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  1. 620Z


    I have to agree with Steve. Someon's been busy clicking on their own file. Ha Ha :oops:
  2. Nice covers. I need a set of those are you able to let me know where you got them?
  3. 620Z

    No caption

    That is a great looking Zed.
  4. 620Z

    Zeds off the net

    I am tipping with a hatch like that all molded in that he doesn't have a fume problem. Extreme but not bad.
  5. 620Z

    Zeds off the net

    That is one awesome looking Zed. Great idea the forward hinge bonnet, not to mention the front end. almost looks like a Mazeratti.
  6. 620Z

    No caption

    Nice looking Car David. Where did you get your headlight covers from? I am wondering if they might fit my G-Nose. PM me. Thanks
  7. 620Z

    No caption

    A bit big on the flares but still a pretty nice looking car. Looks like he has slicks on so might be a bit of a racer.
  8. 620Z

    No caption

    Refer my "ZZZ8" file on this site for updated pics with G-nose, side vents, electric mirrors & flared guards.
  9. 620Z

    No caption

    This is a great shot under lights. I might have to come on your next drive to get something similar of my car. Cheers
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