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  1. Well I've moved house and have no room to work on the car ATM, Well heaps of room but no shed. Looked at an RB26 a while back, parts alone was worth it but engine could not be tested, not sure on previous history either. S30 shell is back together so a few more pic than is on here but not many
  2. "Little off topic" The best one I've seen was on Sydney Rd, Melbourne, while at a Christmas breakup a few years ago sitting out the front of the Pub, just past 4pm and the local Tow Truck driver pulled up and started loading car's parked in the tow away zone. Turns out they were council cars. The Council were having their breakup party at the Pub as well. Just as the Tow Truck drive finished loading the last car a gentleman from the council came out of the Pub in full protest, The Tow'ie told him where to jam it.... and drove off with their cars Sitting at the Pub, cold drink in hand watching council car's get towed... best day of work ever!
  3. You can't use a mobile phone, the signal isn't good enough once you hide the phone under the dash or in the boot etc E-bay is your friend, something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OZ-TK104-AU-GPS-GSM-Tracker-System-Car-Vehicle-Spy-Hidden-Device-60-Days-Standby-/321333664946?pt=AU_Electronics_GPS&hash=item4ad0fa9cb2 They have inbuilt aerial's for GPS, GPRS & GSM (GPRS being mobile phone reception or GSM can't remember which) and come with external extensions for both for better reception. Sim cards are another problem as most GPS trackers use the old G2 system and you will need a backwards compatible sim I have an ALDI simcard. They cost 5$ yes you heard me, only FIVE DOLLARS!!! and last a full 365 days (no monthly cost or charges, and you can recharge online to extend the time) The system works on sending sms messages to a mobile phone you chose with updates of position etc, SO..... every update cost you a sms charge. (ALDI's sim only cost 12c per sms) Now the down side, 1 Only works out doors, (If the car is parked in a shed say, it might give an update and if it does it will be wildly inaccurate. this does depend on location) 2 if you lose either GPS or Mobile signal it no longer works (underground car park, or out in the country where mobile reception is patchey) 3 Theifs carry jammers to block the mobile signal (while illegal, so is stealing your car)
  4. Wow... everyone should watch that It makes more sense now how new tax's come in I found this years ago and could not believe it, worth a watch if your into how the money system works Thanks for the share
  5. I say..... Hugo style tear down with the cam. "I know you want to" Wouldn't expect much change from 35k to get the shell sorted, so do as much as you can yourself I'd do it if I had the chance to buy such a low number, they all have rust some just more than others Go for it George, If it turns out anything like your last z it will be nuts.... and well worth it
  6. R192? didn't know it even existed And that's some good info thanks
  7. I'm interested, so put me down for a set, not sure on flat or round tho
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