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  1. Thanks for the explanations, I get the speed differential is an issue but my thoughts are it has a bigger impact on the faster cars' competitiveness. I didn't know the circumstances of the bad crash, we would look ordinary to CAMS if that was the outcome. The sprints are an option but the regularity is more suitable for me and is a lot of fun to be among our mates (if you can go home unharmed). I think I try to achieve my regular times by going near to my potential and probably way off the car's potential. Anyhow still looking forward to next time and hope the guy with the damaged spine is making progress.
  2. Dave I don't understand why the minimum time is special and can't be lowered a few seconds by CB, I am still a bit off that time but understand it is a frustration for the fast guys. We have runs on the board and would think our history with event would count for something.
  3. Ben In NSW you have to be careful of any modifications to the car. If you and the club are confident of it originality then it is OK for historic plates. (Regular rego probably has not necessarily approved modifications either). Cars that are modified beyond small limits require engineering approvals which are an added impost and end up with Modified rego here which has same benefits. However when buying a car, you should be aware if modification have the proper approval or factor in getting the approvals.
  4. Always wondered why the group S cars were so much faster, 7500RPM explains a lot. Back to SWR for a "nut tickling" (is that for me or the car?)
  5. Can't get copy URL to work but if you search "Targa Tasmania 2016 team legacy the Crash" it is still there. Maybe Gav can link it. Also quite a wake up call on the perils of targa and the Zed not turning in.
  6. There are a few Sydney Zs coming down for the Historic meeting at PI. Two of us went last year and had a lovely time. Hopeful of more this year. We are all entered in the regularity event, the cars are modified but still L series. PI ranks up there with the best circuits (argument over it and Bathurst) and it is a great opportunity to test ourselves. If any Z people are going, be sure to say G'day.
  7. Woohoo! Had a great weekend (well Sunday anyway) at Bathurst Challenge. There was talk at CB about the ranking of this track in the world but I think it is the greatest circuit I have driven and the climb up and down the mountain are such a buzz. Congratulations to the Qld Z club for the organisation of our group E and for their dedication to the sport reflected in their fast cars and drivers. Anyhooo My car 71 has a Stewart Wilkins built car, engine L30 about 218hp at wheels. GTR Brakes Coilovers A/C Yokohama A050 mediums Bathurst. best time 19/11/2017 2:47.3 (last year 2:52.3) Talk at CB was to re enter for the Phillip Island Historics in March where I think we did a 1:58, but now I think I could take turn 1 flat. Will consult with her indoors. Wakefield 1:11 I found at Bathurst that for each run I would ask a fast guy how you tackled a certain part and worked on that. Not take on too much advice. Hence flat out through kink and hold flat for half way into chase. Therefore I still need to go for a few more years to get all the track worked out. Don't think we had as much carnage as last year which is amazing considering the wet Saturday (50mm rain), so hope there is not too much pain out there.
  8. Hmmm, I think it is another example of what plagues this country. I call it "professional corruption" where extreme measures and procedures are used to bolster the tin pot department or business and they are extending their brief from refugees to asbestos. Think in their early days the Nazis had the "brownshirts".
  9. Hi Guys My mate Tony made up this clip of me in the regularity at Challenge Bathurst 2016. I have signed up for this year again and hoping to crack the 2:50 barrier, I got 2:51.3 in the last session and if I can go through the kink flat out I might get there. These are mainly cuts from the earlier sessions, where we were still trying to work out etiquette. I was getting some clear runs later. Some of the shots of me are a bit confronting as I still feel 18 but old age is creeping up on me. I have owned this car for 3 years, it was built by Stewart Wilkins racing as a street ready modified Z. It has a 3.1l L series with coilovers, GTR brakes, leather seats and air. It is the white car number 28. These cars are the best, they are still affordable and you get such a thrill from driving them, the car has a lot more ability than me. Hope this inspires some others to sign up for November 2017. Gordon https://youtu.be/Eatq0ElSiyA
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