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Cuong's HS30-00982

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So mid last week I was contacted by Marie the previous owner of Daphne the Datsun regarding a 1971 240Z which she had owned for the last 29 years!


So Daphne is a rare white exterior with blue interior car.

She still has her matching number engine from the day she left the factory with engine # L24-045825 slotted between the rails of its chassis # HS30-00982


Needless  to say after a brief conversation I became the current carer for Daphne. The decision was an easy one as I know how hard it is to come accross a 240z which has lots of its original parts still with the car.


So this is how i received her.





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I was very happy that the previous owner had not only kept the original engine, but it was fully reconditioned as well!! Bonus☺


At the moment it is running British SU but the original 4 screw Hitachis carbies did come with the car also. Apperently the Datsuns carbs gave  them problems and she mentioned that the spark plugs  had to be changed often?





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Being a 1971 model it had the early style fibreglass centre console and the twin choke arrangement.

Still has the original gearknob (Gav will be excited by this) and steering wheel but not the radio, although i do have one amongts my 240z spares. Does anyone know if the rubber boot around the gearstick is the original type?

I was also impressed at the condition of all the terminals and connection of the fuse box as lots of them have burn marks and  green blue colour on the connections.

Most of the trim has been ripped out as well as the seats not being the original blue.





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All the glass around the car is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. Both the front windscreen as well as the rear hatch glass is genuine Nissan glass. This is also the case of both side door glass and ths little 1/4 panel glass.


Dealer sticker still attached ☺


Is this a factory steel radiator fan?


I havent devised a plan for the car as yet but with two you kids and soon to be three kids under the age of 5 towards  the end of this year I know that spare time is not in my hands. So I will probably fix up bits and pieces and still drive the car rather then pulling it all apart and not being able to enjoy it.


Thats all for now folks ☺





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Congratulations, I heard about this car believe it or not?


It looks like an accident free car? Or did it come with free accidents? :).


From what I can see it has the original steel fan.


Radiator looks like original type. Yes 5 speed gear knob is a good find, but I was more excited by the blue interior you have there!


No original radio is a shame but good to see rest of car is still pretty original. Shift boot is not original type, looks horrid turf it haha.


I'm guessing it's had at least 1 original paint job in it's life? Judging by rear tail light panel getting the colour coded treatment.


The choke knob is the later 'square type' as opposed to the rounded type like the hand throttle has. You have the blanking plates for the rear defogger and parkers.


An increasingly rare find, good to know a few still out there to be discovered.




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Hi Gav, yes cars like this are far and few in between. I do have a factory radio even though this car didn't come with one.


I know the choke knobs are not the right ones. I will try and find out which type it's supposed to have and go hunting for some.


As far as I can see it hasn't been pranged as I can still see all the factory spot welds along the front strut towers in the engine bay, top of the radiator support panel, both rear quarter panels around the tyre area and the spare wheel area.


It did indeed have some prior rust repairs on the flat rear hatch lock area where they normally rust and I assume that's when the white treatment of the rear light panels was done. I am going to change those panels with some others that I have with the factory grey colour as I can't stand the way it is now!!!


To my surprise that no one else had bought this car as I have been told that it was on the market from February! I believe these cars have a way of finding their owners...

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She said she was going to sell it, but never bothered advertising it anywhere. Then went on holidays. When she got back, she still didn't bother advertising it. When I finally was in a position to go look at it, you beat me to it by a couple of hours.

All the people in the other thread bashing wanted ads on gumtree take note. Cuong got this car because of a wanted advert.

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2 for 1, nah, I don't think so. I should just get on with fixing mine. Think I need a ute with a towbar, and a job.


I hear Silvias are fetching 50 to 70 grand US these days in Japan.


Hows the yellow Z going by the way? Still have it?


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Hello Mr Alan T.  :) I still need to pop over to yours for a cuppa and check out your mustard!


Craig I was joking about swapping cars lol. Yes I still have the yellow one, it is all up and running these days.

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Wanted ads that show up on Google searches work very well! My ad for old Shogun bikes keeps the results flowing in steadily; just need more cash!


Awesome purchase BTW...

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Well done Cuong


Certainly looks like you managed to find a real gem.

Just proves that they are still out there waiting to be unearthed.





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