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  1. No reason you can't share them here
  2. ...well not quite, but he may as well be. Yesterday, around midday, Gavin and Maria welcomed Gav Jnr. into the world weighting in at 3.73kg / 8.22lbs and 50cm long (Nort Bhad. Good Size). I'm sure you will all join me in congratulating Gav and Maria, and hopefully we'll see him again in around 16-18 years...
  3. Oooooof... That cam has more lift than I was expecting!
  4. They've both been apart - 2 very obviously has - so they could be anything. Step 1: Put each into 1st gear, and count the rotations: 2.9 is 260Z Close Ratio. 3.3 is Wide Ratio. Step 2: Remove the belhousings and take a photo of the internals side on - I'll then be able to tell you more accurately what you have.
  5. I figured its about time I assembled my freshly refurbished 44s back together...
  6. Ask Stewart at SW Motorsport who he recommends.
  7. So you knew what direction it went and you've now caught it?
  8. Carter Rotary Vane pump - no need for a FPR: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Carter-Universal-Rotary-Vane-Electric-Fuel-Pump-P4070-12V-72-GPH-4-TO-5-3-4-PSI/302085863555?epid=9028927065&hash=item4655b87883:g:o48AAOSwL-9ccHAC&frcectupt=true
  9. Do you know in what direction it went?
  10. I'd have that pulled straight in a few hours...
  11. I got a bit carried away with the gloss black... Semigloss would have been more appropriate, but at least they'll stand out...!
  12. I can help you transform it into what you want now - you just have to ask
  13. Wait till you see the suspension components and fuel tank...
  14. They are. Bumpers... Not so much...
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