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Bennys 72' 240Z

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Hey Guys,


Sorry for the delay in getting this together... been a very busy boy!!


So this all started way back in 2007?? When dad (rev) got his first 260Z 2+2. I must be honest and say i wasn't convinced when we went to get it, but that bug we all know of bit and it bit real hard!!


So far i have owned a 74' 260Z 2+2 (currently being restored by a friend), a 77' 260Z 2+2 (currently sitting in cranbourne somewhere in a wreckers i think), a 75' 260Z 2 Seater (someone on the forum now owns it and i think restoring it).


This all lead to the car currently sitting in my garage, a 72' 240Z. I found the car on carsales this was the ad-


Classic 240z Datsun project car with lots of expensive parts, but lots of work left to do.




RB20DET (2.0L six cylinder turbo) engine from Nissan Skyline with 5 speed gearbox, which has been dynoed in the car at 260 rear wheel HP.


Heavy duty clutch.


Customised engine mounts that locate engine low and back for better mass distribution.


Original engine management from r32 skyline, with closed-loop cruise for efficiency on separate wiring loom from car's other electrics.


560x300x73mm custom cored aluminium intercooler.


Stainless tig-welded inlet plumbing with large K&N air filter.


Full 3.5" exhaust with removable cat section and custom dump pipe.


Koni shocks - red in rear, yellow in front, shortened for larger 17"/18" wheel setup.


Custom licence plates (24OZT) for sale with car!




Body is rust-free, but paint and panel work needs a redo to be in show condition.




Lots of work remaining to be done on car - not in driveable condition as is. Needs work on brakes to be moving, and much more to be roadworthy.




Plenty of other datsun parts available with car, including L24 engine.




Would be great as a basis for a project car, as plenty has been bought or built, but lots of work and customisation left to do yourself.


Here are some pics-






So i decided that it would be a good base for a project and got it trailered down a week later!!



When i received the car it was basically as described and I was generally happy with the car.


Now the hard task- to decide what the future is for this fairlady...


Heres what ive come up with so far.




Brand new interior(carpets,vinyls,dash) Installed

Aftermarket race seats (OBX Daytona) already acquired




Paint Job (Millenium Jade) have paint but not applied yet

Front Spolier (Urethane Type) Installed

Rear BRE Spoiler not yet acquired

Carbon Fibre Mirrors already acquired


Motor and Drivetrain-


Exhaust System (going for a 2 1/4 system) Installed

L28 (from zzzzed) Installed

240Z 71A "Close Ratio" Gearbox Installed

Extractors Installed

Exedy HD Clutch Installed

240Z Rebuilt Carbs Installed

New 60AMP alternator Installed

New Coil Installed



Brakes and Wheels-


Wheels (16 x8 Bridgestone Potenza) Installed but not for long/color]

R32 4 Pot Brakes have calipers nothing else yet

280ZX Rear Brakes Installed


Other Accessories-


Dark Tint not yet acquired

H4 Headlights Carbon Fibre Mirrors already acquired and installed

LED Driving Lights yet to make






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First thing i did was pull the motor and sold it it Mick (zzzzed) for his 240Z project and then purchased an l28 From him.









Awaiting its heart!!


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Next was the interior,


Started by pulling the seats and all vinyl and carpet found about $16.00 in the process



Then me and my little bro stripped out all of the old rubbish tar deadening




Little bro hard at it



All rust converted




Then Completely POR-15'd








Have also completed sound deadened the car again with a 10mm Foil backed rubber deadening (will post up pics later)


Also reconditioning the console at the moment will post more pics of that later!!






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Looking good little bro'.


You have been a busy little boy.


What's the go with the brass dials in picture 2 of post 2??  :o


What have you sprayed the interior with?



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brass dials were a "homemade boost controller" done by the previous owner!!


it has been brushed with POR-15 Paint supposed to be the best??

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Congrats Benny, looks like an excellent car to start with. Very solid.


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A young guy ditching an rb for an l28??? Unheard of ;) Looking good Benny, looks like a good rig to start with :D


have to to comply with the law in VIC (on my p's still) ::)

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hey dimitri...


no real reason why it should be there... fingers crossed!! Ive got to sort out the rear drivers drum, i think the wheel cylinder is stuffed!!

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If you get them from a wrecker, they would probably set you back around $80 or so.. Center Rd wreckers has plenty of R31's. Hand brake can be made to work with a bit of tinkering.

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think ill stick with the drums just to get it on the road... dimitri do you have the r32 brakes on the front of your zed??

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thats right.... no girly boxes for me... i managed to get an early 240 close ratio box.


sold the rb20 box with the motor too :)

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