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  1. What diff's can be used in our Zeds is the question.. I see lsd's on ebay all the time at huge $$$$. So the question is can we use other diffs from Subaru's etc and there a R160,R180,R200 what are the difference's in these, as you can found these diff's cheap. Looking for experts in this field
  2. Hey guys just picked up brand new Koni classic reds Front 86 1811 Rear 86 1812 The question for you guys is. How do i get these to work, do i prime them and or just adjust them. Pretty sure koni's are still hydraulic oil fulled not gas, so does anyone have instructions on how to adjust them cause the instructions you get from koni is pretty vague. Or a web page on how to!! Comments welcome (and a big thanks in advance) pauly
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