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  1. It's funny, with new R35 GTRs they actually appear a bargain compared with clapped out 300,000kms (true km), R32, R33 and even R34 GTRs. Yet, I still want an earlier RB powered 1 more than the R35. Especially an R34.. And so does everyone else based on prices being paid. I do wonder if the Z35 with its promised stick shift will recapture the sports car market and make the Z's more desirable again. But I must admit the Z34 Nismo version does appeal to me. But the old Z's just have so much personality, it's what I love about them, plus they are easy to work on. It must be the rust
  2. Unfortunately if you want a 240z, not a lot of choice out there right now. The other ones on the market appear not much better for similar money.
  3. 1 of the last delivered.. Clay Wong did a feature on it.
  4. 40mm Mikuni's on Trademe.co.nz $200 NZD. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/toyota/engines/listing/2947018392?member_hash=7c982e0bdc2fcbd8c2c27bdf1cc436f59983e2800dd44aad89&tm=email&et=46&mt=7F1F0D31-C106-4483-BC9A-C7464ADF110F&bof=qUgegp5A
  5. I should also point out, that although I have valued the car above, I have not seen it in person yet. I only helped source a couple of tough to find parts (if you ever needed door trims for a 260z you'll understand - especially in non-black). But from talking to the owners son this car was restored with the intention of keeping it, not selling it. So no expense was spared. I just don't want people to think I'm vouching for something/someone. My interest is in the car itself, not the other items of news going around with this auction. I hope people can understand where I'm coming from
  6. Think he was talking to @PZG302 with that 1. I wasn't able to get access to my storage container due to covid-19 lockdowns until recently. If someone is absolutely desperate for an auto box I'd consider letting mine go, but I still would prefer to keep it as a spare if I can. - Having said that each time I stub my toe on it I'll remember this thread.
  7. Where do you plan to get that? I've taken paint into a shop to be analysed with regard to the blue engine block colour, but even then I'm not sure it's exactly right - since over time the paint fades/changes colour etc..
  8. Realistically I believe it's worth close to $90k AUD and possibly more - so there I've put it out there... Yes I agree, I know that much more than that was spent on it's restoration. It's got to be 1 of the best 260z 2 seaters in the country. Possibly worldwide. I would not be surprised if it was bought by someone outside of Australia though.
  9. Oh dear. VIN: RS30-005221 ENGINE NUMBER: L26138070 COLOUR: ORANGE ODOMETER SHOWING: 12,632 MANUFACTURED: 1975 COMPLIANCE DATE: 9/75 Starting bid $25k
  10. To be honest it looked like a good car, so someone probably bought it sight unseen. The white basket case has also sold. Not surprised. It may have been better than it looked.
  11. Oddly, I really want that engine lol... good thing I am broke.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/313086563455368/ 260z with rare Autech Rb26 (NA) engine, which produced around 217HP stock form. Info on the Autech R32 Sedan. https://megablastspeedparts.com/en/nissan-skyline-r32-gts-4-26-autech-version-2/ To be honest it's a lemon, the value is in the drivetrain..
  13. It looks like it's been near the Ocean a while. Probably not good. Be interesting to know how much the chassis is.
  14. Nice looking 240z project on Gumtree. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/datsun-240z/1266090246?utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky
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