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Panel Beating/Rust Repair Workshop Day - Aug. 7th!

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Just gauging some interest as to weather or not people in Vic would be interested in attending a day at my workshop where Rev. Dave & myself would go through some basic panel beating & rust repair techniques?


When: August 7th (Saturday).

Time: start at 10:00am. Be there BEFORE 10:00am so we can make a start on time.

BBQ lunch included.


Due to security & insurance reasons, I require that all people attending PM their address & phone numbers.

I will then forward on my address.

No people under 16 years of age.


Only other request would be that a suitable 240Z/260Z 2 seater be 'donated' for the day to have the work done on it.

(I.e. this is a FREE opportunity for have some panel beating and/or rust repairs done to your Zed!)

Edit, Zed found: Scoots green RS30.

Panels: Dimitri


I have a small Request! Can someone PLEASE film some of the day, so we can upload it?

It's be great to be able to show people what can be done & it'll be a great promotional tool for the site!






Simon - MaygZ

Shaun - SexualSushi

Barry (Shaun's Dad)

Shanan - Shan

Mark - Scoota

Rob - FuzzyDropBear

Dimitri - Zedman240

Evan - ZedEvan

Ash - zr240

Bruce - SPAmasterZed

Matt - BigFella

Kyle - K240Z (formally 'oozla')

Jane - Madz

Mick - zzzzzzzzed

Rob - Roberto260z

Bruce - Bruce

Angus - Gus




Rev. Dave



That's 19 people! Should be a great day!










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Feel like doing an interstate class?

I could provide the shed. ;D


You vic guys have an excellent opportunity here, don't let it go to waste.

I have been thinking of doing a tafe course for body work, but something like this would be a great introduction.



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Thanks guys. Feel like flying over Mick?! :P


I would stress though guys, that nither Dave nor myself are qualified in this field.

We are mealy self taught, but are reasonably skilled ;)


I would love to but money wont permit

being qualified dose not make you a good panel beater. You have to have the passion for the work

And some one who is self taught would more than likely have the passion than some one who hase been through tafe.

From what i have seen from the lads that where in my tafe group, not to many had the passion


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I remember when I was a member of that aus300zx forum, we had a "tech day" and it turned out to be a huge success! We worked on others cars that had some issues or wanted some parts fitted; I fit an air filter on a Z32 which those who have done it before know its a real PITA. I think its a great idea.

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Awesome idea guys, and I really wish I could be there. I was going to say I'll donate my Z for some work, but looks like you already have a Z and my Z is currently unregistered so would need a day pass or I'd have to ask good ol' mum to put her on Historic Rego.


Can I ask that this event be filmed so that later it can be put on Youtube or similar and acccessed by our members?


In a similar vain to what they have done here (rotary engine rebuild from a rotary car club):


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Awesome idea, and a good opportunity to meet some fellow zedders.

Count me in, pending timing. I'll bring some barbie meat and a slab of something interesting.



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Would have thought it was about how to operate the jaws of life so that you can get to whatever needs fixing....

You are so right.. My arm needed 3 extra flexible joints to get to some hidden bolts that I think the factory didn't know about! Changing a clutch master on a Z32 - 3 hours...240Z - 20 mins. I still miss that car..even more so when the owner told me a taxi wrote it off a while ago.. >:(

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Whoa! This has snowballed! First post has been updated - PLEASE READ!


OK, Date locked in.

Rev. Dave, this date OK with you?


Lock-in the date and THEN see if the talent is available??  Interesting practise.

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