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How I removed/refitted my engine.


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The first panel beater I used assured me that everyone scratches their car getting the engine in or out. He was very negative.

I assured him that I felt I could come up with a safe way to do it.

Lately while laying in bed I have been reading various rebuild projects so I thought I would share how I did mine.

I made an "A" frame out of 3 X 11/2 pine (75 X 35) and then I used two lengths of 1/2" UNC B7 stud bar through a peice of heavy wall pipe that was bolted to the holes under the chassis just ahead of where the cross member bolts in.

I had originally made a dolly out of timber with castors so I could just roll the engine/gearbox out when I lifted the car up.

Anyway it allowed me to do the job slowly and safely just by winding the nuts under the pipe. With no marks anywhere.

Just thought this may help someone.

This photo is me preparing to refit.


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I just did basically the same thing except i removed the transmission, attached an engine stand and lifted the car on the lift dropping the crossmember with the engine.

Awesome job you did without a car lift

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Hello bjszed. When I first bought the car I removed the gearbox to repair a rear main seal leak.

It nearly killed me laying under the car with the weight of the gearbox on my chest and going back in was worse.

So I decided that when I pulled the engine for rust repairs I would make sure it was easy.

I am 71 and retired so if it takes an hour to lift the car I don't care.


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I remember changing a clutch on my back on the garage floor, about 15 years ago. Nearly killed me also. Never again.

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Hello Gavin and you are a lot younger than me.

I probably should have mentioned I was removing everything to bring the car to a bare shell so this method is not for everyone.

But it certainly gave me peace of mind when finally going back together.

Hope to have it driving in a few months and I will put up a few photos of the finished job. I am very proud of it.


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Hello CAF,

              I really enjoy looking at your quality of work

I just assumed Gavin was a young bloke. You know the old saying about assuming something.

Can I ask you a question? If fitting factory badges to say the front mudguard or rear hatch and there is no hole what size drill do you use for those little push in clips and do you use a dob of glue as well or just the clips?


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