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  1. ShipTo is quite popular. When I need to, I have any account with ComGateway
  2. With the RH side completed I turned my attention to the LH side of the plenum: So I fabricated a repair section, cannibalized the duct fitting from the old panel, then prepped and welded it to the new panel.
  3. And when are you going to buy said Z?
  4. I decided to remove the plate inside the plenum that reinforces the pedal box mounts on the inside - no exactly easy to get at, but I eventually got it removed: Tasty... I wire brushed the area, then I make a repair patch to follow the curves, cut the rusted section out and welded in the new piece into place.
  5. The floors pans in the 260Z had unpleasant ventilation holes and they were generally a bit beaten around. They really needed to be replaced, but replacement pans for a later RS30 were not available - until KFVintage came to the rescue again with hand made floors and rails becoming available just in time. Graeme made a jig to hold the seat rails in position, then had the laborious task of unpicking them from the floors. They were welded in so thoroughly that each side to many hours to cleanly remove. After waiting for the replacement floor pans and rails to be made and sent, they arrived after a few weeks and Graeme set about cutting out the LH floor.
  6. BIIIIIIIIIG No No! Aluminum alloy wheels are pressure cast & heat treated at the centres. Aluminum welding softens the material and makes it more prone to cracking and failing. It's actually safer to modify the stub axle flanges...
  7. I cant remember what they are made from, but I know of two people who have successfully welded material onto the flanges to re-drill the PCD.
  8. It's been over a month, but we haven't been idle with Evans 260Z... Graeme has repaired the LH side of the taillight panel: And he also cut off the doglegs and found the ends of the LH sill behind remarkably sound: The RH fared a little worse though but its nothing we cant fix. But that amount of fibre filler in front of the dogleg panel in the sill was a little strange - why was it there? I didn't spot it, but Graeme did: On close inspection the 260Z had been in a serious accident early in it's life and the whole RH rear quarter panel had been replaced! Its been done so well, only a couple of clues give it away. This explains the sill, but why they decided to fill the sill instead of pull the dent out is anyone guess - although I suspect the repair quote didn't leave enough $ to effect a proper repair.
  9. Enjoy removing the entire dashboard to change the clock
  10. With the plenum to panel sides repaired... I tapped it with a hammer and the panel came off: And this is the reason I removed it - I needed access to repair this: Onwards........
  11. Watch this space... I'll just be sealing it with regular seam sealer, Nock. You seam to be having the same issue as Nock above... Are you two related?
  12. I think floors and rails are the least of your worries... FWIW I manufacture and sell engine bay chassis (frame) rails - $660 pair.
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