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2011 AusZcar Christmas BBQ - 3/12/2011!

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Lurch :
Same as last year, & will be held at Gordon & Sharron's loverly properly near Lillydale, on Saturday the 3rd of December.

Pics from last year:

Last years thread:,7531.105.html

There lots of room to display cars, kids cubby house & trambopolene, BBQ's & a very nice shed to inspect!
BYO food for the BBQ, drinks & chairs.
Bring the family & your Zed. It's always a great day!

Date: Saturday 3/12/2010.
Time: From 10:00am onwards.
Address: Address is: Evans Grove, Wandin North.
Just look for the Auszcar ZClub sign out the front.

Contact Details - Lurch: Zero Four Zero Zero Zero Five Four Five Seven Two

GL240GTR - Gordon (2 zeds)
620Z - Craig
Lurch - Locky
Madz - Jane
Spamaster - Bruce
Luvemfast - Simon
zr240 - Ash
Matt Drago
Sco_aus - Scott (& Jac)
KatoKid - David
Dalee - Dale
Scoota - Mark (maybe)
Candy33 - Tai
Agno - Alex
Jamo240 - Jamo
Zedman240 - Dimitri
Wes & Maggie
ZedEvan - Evan
Sirpent - John
Peter mc26 - Peter
ZedLS1 - John
Benny (& Fizzy & Chucky) (maybe)
Rob Devo (maybe)
Saxon - Hamish
260Coupe - Alan
LC260Z - Loui

19 zeds so far!

Santa's raindeer will be there again with it little red nose ;) 

will be there + 2

Can't start missing them now.

you missed one lurchos!! ;)


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