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Luke's 260 2 seater


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Just started an introduction topic:



Basically just picked this car up from Sydney and drove it home (to Brisbane) on Saturday. Big trip but she made it. I've got plans for it but it's going to need a bit of work.


Rust is mostly restricted to surface rust, nothing really structural I've seen so far. Here are a few pics of the first inspection on her:







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First bit of work I got done on her this arvo was sanding back the right rear quarter panel (it was in primer but a decent bit of surface rust was coming through as you can see in the pictures) and put it in etch primer for now. Not sure how I'm going to go with the rust repairs but I at least wanted to prevent it from rusting more.


I also removed the rear bumper, rear towball and the mudguards from behind the front wheels, just to give it (in my opinion) a cleaner look.















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+1 with what Gav said about getting stuck into it.

Now, when you say surface rust......... I've got some bad news for you.

You have bought a Datsun S30 Z! There is no such thing as surface rust. Especially when there are rust bubbles and evidence of previous rust repairs.

But thats why we love 'em  ;)

Make sure you use the appropriate removal and treatment techniques or you'll be doing it all again in a few years.


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Yeah damn high post bullies! haha.


Well I knew (sort of) what I was getting into, but I wasn't expecting this amount of rust. Unfortunately the more I look the more I find...


Stripped a bit more off this arvo and found some nice sized holes that had been bogged over not too well... Does anyone make rust repair panels for these cars or am I going to have to make my own?


Noticed the drivers floor has a bit of a hole in it too. didn't get a picture of that. That's a job for another day...


I'm not expecting this to be a show car, just a fairly nice daily driver. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to strip it down to bare metal for a respray but it's looking like that might have to happen. For now at the very least I'm going to try to get to all the rust that I can and rust proof it / cut it out depending on how bad it is and put it in etch primer until I can get to spraying it. Better than letting it rust away more at least.


Here's the day's progress/findings:







and the pile of bog that came off from that.



Here's tomorrow nights area to work on too:





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It's only about 10 Hours worth of restoration worse than the one i've been driving around for 15 Years. Looks like you are patching it for the moment but those spots will come back to haunt you. So save your dosh and get a full body resto when it does. Just my opinion.  :D

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hey mate, it seems you have started to uncover what i had feared would be underneath all that primer when i went to see the car.


Looks like you will be learning real quick how to be good with a mig welder! but to be honest, for the price you got it for, i probably would have considered buying it too, like i said, i passed because it was the first week the car was advertised and his asking price was in the clouds, seems you got him when he came back to reality.


Id be rubbing it back to metal to see just what you have to work with, and id invest in a rotisserie so you can get underneath it and see the condition of the chassis rails etc.


Seems you have a bad arse skyline in the background, that's good, you can take your time with this car and even if it is in bad shape,  you don't have to rush it as you have a daily driver already.


Keep us posted and updated with the photo's!



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Yeah mate I've got a pretty sweet 32 but It's going to have to get sold :( I have a little prelude that I'm using as a daily and it's cheaper on rego, fuel and not worth as much...


I've wanted a 2 seater zed since I was in high school so unfortunately the trade off is going to have to be selling the 32. Wish I could keep it but I have too many cars already... Those with keen eyes may have spotted the '66 mustang up on stands at the back of the shed which needs to get finished off too!


Yeah I'm getting her back to bare metal anywhere there is bubbling/rust coming through and patching where necessary. The mig is all set up and will be getting a bit of a work out on this old girl haha. Haven't found anything too bad yet. The worst part is probably in my second post where there's a bog patch near the rear windscreen. Going to have to cut out a small section and weld in some new metal there...

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Got into a bit more on the weekend. Got the front bumper and the both fenders off and managed to get the front wheel wells cleaned up and body deadened.


Next up will be getting the front fenders all straight and body deadening the back of those before they go back on as well.


