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  1. 620Z

    2016 Christmas Bbq.

    Won't be there with my Zed. Sadly it is long gone and the new owner couldn't make it. But will be therewith my new Supercharged Club Wagon.
  2. Sold. Geez that was fast. I knew they were hard to find. Must still be the case. Mick I will send them off tomorrow for you. Apologies Doug but Mick beat you by 42minutes. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have two Z31 Half Shafts for sale. I have recently sold my Zed after having it for 22 years and these are some of the left over spares in the garage. I purchased these about 5 years ago for $430- as spares for my car. I never used them or even took them out of the packaging. Let me know if interested. I would be selling them for $400-. I am not on here that often. But will check in every now and then. Cheers Craig
  4. Well I finally got around to putting the car on "Car Sales" we shall see how it goes. I might do MY105 and Unique Cars mag in the next few weeks. I imagine 3-6 months before a buyer comes along. If I am lucky. Ha Nearly a thousand detailed views after a week. Time will tell.
  5. I agree with you guys and that's why I opted for the 2+2. The extra long wheel base allows for better balance and not as twitchy on the corners. This car has been corner weighted and is the same weight on all for wheels. So it is perfectly balanced something most V8 Zeds can't claim. A short story of how I acquired the motor. I was on my second motor when a mate with a Red 240Z with my current motor was selling his car for 20K. I saw the receipts for the motor totalling over 20K for parts alone. So I bought the car. Swapped the motor into my car since it had more features but more importantly would handle better with the longer wheel base. I sold the other car for 15K with my old motor in it and with 7.5K spent on the change over job was done. Two engine refresh's later after ironing out some bugs and finally finding a mechanic that actually knew what he was doing with no bullshit we took out the roller cam for reliability which also eliminated the need for constant maint and still increased the HP output by 15%. My new race engine guy who is by the way up there as one of the best old school Chev men in Aus having had 3 of his motors run in the top 4 of the muscle cars for a season. Now she runs like a dream and is very street friendly. The engine is still relatively fresh having been recently tested and tuned and will happily putt around at 60klms or a lot more.
  6. Thanks for your kind words guys. Graedat you want some good advise. Sell your V8 project and buy this thing. You will save so much money and be driving it in a few months. otherwise your project might take years and go over budget like most including mine. Many on here never finish as you know due to losing the passion over time. Just a thought. Ha Lurch I will still be coming on any future Thredbo or Tassie trips. Either in this car or another. Cheers
  7. Well gents, 20 years ownership has seen the evolution of my car transform into a great looking fast reliable V8 Zed. I have to say it would be one of the best road reg 2+2 V8's in Australia. There has literally been no expense spared. Having spent over $100,000- on it's development I am looking at selling it for $40,000- with a heavy heart. I won't be taking offers so if you don't have the cash don't contact me. Sadly I have only been driving this car maybe 6 times a year for the last 4 years so time for someone else to enjoy. Looking at a new beast on a whole different level. I won't be listing all the mods but here are a few:- Stroked Race Chev 383 producing 540bhp with 750nm of torque. Steel crank, ported alloy Brodix heads, flat tappet, Race Demon 825cfm etc. Strong as. Will never break. Cost well over 20K in components. Engine Oil Cooler 2K Gear Box Tremec TKO600 5 Speed Manual rates at 600bhp. Cost 4.5K Huge gear box mounts to the tunnel 1.5K Race Clutch rated at 600bhp & Special mod race Sump 2K Paint - Bare Metal 2 Pack Sting Red with 15 body mods incl G-Nose. Receipts 17K Roll Cage 8 point CAMS approved. By Merridian Motor Sport. Cost 4.5K Coil over suspension fully adj & Adj Konie shockers 3K Front & Rear Control arm mods incl Rose joints etc. No Bump Steer 2K Front & Rear Disk Breaks. Front Vented with Corvette Callipers, braided lines, front & Rear bias etc 3K ROH Wheels 17 x 9"all round and 80% Race tyres 255mm rear & 245mm front. 4K R200 LSD with 3.9 Ratio and massive balanced drive shaft & unis + Z31 CV Axles. 3.5K Power Steering. Subaru WRX STI. Works perfect. 2K Alloy Fuel tank centrally located huge 95 litre. Complete with swirl pot ready for injection 1K Rear Spoiler V8 Super Car 1K Keyless entry, alarm, push button start, elect windows, elect rear vision mirrors 3K Carpet & Upolstry on doors 1K Diff Brace 1K Number Plates & Tinted windows 1K Race Seats 2K etc etc I am in no hurry to sell so only serious people contact me if interested. No joy rides. No driving the car till I am convinced you are a serious buyer. This car is a jet and pulls massively at 250klms so make sure you know how to drive. Closer to summer I will advertise in all the National mags etc. All receipts and 100's progressive photo's available on request. Anything specific then I can email you a picture of that mod. I can be contacted on 0419 104 342 for a viewing in Rowville Vic.
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks for putting on a great day. Was good to catch up with everyone. Love your work shop. Let's hope we can get a few of these get togethers more often. Cheer Craig
  9. Hi Rev, Could I have a PM. Thanks Craig
  10. Hi Rev, I should be able to make it. Sounds like a great day. Also feel free to spend some money on the day for Salad, bread etc, Rev and I will give you the cash from the club on the day as reimbursement. Cheers
  11. Yeah your car is looking great Mick. Well done on the times. Must have been a great day.
  12. Good morning Gents. Well we are struggling to get numbers for next Feb Tassie Trip. We have had a few people unable to make it and a few others unable to comit at this point. I think the safest thing to do is cancel Feb'15 Tassie Trip and replace it with a Weekend trip to Bright in Feb. This is a definate regardless of numbers as Jodie and I will be going since last time was a great weekend away. We would be going for 4 days Friday to Monday. We have great accommodation with a pool, tennis court and BBQ facilities. We would do some day trips in the Zed on the Sat & Sunday on some awesome roads to Mt Buffalo, Mt Hotham and or Falls Creek. Any parties interested in coming along let me know. I appologise for the cancelation. But unless the numbers are there it probably isn't worth the big trip to Tassie. As an alternate Bright is cheaper and less time off work. So hopefully some of you guys can make that one. Hopefully we can book this accommodation prior to Christmas. With a show of numbers we might be able to get a discount on the accommodation. Cheers Craig
  13. Put the tank under the wheel well Gordo. Lowers the centre of gravity and makes it all legal for racing with no wall. You know it's the best way to go for performance. Don't cut corners on the white car every 10th helps. Ha . Then just fill it like my car near the number plate or as per pic below.
  14. Geez Mick you are doing some big work. I have 3600Ib springs in mine all round. My cage made a big difference but also the ride hight. From memory you might have been running a bit highter then me. Might also help with handling. Mind you my car is more for road than track. I am sure you already have beefed up sway bars. Will be awesome to see your car again at the Feb'15 Tassie Trip.
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