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  1. It is relisted again. Dealer (Alex Holland Used Cars) has relisted this car for sale. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1973-datsun-240z-manual/OAG-AD-19251360 $54,899 asking price. 1973 Datsun 240Z Auto A very good example of an Australian delivered matching numbers car This 2 owner 240z is finished in white with contrasting black interior Only 2 owners and showing 127,000 miles This car has not been modified Presents and drives very well A real head turner and an opportunity not to be missed Car available to view in Sydney. We are located only 10 minutes from Sydne
  2. She's not the worst car, but also not the best car to start with. But it's an early low vin #. So worth doing it right.
  3. I haven't noticed it, but I'll have a look. I just got an update that there is a new release with several bug fixes. https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ I haven't read it in detail, but perhaps that behavior is fixed in the new release? I'll run the update soon and we can perhaps check back in if the behavior has reverted back or still different to before? However I've noticed the threads where I haven't read the updates have a marker now so you know which posts you previously read up to. Which I thought was a handy feature.
  4. VBs asking $50k+. I must be getting old.. https://www.caradvice.com.au/894034/1982-holden-commodore-vh-sl-e-v8-comes-onto-the-market-with-substantial-price-tag/
  5. I think there is a few of us economics nerds here.. myself included. Trading currency is a good way to lose money IMHO :D. I recently went through a lot of analysis before I bought my house as I had $USD and Euro to convert for settlement. It was a bit nerve wracking as daily movements went a few thousand in some cases. If I had of known about Covid-19 and the 55cent low for $AUD I would have held off, but alas I do not possess balls of steel to trade through that kind of insanity. :).
  6. Thanks @RAP260 for ongoing monthly support. Thanks @CptZa for your recent contribution also.
  7. I'm not clear why you need to convert from Diesel to Petrol because of an ignition issue? LD28 blocks are taller than the regular L-series blocks. The cranks are longer stroker in the diesel which makes them more desirable for folks who want to run more displacement in L28 engines (petrol). But the head is quite different as you have mentioned, but I do know that LD28 blocks have been used for bigger displacement L-series (petrol engines). As to the oil and water galleries lining up I'm not sure why they would be different or how you can correct that? Perhaps custom machine work is required?
  8. Yeah I noticed that too. The theme changed and something has broken. I'll need to fix it.
  9. Rb25 NEO with Nistune ECU and updated / high flow OP6 factory turbo. Easy 300+HP.
  10. A lot is interchangeable.. what are you trying to achieve?
  11. Have you looked on Gumtree? You couldn't give these things away not long ago. I got a spare off @JDM-TOYthat I bothered to haul from NSW to Victoria with me. Where are you located?
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