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  1. Me too. Any progress on the 240 column
  2. Coming together nicely mate What is the bottom end combo Crank rods pistons bore / stroke
  3. Nice shot of Dave and Adam The rain doesn't seem to affect early skyline owners By the time I got there it was over
  4. Received my ralis last week Just unwrapped They are Top Quality and workmanship Great job Nathan Will be installing in a few weeks Anyone thinking of buying a set get onto them asap Thanks again Nathan
  5. Mmmm tax time coming soon lol What size dia are they ? Do they taper And which manifold will suit them Gotta say " L " series porn
  6. Don't know if you got my pm Please put me down for a set full length floor to rear Thanks nat0 Yeah you are a legend
  7. Hi Does anyone know If Nathan is still making the floor rails for a 240 I have sent him a pm But no reply Cheers
  8. Yeah + Build thread Are you going to use skyline cross member and suspension as well
  9. Cheers Offset -13 F + R Floating Disks on front Hubs - Disk Hat adds about 8mm
  10. When ordering you need to let them know what diameter struts you have 51mm or 55mm 9" 0 offset wheels should fit on rear but front will need spacer , caster rod will hit at full lock , do your own measurements to make sure OR MAKE WHEELS FIT That's what I did if you follow the thread on Hybirdz there are a few images of cars with them installed and they do go low image of my car with my test fit 17 x 10.5 J fronts and 17 x 11.5 J rears SSR Professor and it can go lower ! Cheers
  11. Yeah I was concerned of that when I first got them (not having enough travel ) Its about 60mm from top of camber top to spring Camber tops add to that because pillow ball is lower than most other coilovers I have used in different cars (normally 40mm from what I remember) That image is a rear spring length is 220mm and shock has 130mm travel installed spring compresses about 25mm so their is 105mm of travel left for the shock front springs are shorter in length I need to measure should get a chance on the weekend From what I know ,and going of what people say you only need about 75mm to 100mm of travel left in your shocks and if you are bottom out you need stiffer springs depending on you application I guess ,and iam no expert The camber tops are made recessed so you don't need to cut out strut tops on the car body if you don't want to if you don't want to use weld in camber tops, or even Ground control camber tops ,which still need cutting away at the body and re drilling new holes This is one way to keep your body un cut saying that ,I am going to open up the center hole on the strut tops on the body of my car so you can adjust camber on the fly but it wont be as extreme as other options wouldn,t mind seeing MCA camber tops or any others Its a good way to compare options available out there for the zeds another image of camber tops Hope this makes sense
  12. I have only setup one side on my car As I doing more suspension work/ mods Instructions and pic of one rear if you weld your self I recommend you pre heat casting and strut tube - to get better penetration
  13. Fair enough What year were you wanting to purchace the Tein's ? The bc you had experience with were ,V1 series, BR series , RM series , or ER series ? I have had no experience with MCA 'I know they do TIME ATTACK ' so they should be Top Quality good gear don't get me wrong ,but they had no off the shelf kit Did you get the Blue or REDs ? Do you know what brand Shock inserts they use ,or company that manufacture for them ? Good brands I know of are Bilstein ,Koni , Tein most aftermarket Coilovers are made overseas like Taiwan then branded And you can get - budget series - midrange series - Top of the line Series You get what you pay for My 240 is a Street car which will see some track time And Iam not a Professional Racing Car Driver And For $1350 I am happy with my purchace ATM Cheers
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