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Indicator Switch Upgrade - Non Oem


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After several attempts to repair the OEM switch I've given up and performed an upgrade.


I found this process on HydridZ but I couldn't locate the switch suggested. 




I found this switch at Bursons and after grinding away a bit of the dia on the toggle arm it worked perfectly.




I've included locations of the holes - best done before cutting the plate to size.




The hole sizes are 3mm for the securing screws and 11mm for the switch. 

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Hey Peter, what OEM switch do you have and what is broken with it? I am looking to 3D print the internal plastic rocket switch part to fix a broken 1 myself.

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Old thread but thought I would update with another possible non OEM switch option for those with non repairable or unreliable turn signal switch..

The Narva 60291BL Micro On/Off/On Toggle Switch is smaller and does require a mounting plate to be made and the toggle to be "built up" to a wider diameter to be a snug fit in the sliding plastic fitting of the indicator "arm".

Stainless steel, epoxy sealed
SPST, solder type terminals
Amperage rating 20A at 12V, 10A at 24V
Mounting opening 6mm dia.



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6 minutes ago, Ponyo240z said:

I will try this

I forgot to mention that when soldering the wires to the new switch they need to be swapped to the opposite ends of the switch compared to the original. So White with red stripe to White with black stripe and visa versa. Clear as mud?

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