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  1. Yes, I was very impressed with the work done by Auto Panel Solutions. I had ordered a similar section from a vendor in Canada and it was very thick steel and wouldn't curve the way I wanted without a lot of extra work. Spent weeks with my panel beater teachers to try and make it work and still wasn't happy with the result. The Auto Panel Solutions section was done to OEM specification (exhaust cut out in particular was exactly the same as OEM).
  2. Yes, in my tafe course we used a heat sink (thick bit of metal behind the weld) to try and absorb the heat of the weld and prevent blow through. In my experience if the metal is thin enough, it will just blow a bigger hole and you'll chase your tail.. especially when using Oxy/Acetylene and a filler rod. If would often be better/quicker to just cut a section out and weld fresh metal in. By the time you mig up an area, sand/grind it's similar time invested. I don't know about welding to rust converter, but once you've cleaned rust away (wire wheel or similar), then you can spray down some weld through primer. (such as uPol Weld-through, zinc-rich primer).
  3. JDM car parts often says he won't ship certain items international I've found. I believe you get taxed on total orders about $1,000 not individual. For large items I've used USAtoAus.com - like panels, steel wheels etc.. but it's a slightly painful experience.
  4. Yes, looks like you're in Miami so you should have options re: US suppliers. Motorsport Auto for example will likely have a kit you can buy. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic08a02 Tan kit. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08a02a/40-4493
  5. https://www.rx7club.com/2nd-generation-non-technical-pictures-198/funny-inspiration-posters-832116/
  6. Also rotary's consume fuel like a V8 before you increase overlap via port work. Good for a track car and early turbo spool, but I think it makes them a pig in traffic with high idle and the noise etc.. :).
  7. You're missing the prefix to "idiot".
  8. I'm gonna keep it stock ports, bridgeport is too "Western" Sydney for my tastes lol..
  9. This is why I like to buy the cleanest car possible to begin with... Because otherwise you're doing exactly what is being done here. Everything!
  10. Oops. I am rebuilding my FD at the moment. If it makes you feel any better?
  11. Applies to any vintage cars for sale of that era.
  12. Hey Jeff, do you have a heat shield below the carbs? If so was it custom made? I know you've got a 4 cylinder so may not be applicable to an L6.
  13. Finally got a set of new covers to match my lenses. Funny enough there are 2 different versions of rings and lens. I actually had 2 rings with a lens (minor cracks) but they were a mismatched pair.. which would have meant drilling holes in different locations for each headlight bucket on a car. Plus if I ever needed a replacement I'd need to order an odd lens and normally they would be sold as matched pairs I'd imagine. Thing is the lenses themselves are different shapes and so even if I redrilled holes in the lenses, they can't be interchanged. Refer to photos. Before I can fit these I'll need to source some rubber gasket / seals and the mounting hardware. Which I'm sure I've seen somewhere for purchase, just gotta remember where.
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