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  1. Thanks mate, Any additional help at the moment is much appreciated.
  2. For those in Sydney.. https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/pro-stock-dream-home https://www.realestate.com.au/property-acreage+semi-rural-nsw-wilberforce-134136526
  3. Welcome, good to have you onboard after the signup hiccups. Can you tell us if you have plans to make more sections for the S30z?
  4. Going to lock this topic. Clearly some people can't play nice without throwing their toys out of their pram.
  5. Frankly at this point I'd rather burn them to the ground and make you watch.
  6. I missed this post before my reply, I have to be honest it's been a while since we've had someone so hostile on this forum. I suggest having a read of this. https://www.forbes.com/sites/francesbridges/2018/02/07/10-ways-to-make-people-like-you-from-how-to-make-friends-and-influence-people/#6bfdf09d4bb4 I would refrain from anymore ad hominem attacks, we are all for lively debate as you can see, and we could all turn blue debating if an old Datsun should be worth anything and which way the global economy will go. But there is no need to get personal or drag the overall standard of the community, it's members and postings to the gutter. I'm sure there is many more places on the Internet that would cater to those needs. So keep it clean or you'll get a temporary holiday, keep it up and you'll get the ban hammer.
  7. I understand there is a lot of economic forecasts at the moment claiming it's the end of times. Covid-19 has obviously brought to light a lot of problems in Global Markets. The housing markets and the volume of debt in them does seem to be a problem. But I think the biggest difference between the vintage car market and housing market is that in order to buy a house most people need a mortgage (a sizeable 1) and so when they lose their jobs they can be forced to sell at the market value (in a real estate market crash there is a limited pool of buyers). However with vintage cars, a bank is unlikely to give you a loan to purchase a vintage car, unlike a modern car from a dealer where they are willing to extend finance. This is because it's easy for the bank to see the market value of a new vehicle and the loan against it Where as for vintage cars (especially a project car like the rusty car in Sydney) no bank wants to lend on something like that, since their analysts have no idea as to it's market value. So in order to purchase such vehicles you need pocket money, and therefore you're not on the hook to a bank etc.. should the market turn down. I think that's 1 key difference between vintage cars and the housing market. Now will some be forced to sell assets if they have over extended themselves? Investment property loan gone sour or the like? Sure they might liquidate the classic car etc.. and you may find a cheap deal. But we have just had the largest economic downturn in 100 years and the demand for a rusty bucket like that 73 240z on eBay is still through the roof! Which surprises me, but then again if you look at the wider Japanese classic car market everything has skyrocketed. And Covid-19 lockdowns means that people are looking for a hobby to do at home. So that's driving demand for project cars. FWIW I recall when Mazda R100's were selling for $20k+ in similar condition not long ago, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth and complaining. But R100s have been selling for 6 figures for years now and prices haven't crashed. I think 240z/260z's have finally been recognised after spending many years undervalued, which at least means more support from the aftermarket for parts etc.. It should be noted that sometimes classic car values drop and it's often driven by demographic shifts. 50's cars have been in decline for a few years now, because the demographic (Silent Generation) who was into them have been dying off. The thing with S30Z's though is that they were always a Boomer favorite, but Gen X grew up buying them for cheap in the 80s/90s on the second hand market. I was an early Gen Y (tail end of Gen X) and bought 1 cheap in the late 90s and the newer Generations seem to love the S30z as much as all the generations prior. That's the thing with these cars they tend to transcend generations due to popular cultural references, video games, car restoration programs, the thriving culture of 90s performance Japanese cars (which has drawn people to look to the past), the hype around Fast and the Furious franchise (with a focus on GTRs etc..) but you'll note the older C10 GTR values are starting at $200-$300k+ along with the PS30 (Z432)'s in a similar price bracket (and 432-Rs in the $1M range if they ever sell or come to market). There just is not many cars left anymore, and by putting together the HS30 registry and data, along with the photo albums of what's around still. I'm hoping others can get a clearer picture of why the market is being driven up.
  8. Images I managed to save (and was sent a few from someone who inspected it). Apparently it sold at auction for roughly $10k. Although the Auction was not well promoted IMHO. So I wonder if it could have sold for more in another setting like eBay? Looks in similar condition to George's car #19 when he found that.. So big job ahead.
  9. Hey Vince, Thanks for that, I'll send you a PM. I hope you're well yourself with everything going on.
  10. Haha, that was actually a joke to go with Achilles. The godfather said it to stir me, but I actually liked the name Achilles. We've gone with the name Ryan, middle name still not settled yet.
  11. Believe me I'm done with collecting. Gotta build a proper garage to store them all in!
  12. I believe all the 2 seaters are private imports. I'd be surprised if there was more than 20 here to be honest. Only 1 I ever saw in person was Simon's black car that sold recently.
  13. I'm glad, I was a bit worried. Ha. But someone has to inherit all my JDMs in future. May swap you a 2 seater for that 2+2! But my Rx7 had rear seats but I out the storage bins and Recaros on it. So I'll need to swap back to the recliner seats and rear buckets. That should work for a small boy until age 10 maybe. Also got the Stagea we can enjoy as a family. I will probably keep the white 240z automatic so the wife can drive it with the little 1 riding shot gun and I can take another Z out and go to club meetings or drive days together. Hopefully the little guy likes cars as much as me.
  14. I saved the images for posterity. It was a little rough alright. Despite being stored under cover. 904 white with red interior car. Looks like it was a hoarders lot. Wonder if it indeed sold? And how much?
  15. Is it the 71a 5 speed box? I know that Fairlady Z-S likely got a 4 speed box where as Z-L probsbly got the early 71a 5 speed like AU market cars.
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