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Misc Items For 71 240Z

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Hi Folks,

I am missing the following for #1415

1. Passenger arm rest with original mounting bolts please!

2. Engine inspection light (or as MCM refer to it as Ibiza light) - the plastic switch on mine is snapped. So looking for another light or switch component.

3. I was going to ask for brake cylinder caps, but I believe my ones might be the original style (that don't lock in, but push down only). Learn something new everyday!

Example: Early example 1 example 2

Later example 1 example 2 example 3 (locking caps).

4. In need of rear strut tower plastic caps (uncracked and minimal gouging of plastics please!)

5. Grub screw that holds night / day knob on rear view mirror. Mine has come off and I just have the plastic piece, not sure how it attaches to the mirror itself?

6. Fuse box fastener. I've got 1 missing #2. Please.

7. The little chrome clips that go on the door cards where the handles are. The ends where the nuts are (cover).

8. Looking for a passenger headlight bucket with all mounting screws (not broken) and not rust / dents. Ideally in faded white...

9. Dead pedal rubber (foot rest) mine is missing and sick of wacking my head on it when working under the dash.

10. Dashboard mat to cover cracks. I had a really simple slim cover on my old 240z years ago. Perhaps someone knows where I can get material to make 1?

11. Long shot but original nichira exhaust muffler?

That's all for now.

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New items.

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Still chasing a passenger arm rest (previous owner didn't see it in his house move).


Also chasing the bottom bolt on a fuel pump (I had to steal the 1 off #150) and I hate robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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7 hours ago, DreamZproject said:

Hey Gav, I'm after a couple of those parts too. 

I need the rear strut tower caps and dash mat, so if you find an online source for them let me know.

I found quite a few on eBay US, but trying to save on postage cost and buy locally. I've asked Ashley @zr240 at Moorabbin Auto Spares to have a look. Your car would probably benefit from "new" items. I'm looking to "survivor" category items with a little patina. :) But will buy new if price difference is negligible.

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Just now, DreamZproject said:

Group buy to save on shipping? ;D

Could work, but all the items I need are with different sellers. If I could find someone with all those parts it would simplify things. Hence trying local first.

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