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  1. You should have seen what the painter looked like afterwards!
  2. Finally got colour on in the cabin!
  3. First dry rub is underway!
  4. C.A.F.

    Rear valance

    Hit it with a (really) big hammer.
  5. The Nissan Part number is staring you in the face...
  6. A member of this forum is building a Z with a CS kit. Was expensive once customs duty & GST was added. AND it needs reworking in a couple of sections. Wild looking kit though...
  7. C.A.F.

    Crack in paint

    There's a weld and lead-loaded joint there - it's cracked because the body has flexed. If you don't want to repaint it for the moment, dribble some superglue into the crack. That'll seal it until you are ready to repaint.
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone ☺️ One thing I will add that's not in the photos - the exhaust. The original secondary's were still there(!), but it was badly welded to a horrible ugly steel press bent rear section with bypass mufflers fitted. The rear muffler was rusted out, so I spoke to the owner about a new system... I carefully cut away the old system from where it joined the secondary's, then Tig welded on a step joint. Following this I had the secondary's media blasted, then I gave them a coat of exhaust paint. The rest of the new system I made out of 304 stainless steel
  9. It's taken a while as my painter is busy but he's also being quite diligent, but it's now got it's first of two coats of high build primer. This first coat will be sanded down, then the next coat will be applied. Engine bay, interior and underbody will be painted wet on wet in colour in a week or two. Then it comes back to me to have the driveline fitted etc. Then it goes back for its topcoat... Exciting times!
  10. https://www.northvicengines.com.au/ stocks them.
  11. Yes. It's a factory combination, young Padawan.
  12. Junk. Call Les Collins in Vic - he'll sell you some quality Aussie made pipes that will actually work...
  13. C.A.F.

    RHD pedal box

    Have you checked behind the couch?
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