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  1. Do you know in what direction it went?
  2. That's a bump stop Robbie.. Regardless there isn't enough bump travel there. To fix that isn't a small job - gimme a call and I'll discus options with you.
  3. You need at LEAST 100mm of bump travel at ride height Robbie.
  4. Contact Ashley @ Moorabbin Auto Spares. He had a set last time I was there.
  5. Bead Roller. I suggest you only replace the sections that ACTUALLY need rust repairs - making a whole late Z floor pan is a HUGE job...
  6. I'm out too - dealing with some flooding...
  7. All the info you need is right here:
  8. You cant move the whole rail down, as it wont line up to the skirt. They have to fit into the radiator support panel, so if you have to modify them by inducing a taper, then do so.
  9. I just have to pay the renewal on Gav's Z...
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