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  1. I have a 71B/C hybrid box in my late 71 build 240z. The gearset is the same as an AU market 260z 2 seater box (known as a close ratio box) with the taller 5th and reverse lockout mechanism. The 71c extension housing means the gearstick comes out in the factory location. I rate the close ratio box over the wide ratio 240k/280zx style boxes we got here.
  2. Thanks I got the donation and appreciate it. The mobile site is optimised for mobile and as such the side bars are omitted. I will look at what can be done in future though because majority of visitors these days are on mobile now, not Desktop. Few years ago it was the other way around!
  3. I certainly hope they are worth $8k each. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-Nissan-240Z-AM-Seek-Scan-Radio-70-71-Stunning-OEM-Hitachi-Fully-Restored-/254902609929?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  4. Rotary is a fantastic motor. Incredibly smooth and willing to rev, sound awesome too (with the right exhaust), honestly the FD is 1 of the best handling cars I've ever driven. To me it's the 90s version of a 240z. The more people swap V8s into them, the more mine will increase in value.
  5. Were you born after the year 2000? In fairness they have always been a rare car, I remember seeing a couple over the years, but haven't seen 1 in the flesh since I left Ireland in 2013. 20b is a beautiful motor.
  6. JC Cosmo 20b. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/mazda/eunos/listing/2985749296 $60k NZD. They are getting incredibly difficult to find, even more so the 20b version (there was also a 13b version with desirable intake manifold and bigger ports for low down torque - compared with FD 13brew engine). But the 20b's all got parted out for FD and other rotary swaps. Lots of hard to find parts for these cars also, which means a good 1 like the 1 in NZ is worth its weight in gold. The only 3 rotor production car in the world. It also was 1 of the first (if not the first) to ha
  7. Drove the GT86, handle well but found it rather boring and uninspiring. Just as the engine was building power you had to change gears, and I really don't like the styling. So I personally don't see it. I think the old AE86 would be more fun (styling wise never loved them look), but can appreciate the raw mechanical feel.
  8. Mitsubishi GTO, were $100k+ in the 90s. I recall seeing a few sell under $10k only 5-6 years ago. Seen a few picking up in price lately. The forgotten 90s hero car like the Z32. Perhaps over shadowed by the Supra, RX7, NSX and GTRs.
  9. I also think station wagon estate cars have some upside. Especially fun ones. Because everything is SUV based now, but I like Wagons. Starting with 55 Chevy Nomad, but they are already $100k for a good one. Volvo V70r wagon Nissan Stagea (rs four s and 260rs) Subaru Legacy Wagon Toyota Caldina Mitsubishi Legnum (good looking wagon) Some performance wagons on BAT have been getting good prices.
  10. GC8 WRX and GF8. I have always had a thing for them. Never got to really scratch the itch. I nearly bought a Forester Turbo, the Boxer engine is punchy mid range but feel flat high up. I wouldn't mind a GC8 in 1 of the limited trim versions or STi spec. 2 doors are mental money considering how cheap a 4 door is. When they came out I wished I could afford 1. I think Early turbo Subarus will become more collectible over time. The Evo's have become valuable but WRX has lagged behind. The 4G63 is a better motor IMHO but the WRX sound is good fun and I prefer the look of th
  11. DR30 and R31 4 door and 2 doors. Great cars, and still abused by P plate owners today. the DR30s with FJ's are thin on the ground and a cool car. HR31s with rb20det are super cool too. Again not many left. Really was the origins of the R32 GTRs. Values have been going up.
  12. Suzuki Jimny / Samurai - I had 1 for several years, very very reliable and durable. Easy to park and speedhumps were optional. I really do miss it. My Labrador didn't fit in the back properly. He was too big. Small engine so slow and useless at freeway speeds up inclines. Cheap 4x4 that had a lot of utility value. They have already done up in value with the launch of the new 1 but I think early ones will be collectible. Took a while to find mine back in 2013 and sold it for more than it cost me in 2019 with 60,000 + more KMS on it. I'd get another. Every time I see 1 I
  13. Honda CRX No good ones left, lots of fun. Great era for light weight Honda's, cool shape, reliable and fun. Rust and boy racers have killed them. 90s sex spec mods killed the others.
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