A few pics of the progress:






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Got a bit more done recently... Got the inside of the front fenders done in underbody deadener. Should make a difference to in cabin noise I'm hoping.





Also had a go at fixing a little rust section on the left rear quarter.




Came out alright... This is the first patch I've made up from scratch. I used the metal off an old EH holden front fender and had to massage it a bit to get it to the right shape. A bit of bog will get it nice and smooth anyways, definitely better than a rusty hole.






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I'm looking at some 15x7 minilites with +12 offset for the 260z. Anyone got any advice on how these will fit? I'm most worried about the backspacing (hitting/rubbing on the strut / inner wheel well).


I'm thinking 225/50's will be about the biggest I can go as well. Any comments would be appreciated.  :)

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I had 15x8's on my 260 (can't remember the offset though) and they suited the car well. 225 50 might be a tad small in the diameter. 225 55 or if you go to 16x8 225 50 16 is very close to standard.

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  • 3 months later...

Alrighty, time for an update. I've been a bit slack updating this thread but have been getting a few things done.


What I've done:


- New wheels - 15x8 black steelies with 205 tyres. Tyres are a bit small for that stretched look so I might look at getting something meatier in the future.

- New fibreglass front bar - second hand but with a bit of work it come up pretty well

- Replaced front and rear shocks and springs with kyb shocks and king spring lows.

- Put brush on body deadener in the rear wheel wells

- Found some more rust. More on that later.


Some pictures of the progress:









So it looks OK in it's rat roddy form at the moment, but getting it in paint is the next priority. I figured it would be best to get as much rust as possible out before then. There was a spot on the upper rear quarter near the hatch that I'd been worried about, and with good reason. Here's what I found: (note: I didn't pull out the grinder, this is what was left after just wire wheeling)






So it seems that Dodgy Brothers customs had a good chop at 'repairing' some rust last time. I know this spot will be almost impossible to get a patch piece for but if anyone on the forums has any ideas, templates or has an old shell they're happy to cut up I'd be happy to pay for the piece instead of trying to make one for it.



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Not a nice surprise there at all!


I'd try bending a piece of sheet by using the other side of the car as a template. Just hand pressure should get a close shape, and lightly tap with the hammer along the edge to curl it over the edge.


Then check how it fits on the rusty side, massage as needed. Even if you just use a few scrap bits of steel and have a few practice goes before deciding to pay someone else, all you've lost is a bit of your time and hopefully gained some XP points.


Someone on here could surely make a perfect patch for the right $$$.


Not sure how I feel about the wheels, but at least you aren't leaving it rusty like most other steely-wearing Z-rats :)

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love the wheels! i was trying to get a set of those for ages. where did you get them from??

I remember option 1 was selling them but they never got more in when I wanted some..


good job on the rust repairs! I've only done a few on mine but with my gasless mig it burns way too hot and blasts holes everywhere.

I haven't sanded back the rear end on mine... magnet doesnt stick in some places so it's not going to be pretty...

keep up the good work

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love the wheels! i was trying to get a set of those for ages. where did you get them from??

I remember option 1 was selling them but they never got more in when I wanted some..


good job on the rust repairs! I've only done a few on mine but with my gasless mig it burns way too hot and blasts holes everywhere.

I haven't sanded back the rear end on mine... magnet doesnt stick in some places so it's not going to be pretty...

keep up the good work


Thanks mate. Ah I got the wheels on gumtree. They pop up every now and then, just keep an eye out. The were around $500 with near new tyres I think. In hindsight I should have waited and got some 16x8's but these will do fine with some fatter tyres on them. I think I'm just going to save up for some fat watanabes now. 16x8.5 front and 16x9 rear or something along those lines.


As far as the rust goes I've attacked most of it now. That patch on the rear quarter is going to be tough but we got some more gas for the mig today so should be able to get into it tomorrow or next weekend. Another little patch is needed on the bottom rear corner just near the exhaust. The previous had a bit of a love affair with bog I think haha.

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