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  1. Sonds good. I will make it this year !
  2. I'll take the left hand side then ! Cheers John 0402902267
  3. My dis-assembled wreck has finally arrived from W.A It sat in a panel shop for a number of years and is missing many parts Does anyone have a hood, rear glass seats and lhs window surround available I dont really care on the condition (apart from the glass) Cheers Kiwi John 0402 902 267
  4. Thanks guys. Funny how there is a lot more info in an ebay ad after you have won the auction.............. Gav, I've known Peter for a few years and he has been a great supporter of the metal shaping weekends we have held. Peter opens his workshop to a group of us a couple of times each year which we really appreciate. What do you mean Mark ? Holdens are the dark side !! Mark from morwell... mmmm Not Mark Y ? Cheers Johnny
  5. Just purchased a bottom of the barrel 240 from the west. Apparently its not that rusty, ( sure) but has been stripped and phosphate primed. I have had the privilege of been taught metal shaping by none other than Peter Tommasini so am not too scared to tackle this one. The main reason I bought it is because it is matching # I know it is missing the bonnet and rear glass so if anyone has leads I would be grateful..... Cheers Johnny
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