deal with, but he's forgotten more about clutch's than anyone will ever know. However there was a problem: the new clutch won't fit the lightweight flywheel I had. The new clutch is MUCH smaller, MUCH narrower and requires an offset AND a receiver step in the flywheel to bolt to. My old flywheel couldn't be machined (not thick enough), so this meant that a new one had to be made... Two months(!) and many hundreds of dollars later, Les had this work of art ready for me. It's a once piece steel flywheel (4140) weighting in at 5.66kg - it can be lifted with one finger! The clutch assembly is equally ridiculous - it come in at just 3.85kg It's a 200mm assembly, billet aluminium pressure pressure plate rated to 2500lbs clamping force, along with a 4 paddle unsprung ceramic driven plate. Les assures me it won't be 'too' vicious... Cost - I'm now living on 2-minute noodles
  7. You can install a 260 wiper in a 240, but if you just plug it straight in you only get one speed. Unless you do what nat0 has done above.
  8. C.A.F.

    Cork Gasket glue

  9. I'll be there in Gav's noisemaker...
  10. You question is a bit "How long is a piece of string", Adam. And it depends on what your expectations are... The big $ is in the cylinder head - if you want performance that's where the bulk of the $ go. If you are aiming for under 250hp (flywheel), then a standard bottom end is fine. Have a read of this thread if you haven't already - it cost the owner, all in with a new Scorcher Dizzy ,$6,000
  11. 260Z 2-seater tail lights are different to 2+2 - I'm not 100% sure they fit...
  12. At this stage I intend to attend.
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