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Zane’s Z build 260z 2+2

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Hi all

finally got the z home time to catalog everything and start rust repair of which there’s a bit. Floors, firewall and chassis rails are clean most rust seems to be in the tailgate hinge section and the rear quarters(lucky I have a shell to cut from) pa the shell is a cut and shut so no good to use for anything. Looking forward to this.




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Somewhere on the inter web someone has the 240z fastener breakdowns (most should transfer to the 260z I assume?) , item by item, with photos and measurements. I think it’s in a spreadsheet? So you may be able to use that to sort your bags of nuts and bolts. Don’t know how well the previous owner organized and labeled. 

from my sketchy memory it was on classiczcars.com?

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After a busy weekend of sorting parts i documented the rust {dont know why lol} this is a selection of what i found, luchky ive got a shell to take cuts from. The entire rear roof frame needs to be replaced along with both quarters. Oh well its all fixable!

260z rust 18.jpg

260z rust 19.jpg

260z rust 14.jpg

260z rust 12.jpg

260z rust 3.jpg

260z rust 22.jpg

260z rust 21.jpg

260z rust1.jpg

260z rust 17.jpg

260z rust 6.jpg

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1 hour ago, Millerman said:

Anyone know what the two relays are for there under the drivers seat?

I have no idea but have to piece together the dash so will figure it out, is yours the same?

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9 hours ago, gav240z said:

I'm guessing seat belt detectors.. what year is your car? Late 76/77?

I know US market had the seat belt warning/detectors, not sure with our market. Never seen a working set.

Mines 1/77 so at least i know what they are now (-:


















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11 hours ago, Millerman said:

Sounds like a bit of a PITA if you ask me haha

Modern Japanese cars all have a door chime when you leave the keys in the ignition and have the driver door open. Does my head in.

AU market 240z's didn't have any seat belt warnings. US market did, it's 1 of those blanking plates in the centre console of the fuse cover (72/73 model consoles). Or put another way, why our fuse covers had nothing in them. Might have been a federal mandated thing in the US to comply with.

We got it much later in 260z's, like a lot of things.. probably as our own ADRs caught up.

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9 minutes ago, gilltech said:

Bloody hell! Yep that's bad, very bad. So what's the plan, can you cut the whole roof off and replace it with the one from the red parts car? ??? 

Sort of the roof cross piece will come from the donor plus some side sections plus roof and quarter outer skins. Rest of the car is pretty good. 

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