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RB25DET 260 2+2 now on facebook instead


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Hey guys hows it goin?


Im currently 18 and a second year auto electrical apprentice from perth

previously owned an s13 silvia which i sold and now im building a 260z

Bit of a run down as follows;


1977 260Z 2+2(purchased in 1978 by my grandad from nissan:)).

S2 RB25DET (half cut from KYP)


List of mods currently working on;


Engine acessories:

Holset HX35 turbo

JJR intake plenum

JJR 80mm throttle body

JJR adjustable cam gears

N1 oil pump

N1 water pump

GReddy timing belt

NSK tensioner and idler

PWR 55mm Radiator

PWR Front mount intercooler

Permacool oil cooler and relocation


Nismo low temp thermostat

CRS engine mounts and gearbox subframe

Varex 3" cannon muffler (not yet purchased)



R33 S2 gearbox

Exedy Hyper D twin plate clutch

Nismo fork pivot

Nismo slave cylinder

custom tailshaft (not yet purchased)

(some kind of lsd)


Brakes and Susspension:

Ford rear Disc conversion with 13" drilled slotted vented rotors

Hilux front conversion with 12" drilled slotted vented rotors

B&M line locker

R33 brake booster and master

Energy susspension bush kit

Willwood proportion valve

(susspension undecided)



Adaptronic ECU

MSD 3 bar MAP sensor

Innovative LC1 wideband sensor

7" flip out screen for O2 readout ect...

Stewart Warner gauges (not yet purchased)

Custom warning panel

Custom full rewire

Haltech coils

Haltech igniter module



57L Fuel Cell

Bosch 044 fuel pump

Aeromotive fuel filter

1/2" Aluminium Fuel supply line

3/8" Aluminium Fuel Return line

480cc injectors

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator



MSA type 3 air dam

Hella matrix rear lights


Custon colour paint job

the rest undecided



Momo Competition Steering wheel

Sparco Carbon Pedals

Power windows

Central locking

The rest as it comes.


Thats pretty much a list of what i have purchased(unless stated otherwise next to it) and what i plan on putting into this thing


Im currently working on a cutom rear light setup which ill post pictures of soon:)


will try and keep an update and pics as i go


cheers guys










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thanx for the replies guys, location updated!


ummm its slightly off from the stock colour, my dad resprayed it for my grandad bout 5 years ago n it wasnt quite the same


he wont be doing my new paint:)


but yeh it is nice to have a hoist in my garage!

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thanx guys, i will try my best to keep it up to date:)


ummm holset compared to garret...

well the particular model i have gone for is apparently between a gt2871 n a 3071

bush bearing compared to garrets ball bearing

but ment to give better response due to a superior blade design or something like that

this one is only oil cooled but shouldnt be an issue

the physical size is larger than a garret

can handle upwards of 35psi as they are designed generally for trucks

should be nice to drive without to much lag, my goal is around 350hp at the wheels somewhere around 17psi





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thanx for all the replies guys


nuclear_z - im running an australian built ecu, Adaptronic www.adaptronic.com.au great unit, lots of features should be fun to play with, yeh i had 315 at the rears of my silvia which was nice but could go a few more:) dont really wanna look at forged internals right now so ill be happy with 350 and some nice response!


JP - ill take a photo of gearbox mount soon, i havnt actually mounted it up... that photo was engine resting in there only to check few fitments but im planning on getting gearbox in there with the engine soon:) it is a Castelmaine Rod Shop Gearbox mount.


RBZ 260 - thanx mate, trying to make her perfect in my eyes:)


sco_aus - ahh... yeh wage isnt great but i purchased my silvia with a 15000 loan and when i sold that i used the money to buy parts, not pay the loan off:P but yeh she has cost me around 28000 in parts so far haha hopefully by the time 35000 comes it will be a real nice car on the road not on my lifter

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Now those electric windows ARE nifty!  Mind telling use how much they set you back?  ;D


cheers man, they work awesome!

i picked them up off ebay, a seller in australia. Generally go for around $250 which i think is well worth it!


cheers im currently uploading 30 new photos:)



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Hey guys i got little bit more done yesterday, i also took a photo of some of the gear ill be running in the car:)


what you see in the following photos is a modifed pedal box, steering colum bracket so that i could redrill for R33 S2 brake master and booster


also my R33 Accelerator is in there, custom bracket welded to firewall for that one too, come up pretty nice hopefully length is good too for cable when i get to that:)


there is one pic of my fuel cell mounting frame


and some nice other parts from japan and america:)
































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Very nice work dude


Awesome work, Jason. Good to see someone doing up a 2+2  ;D.



thanx guys! ive always liked the look of the car and its got family history so im happy i can do it up!

its coming along pretty nice, seem to be making so pretty good progress


Try this link for some ideas for your gearbox mount issues.


thanx mate ill check that out for sure!


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Your door looks different to mine... I had to mount the locking unit completely different because of the windows. I shoulda installed power windows first so I wouldn't have had to find a place where it wouldn't jam... ^^

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Your door looks different to mine... I had to mount the locking unit completely different because of the windows. I shoulda installed power windows first so I wouldn't have had to find a place where it wouldn't jam... ^^


yeah minesis a 3/76 and has the same as yours. this one would be prob the late 76 or 77 78. cause i was looking at central locking as i had few difficulties mounting it. this seemed easier way but the door definetly different.


some things remind me when i was working on my 2+2. the pedal box clutch accelerator cable all very similar to mine. works well so u on a right track. ( i just wished i went the next step and installed with ABS, oh well something for the 240z.)


not sure did i see power steering on your list?


i cant wait to see this thing completed.


that power window kit looks like a very easy fittment. may have to look into this and removing my heavy 280zx motors to adapt this kit.


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