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  1. Hi, i currently have a 2 1/4" system that is working fine with no leaks and sounds great but i want bigger,she needs bigger. Just looking for a mild steel full system to bolt on my 2+2. Happy to swap if you want to down size perhaps? Im in Brisbane and happy to pay for shipping if none local. Let me know if you have one laying around and you need some cash. Will negotiate a price with you. Cheers Simon.
  2. I have have a couple of things left over from my project and there're up for grabs for free to the people on this forum only. There is a good secondhand windscreen (Not original) with no cracks, a couple real fine chips only. An early 2+2 RH door with a little rust along the bottom but perfectly straight. And a rear hatch that I tried to repair but it beat me and I ended up cutting a couple of sections from this one for the repair of another hatch. Maybe it's still good to someone. Also have 10 fluro lights to go that were in the shed. Stuff must go by this weekend. In Brissy b
  3. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-240-Z-260Z-Rear-A-Arm-Inner-Bushes-Genuine/333363792971?hash=item4d9e07cc4b:g:Q48AAOSwCSpdpq6N Here you go.
  4. You can still get these new from Nissan or go to All Z Parts in Sydney to get them quicker.
  5. I have some you can have. Pm me your details.
  6. I have sent you a pm, and yes i have found one locally.
  7. Hey guys, as per title in Brisbane area. Iv been persevering trying to fix mine but its been repaired too many times and is warping too easily. I can deal with rust repairs, just minimum would be best. Thanks
  8. And btw my original horn button isnt working either..... maybe its the contacts
  9. Ok im starting to think this forum is not for me anymore.... with the latest topics being cyclists with quad envy to bbq's with gay skirt steak that isnt going on the barby and now your horn wont work...... wtf???
  10. If the 2+2 bar is the same, iv got one you can have mate. Its in my recent post for various bits. Looking forward to seeing your build hit the road. Well done, you have put alot of time into this project. I have the up most respect for your determination.
  11. For the concourse dudes out there. Underlay that is near perfect. Doesn't smell too much..not degrading.
  12. A stainless door trim? Measures 1265mm dead straight.
  13. Have spare glass too for 2+2. Starting to rust but definitely not too late to save them.
  14. $40 posted to Vic. The motor and cogs are fine, the rod that goes from the reel up internally is missing. Its missing the end tip of the aerial too, which is probably incorporated . It came off my 1/75 260z. Theres no name written on it just a sticker with QC 6 on it and serial #980721. I have welded up the hole in the body so deleting it from my car.
  15. Hey guys, anyone need any of these bits? There're all off a 2+2 except the scuff plates which are 2 seater. Make an offer before i put them on gumtree or the tip.Prices will be cheap to you guys. The rebuild kits are for L4 engines, and are unopened. Seatbelts will probably go in the bin but who knows. Im chasing a rear seatbelt with Datsun on the clip to match one i have if anyone wants to swap something or sell?
  16. Your going to have to press it out. Make a v block so you dont bend the shaft.
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