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  1. Happy to pay for shipping from anywhere in Aus my left rear quarter looks to be in too poor condition to save and I’m not sure if a 2 seater quarter panel would fit
  2. I think $600 is fair for the full system and $400 is fair for the tank
  3. I also have a matching set of customs headers that I will include with the exhaust if the price is fair. The petrol tank is rust free. The exhaust system has only seen a few hundred kilometres before I removed and upgraded the flares are brand new
  4. I have a 2.5 inch mild steel exhaust with twin vertical exits. The exhaust has two minor splits in the weld can be easily repairs and sounded great. Petrol tank mold on flares front and rear left rear hub and strut with spring happy to accept any offers.
  5. Sorry about that I should've posted I'm 90% sure they're -13 and -19 but I'll dig up the receipt tonight and have a look
  6. Rota RB-X with gunmetal grey with machined lips -13 front -19 rear These wheels and tires have never been on a car or driven on. They have just been sitting in storage for the last two years. Sitting on 225 and 245 Falken Sports paid close to $2500 brand new Open to a fair offer as even with shipping it's a good discount I'm not looking to lose more than a few hundred dollars on these
  7. Hahaha yes my apologies any Z restoration topic and I can't help but get ideas
  8. I would like to try and keep the rear as whole as possible if I purchase the entire chassis as I really only really have parts for a front end cut and drivetrain
  9. Shoot me an email or a way to contact you you directly
  10. If i take the shell you can have all of that no problem :'D
  11. If you have someone in your area that would be able to assess if chassis is actually twisted is this something you would be willing to do? Apart from the damage on the rear right quarter is there anything else? Could you provide some more photos of the chassis rails on the side of impact and the underside of the side skirt. Also are the wheels damaged in any way? You can email me at the-z@live.com Thanks for the reply Aaron
  12. I have a wrecked 76 2+2 and the parts necessary to put this back together. I am waiting on them (shannons) to come back to me with a cash settlement for the repairs so i will be keeping a close eye on this.
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