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240Z & 260Z Wheel/Tyre Options, Offset, Backspace


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People often ask about wheel options for Z's. You need to know 3 things to select your wheels/tyres;


1. PCD which is distance from center hole to center hole on the wheel stud holes. For the S30 it's 4 studs at 114.3mm.


2. Offset or back space which is explained in the diagrams above. The stock 240 runs ethier 0mm or +12mm from memory. Just keep in mind the higher the negative value the deeper the dish. For instance -20 gives you 20mm more dish than the same wheel with 0 offset. This would also mean that the wheel with the -20 offset would also sit 20mm closer to the wheel guards than the 0 offset when put on the same car. There is a limited amount of space between the stock guards and suspension. This space limits your wheel offset and size options. For instance alot of wheels on the market are designed for newer front wheel drive cars with a +35 offset. If mounted on a Z these wheels would rub on the suspension as they would sit too far in. One way around this is using a bolt on spacer that pushed the wheel out. These spacers can be made to order and bolt on to your existing hub. I've used them before and there is much discussion on the net about them. Installing aftermarket suspension like coil over gets you some more room as does installing flares but I won't go into that as there is much discussion on that in other areas on this forum.


3. Rolling diameter is based on the diameter of the stock tyres. Not sure what the 240's is but I think the tyres I'm running are about 620mm. To work it out just add the height of the tyre walls to the wheel size. Just remember a 225x50 tyre is 50% of 225mm so tyre wall height is 112.5mm. Apart from looking like crap getting the rolling diamter wrong can put your speedo out.


For those that have been down this road and would like to comment on wheels/tyres you have found to fit on a Z car please add your comments and pics. To help others out please try and include info like offset and tyre size etc


Years ago I came across a page on the net that had a comprehensive list and pics of stock wheels from other cars that bolt on to the stock Z car. If anybody has a link to this info please share!???


My contribution might not be helpful to many as I've got flares on my car but I'll try to kick start the thread with my set up.


I bought 3 piece ROH Venturo wheels in 17 inch. 17x8.5 (-6 offset) for front and 17x9.5 (-19 offset) at the back. 5-6 weeks to be made. I think tyres are 225x45 front & 255x40 rears.


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heres my wheels.


simm's 16x9 rears and 16x7's on the front.


the front tire profile is a lil small and the rear a lil big but wait till i waste them and grab some better fitting tyres....


the rears poke out a smidge but i have about 5mm i can off the inner of the wheel and get a tyre without rim protectors and drop dow to a 225 or 235 sould be good.


rear backspace is about 130mm and front is about 115mm

also the rear drums are off gives me another 6mm, as i will be going rear discs when i drop the lsd and cv's in!!! very soon hopefully next week!!! yaaa






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Another picture thats worth 1000 words,PCD number is the diameter of the circle in mm.

PCD is pitch circle diameter, a PCD of 114.3(x4) is standard 240/260/280Z , 114.3 circle x 4 bolt holes.

114.3(x5) is same size circle, but with 5 bolt holes(this is PCD of Z32s, late Skylines, most Big Toyotas.)

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Dont confuse offset with backspace


This is the distance from the back edge of the wheel to the hub mounting surface. To determine the wheel backspace:

Position the wheel face down.

Lay a straight-edge across the back of the wheel.

Measure the distance from the straight-edge to the wheel's hub mounting surface.


The wheel's offset is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. To determine wheel offset:

Position the wheel on a flat surface and measure its overall width.

Divide the overall width by two, then subtract this result from the backspace value.

Offset = Backspace - (Rim Width ? 2)

8" wide wheel with 3" backspace has a -24mm offset (deep dish)

8" wide wheel with a 4.5" backspace has a+13mm offset

8" wide wheel with a 4" backspace has 0mm offset


The offset of a wheel can be one of the following three settings:


Zero offset:

The hub mounting surface is even with the centerline of the wheel.


Positive offset:

The hub mounting surface is toward the front or wheel side of the wheel.

Positive offset wheels are generally found on front-wheel drive cars.


Negative offset:

The hub mounting surface is toward the back or brake side of the wheel's centerline. "Deep dish" wheels are typically negative offset.


Strange that the rim width is in inches but offset in mm



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Thanks alot guys this information is really helpful. I certainly understand much more now and I'm sure I'll refer to this in future. I'm going to make it a sticky post! :lol:

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I would'nt put a bigger spacer than 10mm on, that is the type that slides on. If it is the "bolt on the hub type" then you can go much thicker. I think they use the bolt on ones with alot of Porches with for the wide 911 body kits or at least I've seen many for sale for em.

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is it possible to put longer studs to fit bigger spacers?


and what is the maximum spacer width people would put on their zed' date=' or is legal?





You can get longer than standard wheel studs for a Z, there is a supplier in Queensland that has them, link is:



Personally, I wouldn't run a slide on spacer at all, plus I'm pretty sure that running spacers is not legal in most, if not all states.

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Set of 260 rims?  Or rims that will fit a 260? I have some 14x6.5 hotwire rims.  I also have a heap of 260 alloys (original) that i dont need (i got them incase of rego,but got wheels engineered instead).  I believe the original offset was +13.

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Yeh ill give you all 6 for of the originals for $200 or $200 for the hotwires, all in good nick.  Can call me on 0421780262.  Call anytime you like.

I am working on Sunday but its night time, so i could wake up to make more money  during the day :D

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Ok so I thought I would post a pic of my new 240z that I have now had for a few months it has some of those 3 piece arrow wheels on the car. This is how I got the car I just put the number on the side for an event (never got there head gasket blew - long story)


Anyway the car runs stock spring perches and the fenders/guards are standard too. The rims are 16x9 yep that is right 9" with stock setup - well not quite the car does have offset bushing in the front and the rear to change the camber. Tyres are 225/45/16 so have a slight stretch.


The offset I calculate works out around -7.4mm offset on the 9" rim.


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