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Datsun 240Z , Honda Civic Heater Blower Motor Fan Upgrade, Ac , Air Conditioner

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Sick of your useless Zed heater / AC blower motor?! 

Here is a pretty serious upgrade from a Honda Civic!
If you are reading this you are likely well aware of swapping the original 240Z fan motor for a 1990s era Honda Civic fan motor .
If not check this link out for the details:
This fan motor basically bolts straight in and provides much better air flow for your heater and if you have the luxury of AC ( and i don't mean window winders!) this will be an essential component of an AC fit out or upgrade .
I disassemble, clean , check brushes and armature etc , reassemble and test before sending to the buyer.
Any questions let me know,
Free postage Australia wide.






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               Any advantage or problems fitting a 260Z .


                         Regards : Alan.               

Another member has tackled this one in the 260z before and lived to tell the tale!


here is his write up, from memory you need to open up the hole the fan passes through , die grinder would make that task a breeze.



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Doing another BUMP, 



I have one Honda blower fan currently in stock ,


picked it up the other day from a Civic sedan with 74,000km on the clock !


This particular  fan is in the best condition i have seen so far and i have inspected 50 plus fans over the last 12 months!


If you want one buy this one today!!


The warm weather is coming!

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