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  1. The backing plate would match? I wasn't sure if there'd have been a difference.
  2. Hi guys this one has got me scratching my head. I'm about to put in a Malpassi fuel pump and I've noticed there's a bypass solenoid between the inlet and outlet of my factory pump. It appears to be have been triggered from a now non existent water temp sensor (according to my original wiring diagrams). It's obviously going to be deleted, but I can't stop thinking what purpose it originally served? Can't find much online amongst the sea of fuel setups these have had. Perhaps my car once had a mechanical fuel pump and this was to bypass the electric pump once at operating
  3. This filter has only been used for 400km and is like new. I'll throw in a bottle of ITG filter cleaning solution too. Cost me $600 to land from the US. Selling for $400, pick up Melbourne south east or post at buyers expense. (picture from ITG website)
  4. I've got some spares still on my old original handles, the handles themselves are stuffed so if you get stuck I can send you the nylon part.
  5. It should just pop off with a little force, I've managed to do the driver's side by removing the glass and the passenger side without removing the glass (tight!).
  6. I just bought a new one from Phil's Rotarys. No holes $299. With holes $225. Very happy with the quality.
  7. I reckon this thread needs a fire up! I'm sure lots of people have a bit more spare time of their hands. I've been installing an Innovate wideband afr gauge and an sii-4 unit which accepts 4 inputs. I've got it logging afr, rpm and tps on the triple Webers, with a knock sensor on the way. This is all with the plan to road tune the Webers on the new motor coming soon. I've found the Innovate products to be pretty easy to install and configure so far. A couple of screenshots from a video:
  8. Mike260

    45mm Weber chokes

    I've got a set of 32s here
  9. Great drive today, although I had to peel off in east Warburton to make a brunch in Croydon with the missus - that'll teach me for not locking in a cruise earlier!
  10. Just looked back on it.. It was sold as a 1970 - 1978 240z/260z kit but I think the issue lies with the late 260z that was made specifically for the Australian market. They couldn't work out what had happened, ended up refunding me the $670 for the whole diamond leather kit and letting me keep it all.
  11. Absolutely correct about the late model 260z strut towers being taller, 75mm IIRC. I had to have some custom made to match the rest of an Interior Innovations kit.
  12. Hey guys, Has anyone had experience with door glass from Autoglass Warehouse? Specifically for drivers side 260z 2 seaters made in 1977. I've just gone to install one I purchased a couple of months ago and the mounting holes in the glass don't line up. They're off by 5 - 24mm in various directions. Drilling out the mechanism would move the guides by an unacceptable amount. They're sold to fit 240, 260 and 280 from 1970 - 1978 and appear to have different holes drilled to fit all. I'll contact them on Monday and see what can be done. Cheers, Mike
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