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Loved the old gemini       And the shaggin wagon    

It seems collecting cars/motorbikes is a disease for some people and they just cannot stop. Is it a Datsun 240/260Z at 11' 35" ?  

I would say he is a very good punter just trying hard. Looks like he's done some laps before.

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As big kids (13-16) we used to use the following weapons of choice.


We had a really steep hotmix hill that was on the mine site. We would get our mates to push us as fast as they could then see how many fishtails and 360's we could do before we stacked and took a heap of bark off.


We also used to tie them onto bikes and tow each other around smashing into gutters, this was done with skateboards too. LOL  ;D


We had flat plastic not rubber wheels on our kart.




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thats possibly the funniest thing i ever have seen. surely there is no way that was on childrens tv...


;D ;D ;D ;D


Theres another one I used to watch called Captain Pugwash and his crew mates were Master Mates (which sounds like Master Bates in the program) and Seaman Stains. Also the characters in Magic Roundabout were gay or on LSD but the Flumps were cool, that was my

favourite program 30 years ago :D




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