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  1. C.A.F.

    260 front

    Or you could strip it to a bare shell and send it to me to repair...
  2. ARB's are for fine tuning of suspension - once everything else is developed. From what you've described Greg, I suggest that in-cabin adjustable ARB's are the last thing you should be thinking about...
  3. C.A.F.

    240z aircon

    260Z air conditioning system won't fit into a 240Z without considerable work - you'd have to use a 260Z dash, evaporator assembly and wiring loom. An easier option would be: https://www.retrospares.com.au/vintage-air-mini-slimline-under-dash-system-cool-o
  4. Yes you can use panel bond. IMHO you should apply a 2part epoxy primer on the surfaces first.
  5. Yes Alan - car is a factory Manual.
  6. There's no need to change the rear chapman struts. Change to an R200 & fit 260Z 27spline stub axles and companion flanges. If you need stronger, contact SW Motorsport or Maddat - they have stronger options again.
  7. Thanks Roger - reply incoming. What happened to you Richard? We didn't see you or the new Z there? We did however see you were nominated for a 1:59.9 lap time
  8. https://www.facebook.com/LachlanJFowler/videos/1545731502244885/
  9. I had a mixed Sunday battling and ignition issue which turned out to be a faulty coil pack, and my fuelling issue entering the chase cause the car to stumble all the way down to Murray's. In the end I put the car on the trailer after 2 laps in the final session. however it was a great event and a huge thanks must go to the challenge Bathurst team, the officials, and Dave Robertson for all his hard work!
  10. unfortunately Gordon misjudged Rogers breaking point and ran into the back of him. Disappointing for both parties☹️ The damage to Gordon's that put him out of the event.
  11. I've had ignition issues that was finally traced to a faulty coil. Hopefully all fixed for this final session!
  12. Haven't you got a bingo game to go to?
  13. First session done - I ended up with fuel surge The tracks amazing and wider than I've been lead to believe. I'm having a ball. Next session today is at 2pm
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